#MOGA! Open Letter to Objectivists—Make Objectivism Great Again! Repudiate Obleftivism!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2017-02-06 02:44

[This is an expanded version of the opening statement I had prepared for my aborted debate with Yaron Brook on Amy Peikoff's BlogTalkRadio show, "Don't Let It Go." I withdrew from the debate when I realised I could not in all conscience comply with her last-minute request that I refrain from making "sweeping statements" critical of Yaron. Warning: the following contains a number of sweeping statements critical of Yaron.]

For decades, the ‘liberals’ have regarded ‘nationalism’ as an arch-evil of capitalism. They denounced national self-interest—they permitted no distinction between intelligent patriotism and blind, racist chauvinism, deliberately lumping them together—they smeared all opponents of internationalist doctrines as ‘reactionaries,’ 'fascists’ or ‘isolationists'—and they brought this country to a stage where expressions such as ‘America First’ became terms of opprobrium.

—Ayn Rand

In Yaron Brook’s BlogTalkRadio show of November 12 last year, the Ayn Rand Institute head said he was "horrified" at what 57 million Americans had just done. Yaron called Trump “the villain of our time,” “this creature, this vulgar creature,” an “authoritarian,” more anti-American than Obama, someone who might well abolish freedom of speech, someone whose proposal to build a wall on the Southern border was "stupid," someone whose election was far more dangerous than that of Hillary Clinton who would have been merely “an extension of the Obama status quo.” Yaron's sentiments were echoed by his ARI colleague, Canadian Onkar Ghate, who wrote, "On November 8, 2016, the United States took its first step towards dictatorship." Further on, Ghate said: “ … the Republican control of the presidency, the House and the Senate should give anyone pause who is concerned about, say, the campaign’s demonization of immigrants and of trade or the attempt to impose a Christian variant of Sharia law.” On his BlogTalkRadio show just finished as I write (the morning of Feb 6, NZ time) Yaron asserted that Trump is “paving the way to fascism.”

This, we are told, is the voice of reason. I contend it is the voice of Trump Derangement Syndrome. More than that, it is the resurgent voice of Leonard Peikoff’s 2006 fatwa to the effect that Objectivists should vote Democrat across the board, even in the presence of “good Republicans,” because the Republicans were about to usher in a Christian theocracy. Sheer lunacy. Leonard briefly came right in 2013 ...

I am against the immigration bill a hundred percent, not just one clause or another, for one very simple reason. It happens to be the case that we are teetering on the edge of dictatorship. It happens to be the case that if the Democrats continue to have or grow their political power we will be over that edge. And it happens to be the case, whether you like it or not, that of all Hispanics in America, whether they are rich or poor, self-made men or anything else, 80% are reliably and continually Democratic. So if you are talking about a bill, I don’t care whether it’s fair / unfair in any other respects, you are talking about a bill that will infuse into this country a massive amount of Democratic supporters and thereby guarantee the destruction of this country. That is what immigration means today. And there’s no use asking me in theory what do I think, there is no theory now, we’re on the end. So it’s a question of buying time.

... before reverting to form.

I contend the current Trump Derangement Syndrome within OrgOism (Organised Objectivism), most prominently displayed by Yaron Brook, is a manifestation of what I call Obleftivism, i.e., Objectivism hijacked by Islamo-Marxism. In what follows, “Yaron” and “Obleftivism” should be treated as interchangeable.

Yaron implies "the Obama status quo" that Hillary would have preserved is somehow innocuous and tolerable, to be preferred over a President who has promised to lower taxes hugely, to lessen regulations by 75% and who has already moved to roll back Dodd-Frank; over a President who will allow the energy sector to function and flourish again and has already green-lighted the Dakota and Keystone pipeline projects blocked by Comrade Obama (“no big deal,” said Yaron this morning); over a President who will nix Obamacare; over a President whose appointments to the Supreme Court will be based on adherence to the Constitution rather than legislating from the bench; over a President who will stop the inflow of terrorist savages and other Third World low-lifes in its tracks; over a President who can bring himself not just to say “Radical Islamic terrorism” (in my view, “Islam” would suffice) but also to go after it.

