Termination of Affiliation with American Atheists

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Submitted by Luke Setzer on Mon, 2017-01-23 21:23

Dear American Atheists,

With some regrets, I must inform you that neither I nor my local Ayn Rand Meetup chapter ... want to continue to affiliate with your organization.

I appreciate the efforts your organization makes to protect the civil rights of atheists such as myself, and to assure that tax dollars do not go to support the nonsense of religious pre-modernism and its mystical belief systems.

That said, your organization far too often supports a secular variant of religion known as postmodernism and its activist branch, progressivism.  These are even more toxic than pre-modern religion.  The straw to break my back came when I read your Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/AmericanAtheist and found your organization mindlessly supporting unrelated and allegedly "progressive" causes such as combating climate change and, far worse, the absolutely ridiculous women's march protesting the election of Donald Trump.

Having run my local freethought group for many years, I can assure you that we want nothing to do with the "pink p*ssy hat" brigade or anyone who promotes them.  Our organization of Ayn Rand fans adheres to a reality-orientated philosophy called Objectivism that honors rationality, productiveness, and pride as the cardinal virtues of human life.  Your selection of unhinged allies demonstrates the opposite vices of irrationality, destructiveness, and hubris.  For us, reality is objective and obeys eternal natural laws that hold true regardless of anyone's wishes to the contrary.  For you, evidently, reality is merely a social construct to be rewritten according to the whims of the loudest secular bellowing of the moment.

Incidentally, while our philosophy of Objectivism "officially" supports a pro-choice view on abortion, I have encountered quite reasonable atheists who support a pro-life public policy, so I find your presumptuousness on this issue quite disturbing.

I strongly encourage you to tighten your focus to adhere strictly to your stated mission of separating church and state and defending the civil rights of atheists to be let alone to practice their lack of faith.  Your promotion of "progressive" activism repels potential allies to your cause.  You do everyone a disservice in this regard.

Rather than belabor all that is wrong with postmodernism, please take the time to visit http://www.stephenhicks.org/explaining-postmodernism/ and read the author's free online book elucidating where the philosophy you preach went wrong, and how Objectivism offers a valid, modern alternative to the false dichotomy between pre-modern and postmodern faiths.

Please remove me and my Florida organization from your contacts list completely, place me on your "Do Not Contact" list, and never contact me again.

To borrow the words of our newest president: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Please make no effort at a reply since, to cite your own Web site contact page, "we are not interested in debating you."

Luther Setzer

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Anti-Heroes Against Hypocrisy

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Great article, Luke! Very thought-provoking. But at some point what we need, and what Donald Trump lacks, is the ability to call a spade a spade. Truth is the most powerful force in the universe. We need someone to damn the real bigotry of our world: by women and blacks and their moral henchmen. The traditional stuff died out over half a century ago!

Gloria Steinem, Catherine MacKinnon, and Andrea Dworkin are vermin. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan are vermin. All scumbags in general and bigots in particular. But who on this planet today has the honesty, courage, integrity, and character to say this? Name one.

Trump and Postmodernism

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So again ...

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... it comes down to cheering the least evil to prevent sth worse ...

Pre-Modern Less Toxic Than Postmodern

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As I said in the post, pre-modernism as practiced today is less toxic than postmodernism as practiced today.

Those marching in protest this weekend were complete, total loons who made the religious types look sane by contrast.

Almost funny if it weren't so sad ;)

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you reprimand them to focus on "separating church and state" and still you proudly "borrow the words of our newest president"
I like the gist, that you take actual incidents on which to base your 'dissension from the dissenters', however you're completely missing the point: a president who publicly goes to church before inauguration, who still swears on the bible and god, is not a president who will honor your right to diss the gods and and their various disciples ; )
I know I've been dismissed on this argument before as being 'irrelevant' in other threads (which is why I was sorely tempted not to answer here), however this contradiction I found too glaring: how can you muster so much admiration, so much 'faith' in a president who so obviously panders to this neo-religious wave? Especially in a president who does not shy away from damning everything and everyone who is not exactly of his opinion ... and still he thinks it worthwile to 'follow protocol'?
We'll see how far this tendency to 'please the masses' will take - which topics he will damn to hell and where he will ride the waves of progressivism just as he's riding the waves of clericalism.
liers and fakers will out - I wish you all the best that you'll get at least some of your topics approved by the new administration - many others you'll find yourself lied to just as he's lying to the 'believers' ... after all there's only one god: Donny the Trump-card ; )

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