Of Giants, Syndromes & "the New Zealand Way"

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By Olivia Pierson

The New Zealand Prime Minister has criticised President Trump over America’s extreme vetting of people flowing into the United States from terrorist and refugee hotbeds: Iran, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Libya & Sudan. “It is not the New Zealand Way,” answered Bill English, when asked by reporters to condemn President Trump’s protective new executive order.

Only two months ago, in December 2016, Prime Minister English supported Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully’s sponsoring of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, a resolution designed to stop Israelis building settlements in the disputed territories of the West Bank - land which was soundly won by Israel in 1967 after it became the victim of aggression at the hands of Jordan, Syria and Egypt, who united in trying to wipe Israel off the map. The aggressors lost the West Bank and East Jerusalem along with the war. There it is. Initiating lethal force is a bitch – and should be.

Diplomatic interference from NZ has decidedly come down in favour of the Islamist Palestinians, governed by the ruling, anti-Semitic organisation Fatah, formerly known as the PLO.

So now we know, and I’m glad that we do, considering we have a general election later this year, that Prime Minister English is not on the side of freedom oriented Western Values, but rather on the side of anti-civilisation terrorists - both times. This unelected person has the sanctimonious gall to name his way “the New Zealand Way.”

The mainstream media, along with those great bastions of modern freakery, otherwise known as Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry, are being hysterically swept up by Trump Derangement Syndrome, and now we have to contend with NZ politicians joining the ranks of those missing an awareness-of-context chip. And they think Trump has issues with diplomacy.

In just two months the National government has managed to make an enemy out of Israel and America; Australia has not made the same blunder. If Labour were in charge, we all know they would do exactly the same thing (but we expect it from them).

President Trump has just begun to enact exactly what American voters mandated him to do as Commander in Chief: ie – make America safe again.

As the world watches brutal terrorism and gang rape become the new normal in Europe’s major cities, largely thanks to Angela Merkel and her multicultural all-immigrants-obligatory policy, President Trump is wisely planning how to avert the same thing from becoming normal in his own country – yet other Western leaders who should know better choose to savage him for this? Tall Poppy syndrome really knows no bounds.

His actions only confirm he is akin to a Swiftian hero - a Gulliver, at the mercy of Lilliputian world leaders. These midgets, including New Zealand’s Murray McCully and Bill English, are carelessly on the wrong side of history. This is something that should seriously concern all New Zealanders; that is if we care about having a Free World to exist within.

And speaking of Gullivers, it has long been evident that since its independence in 1948, after almost being genocided out of existence in Europe, Israelis have had the mass fortitude not only to live but actually thrive in the context of being surrounded by Muslim majority countries who do not even recognise their right to exist, thanks to that book of end-to-end pure hate speech, the Koran. In such foreboding circumstances where they have survived so well, and managed to become world leaders in technological innovation, it is high time that Western nations which are beleaguered by the new normal of Islamic terrorism took a leaf or two out of Israel’s remarkable book to examine just how they do this so effectively. It looks as if Trump is doing just that, and for this his country will one day honour him (though in these dippy post-modern times, no good deed goes uncastigated).

Never forget how many millions of young Islamic men spread across the Muslim world were inspired by Osama Bin Laden’s sermonic tirades on video, and if Bin Laden were an ignominious young man alive today with the flame of jihad burning brightly in his breast, I’d bet Prophet Mo’s winged horse that he would be trying to make it into America through the refugee resettlement programme, with the express purpose of committing acts of terror on U.S soil. With a Syrian mother and a Yemeni father, he might have had more than a fair chance under President Obama’s migrant policies, but not under President Trump’s.

Prime Minister English would do well to remember these things. He would also do well to remember that New Zealand once desperately needed America as the world’s most powerful ally during our darkest hour of human affairs, when the light of liberty was almost snuffed out by totalitarian European and Japanese killers. For that rescue, we have traditionally shown America solidarity and friendship. That used to be “the New Zealand Way.” If we can do this for the mere Social Justice Warrior President Obama, as we have done, how much more ought we to do it for the bolder Western Values Warrior President Trump? It’s time for Kiwis to get over their destructive Tall Poppy Syndrome and find within themselves the self esteem to actually know how to learn from giants, instead of only knowing how to try to diminish them.

New Zealand

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Putting aside the merits of World War I, II and the Cold War (and the draft), can you imagine an increasingly multicultural "Anglosphere" getting together to defeat the Huns, Nazis and commies?

Can you imagine the Aussies and the Quiwis of today landing at Galipoli? The "sensitivity training" would tie them up for months.


New Zealand

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It is a shame that the Western Civil War that is raging has infected the Anglosphere in such appalling ways. New Zealand and Canada are in the grip of crazy multiculturalists, while the US, UK, and Australia seem to be temporarily safe. Were we all to be of one mind, I think we could shape the world for good in way not seen since the Second World War. But we hardly ever are.

Know that the good will of the American people for the people and country of New Zealand is at an all-time high, even with the vote in the UN against Israel. Americans know New Zealanders and Canadians (and Brits and Australians) and don't hold their governments against them, despite our minor differences.

When we are at our last stand, hopefully some years far off, our civilizational Alamo, we know that our British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealander cousins will be beside us, fighting to the last.

"This unelected person has

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"This unelected person has the sanctimonious gall to name his way “the New Zealand Way.”"

Yes. Quite repulsive.

....and here is an interesting video. If it's true that the king of ISIS has given specific orders to his goon squads to jump on board the refugee train, then the only thing Trump's way is showing is a lack of utter. utter. stupidity.


And here are the Greens wanting to import terrorists:

“The National Government must immediately increase New Zealand’s intake of Syrian refugees given they are facing a huge humanitarian crisis, and the United States has shut its doors to them".


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