Obleftivism seems blind to the cultural ravages of unfettered immigration by ideological aliens; indifferent to, possibly even unaware of (from the smug safety of walled, white, well-guarded gated communities) the robberies, assaults, rapes and beheadings perpetrated by them. (MS—13: more prolific beheaders than ISIS!) Obleftivism says “Let 'em in, let ‘em in, let ‘em in”; the more the merrier; they'll soon get the hang of freedom and become like us—and anyone who opposes this suicidal, sacrifistic policy is a racist, a xenophobe, a bigot and all the rest of the standard leftist epithets. Trump’s wall is “stupid,” says Yaron—from behind a wall. I say, build a wall along the Northern border as well. Someone has to keep Onkar Ghate and Justin Trudeau out, not to mention all the Muslims Trudeau is letting in to Canada. I say, relocate the Somalis who have wrought havoc in Minnesota to tents pitched on the golf courses inside Yaron’s gated community; assuredly he'll give them a warm welcome?!

Obleftivism refuses to acknowledge, let alone proudly proclaim, that Western Culture is The Best; that it’s entitled to protect and preserve itself qua Western culture, manifested in a plenitude of ways in specific Western nations; to say such a thing, according to Obleftivists, is “nationalism,” or even worse, “patriotism”—both odious signs of [gasp] “collectivism.” Obleftivism seems not to have absorbed the significance of Ayn Rand’s appropriately negative appraisal of pre-humans elsewhere in the world:

It is to the Mohammedans, the Buddhists, and the cannibals—to the underdeveloped, the undeveloped, and the not-to-be-developed cultures—that the Capitalist United States of America is asked to apologize for her skyscrapers, her automobiles, her plumbing, and her smiling, confident, untortured, un-skinned-alive, un-eaten young men!

Obleftivists claim that attacking the Clinton News Network, National Putin Radio and other mainstream media for their stinking dishonesty, Fake News and bias is an assault on freedom of speech, when in fact the real assaults on free speech are coming from the self-same media, along with academia—students and staff—moronnials, Social Justice Warriors, Ugly Wimmin, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, and sundry other garbage, under the rubric of Political Correctness—to whose vicious depravity Obleftivists seem oblivious or indifferent. How about a call to arms on behalf of Milo Yiannopoulis, whom Yaron Brook derides (oh, to have one Objectivist with Milo’s star quality!!), recently silenced by Islamo-Marxist thugs at Berkeley University; on behalf of Gavin McInnes, pepper-sprayed by Islamo-Marxist thugs at New York University?! How about a call to arms against one of the principal organisers of the Ugly Wimmin’s March, Linda Sarsour, who once tweeted of Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “I wish I could take their vaginas away—they don’t deserve to be women”?! (Ms Ali, of course, is one of hundreds of millions of genitally mutilated Muslim women. She is now a prominent, heroic former Muslim.)

All the while, in fact, Yaron minimises the enormity of the Muslim threat within America, saying, “The United States has zero potential to end up like Europe,” and, “Everyday Muslims are no threat.” How exactly does this "useful idiot" propose to differentiate the perpetrators of the killings of 145 Americans by Muslims in the United States since 9/11 from “everyday" Muslims? Blankout!

“Everyday Muslims” are required to believe in Jihad, Sharia Law and a worldwide caliphate. They are stiffened in their resolve by such jolly verses from the Koran as, “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” They’re also enjoined to lie (Taqiyya) about their agenda. So again, how does Useful Yaron propose to distinguish everyday Muslims from actual Muslims: i.e., Muslims who take their religion seriously? (Agenda alert: Yaron makes the exact same argument minimising the threat from Muslims as did a Cato Institute representative on the Martha McCallum Fox News Special a few days ago: the chances of being struck down by a Muslim terrorist are three trillion times lower than of being mugged or struck by lightning or a car, or some such. Hmmmmm. Cato. ARI. Pro-open borders Koch Bros. Funding.)

Then again, from the smug security of a gated community, what difference does it make whether it’s Muslims or Mexicans doing the beheadings?

Yaron said this morning that Trump’s description of the activist judge in Seattle who up-ended his temporary travel ban as a “so-called judge” was “despicable.” I’d say it’s the judge—a Black Lives Matter cheerleader—who’s despicable. I say, may the ban be quickly reinstated; may it revert to the President’s original proposal: Not One Muslim!

