Ed Powell's New Piece On Immigration

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sat, 2017-01-21 08:32

Essay Also Posted Here

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Greg, it's an excellent essay and I hope Ed gets some responses from open immigration types. From what I can tell they generally avoid debating the issue and prefer calling immigration patriots racist and xenophobic.


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Thank you for posting. I saw Ed's contributions at HBL and the opposing contributions. It's a very good 69 pages. I will read it again.

Powell's Essay

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It is really excellent and I hope everyone reads it. All the arguments that Brook, Biddle, Journo, etc. put forward for turning the US and Europe into third world countries are refuted. The best part is Powell's demolition of the claim that we would not have to worry about Islamic terrorism if only we nuked Iran & Saudi Arabia.

So Easy

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Immigration is such an easy problem to solve: Let the good people in, i.e. those who enhance the nation's quality of life; and keep the bad people out, i.e. those who degrade the nation's quality of life. Then everyone will love immigrants again, the immigrants will all love their new country and neighbors, and everyone will profit and be happy. Smiling

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