I’d like to offer a helpful philosophical observation to Obleftivists at this point. Objectivism does not contend that “all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Objectivism views that as an intrinsicist view of rights. Objectivists, if asked, would eschew such a view. Yet when a prominent Objectivist (Binswanger) ends up saying, “Freedom of travel is a right. It is a right possessed by every human being, not just by Americans. The Mexican government or the French government has no right to stop you from entering Mexico or France, and our government has no right to stop a Mexican or Frenchman from entering America”; or, “The principle of individual rights demands open immigration. Implementing that would mean phasing out all limitations on immigration. Entry into the United States should ultimately be free for any foreigner, absent objective evidence of criminal intent or infectious disease”; or, “Amnesty for illegal immigrants is not enough, they deserve an apology” ... then you know you’re dealing with intrinsicism on steroids, and that the good ol’-time “rationalism” so well exposed by Leonard Peikoff has still not been weeded out. There are no “intrinsic” rights implanted in us by a mystical creator or nature; “rights” is a concept arrived at after tortuous millennia of excruciating cogitation by advanced human beings at the forefront of Western thought. Those whom Ayn Rand called “dinky little savages” do not have an automatic, inbuilt right, just because they look like humans, to travel to, much less remain in, Western countries. Civilised countries have the right to be selective as to whom they admit—as selective as Galt’s Gulch if necessary.

Obleftivists think that the type of people to whom Ayn Rand pleaded, "Don't let it go," have, in electing Donald Trump, let it go: "it" being the uniquely American sense of life of which she wrote so eloquently. I contend that in electing Donald Trump, they, in the nick of time, reaffirmed it, and reassured us that they are still around. (Beyond miraculous, when you think about it, given all the professors and Obleftivist “intellectuals” like Binswanger who have held sway since Rand wrote that. Makes you think that “sense of life” must be in Americans’ DNA! Horreurs! Determinism!!)

Ayn Rand said, of judging political candidates, “A voter’s choice does not commit him to a total agreement with a candidate—and certainly cannot commit a candidate to an agreement with every voter who supports him. Under a two-party system, a voter’s choice is and has to be merely an approximation—a choice of the candidate whom he regards as closer to his own views; often, particularly in recent times, a voter chooses merely between the lesser of two evils.”

Yaron Brook would have you believe that Rand, who chose Nixon over McGovern, would have preferred Hillary over Trump. Hillary is easily more evil than McGovern, and arguably the most evil person ever to have run for the presidency. Yaron proudly says he doesn’t care!

Trump is not the lesser of two evils, however; he is outrageously good—even though he is not the card-carrying Objectivist Obleftivists seem to demand! The very words “President Trump” are music to my ears, equal to Rachmaninoff. President Trump, President Trump, President Trump! This is even better than hearing (and as a broadcaster, reading) the words “President Reagan,” to whom OrgOists were equally asininely opposed (except for one of their leaders who voted for Reagan without telling anyone, Ayn Rand included).

I am ecstatic at the spectacle of America’s ascension back to greatness. Every day, President Trump, in full view of the world he defies, relentlessly advances his audacious agenda; every week, Obleftivist Brook, in full view of a few lemming-like acolytes on Faecesbook and in parochial parts of the world, trashes it, because it might include tariffs and does include Twitter attacks on the smelly Islamo-Marxists at CNN and NPR, Yaron’s favourite sources of Fake News and Politically Correct commentary.

I am a Deplorable, irredeemably. And I deplore Obleftivism.

Obleftivism is Fake Objectivism!

It's party time in America! Yaron Brook is a party-pooper!

Make Objectivism Great Again!

Just posted this ...

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... on the latest grotesque blog by Obleftivists Yawon and Amy, replying to someone who rightly pointed out the awfulness of their presentation standards:

It's true. The presentation is terrible, let alone the content. Why can't we have some professionalism in speech standards at least, and then a modicum of adherence to reality in the content? Trump Derangement Syndrome screeched by hyperventilating, hysterical upward-inflecting skeletons doesn't cut it. I'm certain that Ayn Rand would be the first to identify these speech patterns, and the rush to not listen, as foremost among the indicators of cultural collapse. Amy and Yawon are as militant in their abandonment of speech standards as they are in their tacit embrace of Pelosi and Schumer. All par for the course. Pure evil.

Soros, of course...

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The same George Soros behind ROBIN HOOD RESPONDS...


Binswanker's and Bwook's Open Borders Policy ...

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... now being advocated by Dem-Scum Castro, Harris, Booker, Pocahontas, Occasional Cortex and others. "The decriminalisation of illegal immigration." Has anyone noticed? It's Soros, of course.

Invasion of "Dinky Little Savages"

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ICE has just reported the apprehension of 500 entities from Somalia, the Congo, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia on America's southern border.

I venture to suggest their trip was paid for by Soros, and was not intended for one second to promote the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, even though Binswanker and Bwook would claim they're "self-selected for virtue" and have a priori rights simply by dint of the fact of having human biology. The intrinsicist view of rights. Will any Obleftivist ever address this??!!

Bwook Weturns to Irvine to Gweet Omar?

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"Omar's visit to Southern California is expected to continue Sunday, as she is scheduled to attend a private meet-and-greet in Irvine, according to a flyer for the event."


Bwook Admits It!

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2' 40" in:

My comment on YT:

"Bingo! Obleftivist Yawon admits to finding it easier to hook up with those politically on the Left than the Right if the former profess to be committed to 'weason.' E.g. George Soros, no doubt. Yawon's eschewing of libertarian subjectivists would be more convincing if the Anti-Rand Institute weren't being funded by the libertarian Cato Institute Koch Bros and were not promoting their open borders policy and the unimpeded importation of Third World savages who will unfailingly vote Democrat."

Bwook the Snowflake

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I repeat: I'll debate him. No widiculous last-minute pwe-conditions, though. And not the nose-ring SJW as moderator. Someone non-partisan we can both agree on.

The moot I propose: That Yaron Brook has sold out the Ayn Rand Institute to the Left, and in so doing betrayed Objectivism.

Bwook the Liar

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Bwook snivels that "no one else will debate me." Seriously.

Bwook LiarBwook Liar

Superior sharpness from Rand...

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in this interview. She demonstrates how razor-sharp she was and well versed in the subject matter. She was absolutely incomparable in her insights and reasoning, totally worthy of the term ‘Philosopher' (unlike those today who just pose at being one)!

Campus Reform Interviews Obleftivist Wimmin ARI Supporters

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Leonard Peikoff Defects to SOLO

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OK, my subject-header is "click-bait," but it states a blinding truth: Leonard Peikoff quite clearly belongs here on SOLO, on any level one cares to identify ... and most emphatically not with ARISIS—

Altruism vs Benevolence

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Magnificent by Ayn. But I still think we should call altruism "sacrifism." As Ayn herself acknowledges here, the overwhelming majority think altruism is benevolence, and we'll never get the word back, even though the man who coined it meant exactly what he said he meant and Ayn identified it with 100% accuracy. Similarly with "selfishness" and "liberal." Part of the problem is that Obleftivist OrgOism is expressly malevolent.

Keith Weiner Predicting Trump Economic Disaster

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Keith Weiner predicts:

"[Trump] will bring economic disaster, but ... this disaster will be inflicted in the name of business, American greatness, profits, and capitalism."

I would be very curious to see anyone predicting this to show us how and in what form this "disaster" will take place.

Grant Wins the Prize!

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And Greg goes to Hell, where he clearly already is! Evil What human could ever get to 28' 30"? I tuned out after 30". Sense of life, I think.

Possibly an aversion to being lectured on logic by an intrinsicist who thinks dinky little savages from shithole countries have inalienable rights to migrate to America has something else to do with it.

No! Not That!

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Hell is listening to Binnie drone on for hours. Just can't do it.

Harry and Selfishness

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Binswanger answered a question at 28:10. Lindsay you have the go-ahead to use whichever term you wish as long as it means the same thing, and you revert to the classic Rand term eventually. Smiling

Introducing Keith Weiner--obleftivist and proud of it

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This guy is from the same bloodline as Stuart Hayashi and assorted reprobate shills of the Anti-Rand Institute. Weiner (well-named) repeats the trope they've been saying for some time. At least this time he is specific. I would have thought that these shrill shills would have quietened down seeing as that the economy of the USA has never seen better days. No, they won't because they are utter brainwashed leftists. As with Yaron Brook--nothing less than Galt will do, and in the meantime they will support DemocRats.

"The chief danger from Trump is obviously not theocracy.

It is that he will bring economic disaster, but that this disaster will be inflicted in the name of business, American greatness, profits, and capitalism. How are people to know that it's just the same old socialism with the old-is-new nationalist flavoring added? If even some Objectivists as well as most conservatives loudly declare that it is, indeed, capitalism?

The Left has no power to make people turn away from supporting free markets to their destructive socialist agenda. Trump has that power--by making free markets look bad. Or what people will assume is free markets.

Which it MOST DEFINITELY is not."

Fuckwit. There is slim chance that free markets will ever actually exist. He'll be whinging like a cunt for the rest of his life. Meanwhile Trump will protect his citizens' living standards by rejecting the European socialist agenda and supporting freedom.


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Not in order of appearance.

He quotes Rand: “our minds cannot have contradictory ideas.” But he appears to hold several.

“The thing that’s distinctive to the objectivist understanding of logic is the role of context and hierarchy..”


“Don’t say “we need freedom and tariffs,” “make America great again—and put on controls.” “Altruism is different from egoism.”

He doesn't identify the implicit contradiction between his no "controls" versus "egoism." He grants rights to those who would kill him.

He ignores the context of the inability of government to rightfully protect its citizens’ rights against purposeful invaders continuing their hijra. His conceptual hierarchy is jumbled. He places the rights of invaders above the rights of citizens.

He practises altruism with respect to those invaders.

Testing ...

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Right here is what's wrong with OrgOism and Obleftivism. See if you can identify. If you can't, you're going to Hell! In fact, I've no doubt, you're already there! Smiling

Against my better judgement ...

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... I've posted on Faecesbook—hideous repository of The Filth—where Obleftivist Andrew Bernstein has suddenly demanded "civility" from those who deviate from ARISIS orthodoxy. Reminiscent of the Brandroids.

Here is what I posted:

So Obleftivists, who dismiss any dissent as "waycist," etc., are now demanding civility? Nice try. What that means is that they don't want to be called out on "Islam is a mosquito bite," their Trump Derangement Syndrome, their advocacy of open borders, their intrinsicist view of rights, their brazen treason to Western Civilisation, their shilling for the Kochs, their cheerleading for the totalitarian regime in China. Obleftivists are evil. The Ayn Rand Institute has been hijacked by them. Civility in the face of evil is no virtue.


It Breaks Your Heart

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Anyone who's followed Yawon's twists and turns on immigwation will be sceptical about his latter-day claim, repeated here, to be opposed to "mass migration," especially when he still refuses to specify mass Muslim migration. Islam, after all, is a mere mosquito-bite. He's still itching to make Chwistianity the villain of the piece in the 21st century. And of course, Trump, "crass" and "ugly" is still the arch-enemy of Western Civilisation—which, all of a sudden, Yawon is as eager to proclaim superior to all others as any SOLOist. !!!???

Sad is the ongoing reason/emotion dichotomy reiterated at the end. It's either/or, according to Yawon. C/f Rand: "A perfect, clear understanding also means a feeling. It isn't enough to realize a thing is true. The realization must be so clear that one feels this truth. For men act on feelings, not on thoughts. Every thought should be part of yourself, your body, your nature, and every part of your nature should be a thought. Every feeling a thought, every thought a feeling."

Douglas Murray is right to insist that the religious impulse will never go away. Thank God, so to speak! Yawon is wight to insist that we need to secularise it—but setting reason and emotion asunder will have the opposite effect; it will render reason bloodless. I'm encouraged that Yawon (finally) seems to have grasped the role of aesthetics in triggering a sense of the sacred and the worship thereof, and again, am wondering if he's been reading SOLO?!

I applaud ARI for initiatives like this and will even refrain from calling them ARISIS for the duration of this post. But I'm disappointed at the way both parties, Murray in particular, tip-toe around on egg-shells. This is Western Civilisation we're talking about, and its enemies are not simply good-faith dissidents; they are evil. I don't believe I heard that word once!

Obleftivists in the Catholic Church?

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A retired Cardinal writes to the Pope asking him to resign for covering up sexual abuse by another Cardinal. The Pope says he'll have nothing to say on the matter, but yet another Cardinal says the Pope has better things to worry about, such as the environment, "migrants" (meaning Islamofa, MS-13 and other "dinky little savages" from shit-hole countries) etc ... he didn't mention "racism" but has done so in the past. Gramscification infected the Catholic Church every bit as much as it has, more recently, OrgOism. OrgOism is irrelevant to anything, so doesn't matter so much. The Church remains powerful in spite of its scandals and could be a force for good in spite of its goblinism. The last thing it should be doing is capitulating to Islamo-Marxism. Were I a Catholic, I'd be writing a piece called Make Catholicism Great Again—Repudiate Catholefticism!

Oh to have Objectivists ...

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... as classy as these two. Instead we have Obleftivist SJW Islamo-Marxists Yawon and Nose-Wing, busy selling out Western Civilisation:

We still don't know ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... what went on behind the scenes to explain ARISIS's joining the forces of evil. How did it happen that Leonard indulged in a moment of honesty, quoted in my primary post ...

I am against the immigration bill a hundred percent, not just one clause or another, for one very simple reason. It happens to be the case that we are teetering on the edge of dictatorship. It happens to be the case that if the Democrats continue to have or grow their political power we will be over that edge. And it happens to be the case, whether you like it or not, that of all Hispanics in America, whether they are rich or poor, self-made men or anything else, 80% are reliably and continually Democratic. So if you are talking about a bill, I don’t care whether it’s fair / unfair in any other respects, you are talking about a bill that will infuse into this country a massive amount of Democratic supporters and thereby guarantee the destruction of this country. That is what immigration means today. And there’s no use asking me in theory what do I think, there is no theory now, we’re on the end. So it’s a question of buying time.

... only to cravenly capitulate to Yawon and Amy in a subsequent broadcast? What was the memo that went out? From whom? Kochs? Soros? The Scientology guy? When? As I recall Leonard's fatwa to vote Dem-Scum across the board occurred in the lead-up to the 2008 elections. The above outbreak of honesty and humanity occurred in 2013, and, as noted, was quickly retracted.

Now I read here that the local ARISIS shills are routinely dismissing and deleting opposing views to theirs as "white supremacism" and all the rest, from the safe, white, mosqueless haven of a swank suburb in Auckland.

It doesn't get more Orwellian than this. The very organisation that is supposed to be the ultimate, most invincible, philosophically-grounded bulwark against the twins of tyranny and unreason clearly flipped some years ago. Probably just another sordid case of "follow the money," but we don't know for sure. Whatever the reason, it's a salutary reminder that Mallory was more accurate than Roark in his view of what passes for humanity.

If Bernstein were serious in his opposition to Obleftivism he'd make a much bigger song and dance about it, since it is vicious and evil through and through. He's in a much better position than I to draw attention to it. Why doesn't he?! Why is almost everyone who knows better so fucking passive in the face of this evil?!


gregster's picture

Yes, there are further reasons why we see Obleftivists, for sure.

I've just caught a post on F*c*book by an ally Richard Ruggiero. Here we have Andrew Bernstein disagreeing with Peikoff's fatwa (it is 5 minutes from the end). By implication, he too disagrees with the Obleftivists on this subject ever since.

"In this provocative talk at TOS-con this past weekend Andrew Bernstein describes the freedom gradient in Ayn Rand's novels. Anthem and We The Living are totalitarian, Atlas Shrugged is on the cusp of becoming one and The Fountainhead is a mostly free mixed economy, No where does Ayn Rand show a religious theocracy because she didn't see this as a threat.

This talk should settle the question once and for all of whether the left or the right is the greater threat.

AB asks where would you rather be in Iran or North Korea?

If you skip to the Q&A you can hear my question right after Rucka Rucka Ali where I ask why have so many Objectivists gone bat-shit crazy fearing a theocracy more than the left by voting for Hillary? AB answers by saying he admires LP but disagrees with his theory that theocracy lies in our future.

Well worth watching."

I backed Bernstein's approach here on the question of Islamic Totalitarianism. It has legitimately been pointed out that that term isn't 100% helpful. Islam is accurate.

Bosch says ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Notice that those who ask, “Who am I to say what Islam means?” have a Lot to say about what Christianity, Judaism and All religions mean. And when pushed on Islam, they say that “Christianity is just as bad”. That’s rich, as they never even admit that Islam is bad. And of course they don’t, since Who are they to say what Islam means? Who am I NOT to say what Islam means? You know why I’ve never asked that question? Because I studied Islam as if my life depended on it, in order to understand what Islam means. In order to be able to challenge it and discuss it honestly. And in the context of an enemy ideology, Ayn Rand never asked “Who am I to say what Communism means?” Leonard Peikoff never asked “Who am I to say what Nazism means?” And No Objectivist should ever ask “Who am I to say what Islam means?” Instead of asking that embarrassing question, find out what the hell Islam means before you continue to discuss it. And it’s not only me who notices this intellectual dereliction. We’re at war. It’s time to get serious, Objectivists.

Hear that, ARISIS Obleftivists? We're at war. With Islam. They declared it. And you're on their side! Mosqueito bite indeed!



Lindsay Perigo's picture

I know that to espouse a policy of containment of these muslime is called racism by any leftist, as Cresswell demonstrates, and is the reason why the Anti-Rand Institute's writers are derogated as Obleftivists.

It's a reason, not the reason. ARISIS Obleftivists oppose containment of Islamosavage migration, to be sure. But they also oppose any containment of migration by any "dinky little savage" (Muslims don't have a monopoly on dinky little savagery) on the basis of an intrinsicist view of rights, so horribly expressed by Binswanker as quoted by me in my Open Letter. I repeat: no Obleftivist has made the slightest attempt to debate this point. Obleftivists just repair to the mindless bromides of Social Justice Warriors about "white supremacism," "white privilege" etc. End of argument as far as Obleftivists and SJWs are concerned. Obleftivists are part of The Filth.

In other news, VeryPC has upgraded to a safer, whiter suburb of Auckland, according to reliable reports. Curious minds want to know why VeryPC has not downgraded to Muslim Mt. Roskill? Who cares about the negligible risk of mosqueito bites, after all?! Gosh, this is so reminiscent of Bwook and Binswanker in their white, Ghated communities. MS-13? What's that?! Jihad in the mosques? Who's Tommy Wobinson?!


gregster's picture

The column in question is here.


Grant Jones's picture

They're referring to Peter Cresswell. He runs a blog called "notPC" that is very popular with the Obleftivists traitors to Western Civilization.


What are you talking about?

edpowell's picture

What site? What article? Who's Cresswell? Who sent you the all-caps email? Etc.

Mollie Tibbetts

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The latest victim of a "self-selected for virtue" illegal sub-human to whom not just amnesty but an apology is owed.

Would that some open borders Obleftivist will be the next!

Obleftivist Virtue-Signallers

Lindsay Perigo's picture

How pure of one to delete links by posters on one's very PC site to "white supremacist" sites. And to truncate "white supremacist" posts. How virtuous to be against "white supremacism" in the first place! Actually, when was virtue ever so easy?!

The ARISIS Obleftivist cultists have been especially exercised of late. I got a private e-mail from one of the five of them saying, in exactly this form:


Polite investigation revealed that this referred to a post here by someone other than myself 13 months ago. I pointed out to my admirer that the party in question was not me, that there is a disclaimer here on every page saying that no one's posts necessarily align with Objectivism or each other's, and my admirer was welcome to post publicly on the thread in question. Of course, the notion of a free and open marketplace of ideas is alien to Obleftivists—as VeryPC, it would seem, is currently demonstrating anew.

ARIwatch classed as a white supremacist site by Not PC

gregster's picture

Cresswell wouldn't host the last third of my post, saying it contained links to a white supremacist website. I at first thought he meant SOLO (and laughed) though now it appears he means, or also means, ARIwatch. Cresswell labelled my quoted ARIwatch commentary "rambling" and plagiarising despite hyperlinks to its source. Author Mark Hunter who posts well researched articles then posted at Not PC to say that ARIwatch welcomed use of any of its material. Cresswell has now deleted Mark's supportive comment there, disingenuously labelling ARIwatch as "white supremacist." I'd like to see any evidence for this, but of course there is none.

To rationalist libertarians, anyone who posts in support of the good things Trump would do and is doing and contrasts this with the malignancy of the Anti-Rand Institute is a white supremacist. The Anti-Rand Institute which, in lockstep, recommends bombing the sponsors of terrorism while complaining that sensible self-defensive policies of keeping the enemy out are "racist" and "nationalist." They would wholesale slaughter, and simultaneously support the enemy hijrah, thereby further endangering the West.

I know that to espouse a policy of containment of these muslime is called racism by any leftist, as Cresswell demonstrates, and is the reason why the Anti-Rand Institute's writers are derogated as Obleftivists.


Olivia's picture

followed around on his holiday by journalist scum not worth his spit.
Nice turn of the tables though putting scum in the hot spot. Don't mess with Tommy!


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Tommy, out on bail, risks everything to strike back against The Filth. Cowardly, beyond-despicable "mosqueito-bite"-touters such as Obleftivist Yawon Bwook, please note: this is what heroism looks like, as opposed to the grotesque deformities that are you:

Nazi-Loving Soros-Filth Leaves Hungary

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Lucky Hungary!

Now will he please abandon OrgOism too?!



Lindsay Perigo's picture

All anyone needs to do to answer the question, "What is Obleftivism?" is scroll down to my Open Letter to Objectivists: Make Objectivism Great Again—Repudiate Obleftivism! That's where I introduce the term—well, maybe not the first time I used it, but used it with the greatest intent of developing it. I'm gratified to see it has caught hold.

Obleftivism is there defined and debunked. Mr Burroughes, a mealy-mouthed weasel-worder from way back, would be well aware of that, and was just grandstanding in posing the question. No Obleftivist has answered a single point in that article, most notably on the intrinsicist view of rights. That's because no Obleftivist proceeds in good faith. For example, VERYPC claims in what Gregster quotes here that I call all Objectivism "Obleftivism." Nope. I call fake Objectivism of the Yawon Bwook vawiety, funded by the open borders Koch Bros, "Obleftivism." Straight-out lie there from the same component of The Filth, VERYPC, who claimed he once spoke out against the Peikoff fatwa to vote Dem-Scum across the board. VERYPC never did that, never would. Robotic ARISIS cultist. This is no good for Objectivism, and is part of the impetus for my upcoming Authenticism, where no lying or inauthenticity is allowed.

Authenticism is not anti-Objectivism; it is anti-Obleftivism ! Not just in doctrine, but in personal behaviour, where the Obleftivists are notably dishonest and treasonous.

So, what's an 'Obleftivist'?

gregster's picture

On Peter Cresswell’s blog today:

So, what's an 'Obleftivist'?

A: "It’s a term used by people who are upset that many Objectivists dislike Trump, aren’t racists, and not paranoid about immigration by Muslims, or non-white people, etc."
~ Facebooker Tom Burroughes

No–one cared to answer for 5 or 6 hours so I posted:

I contend that the word originates precisely because prominent Objectivists were once again implying that voting Democrat was preferable to the lesser of the two evils. Leonard Peikoff tried that once, and since then has recanted. The Anti-Rand Institute has since been up to the same tricks. Some of us won't get fooled again.

Here Not PC 31st August 2016 you wrote “Furthermore, Mr Perigo has explicitly repudiated Objectivism, which he now calls "Obleftivism" (whatever that means).”

July 16, 2015:
Trump officially announced his candidacy for president of the United States in a speech given from Trump Tower in New York City.

Yaron Brook titled his BlogTalkRadio show of March 5, 2016 “What Can We Learn from the Primaries?”

[Caller:] I get the impression that he loves America. He’s an American phenomenon. Compared to Hillary and Obama – I don’t know which one of the two hates America more, it’s hard to tell – at least Trump is the opposite of that. No matter his ideas might be wrong, he might be muddled, he might— [over-talking as Mr. Brook interrupts]

[YB:] “I don’t know if that’s true. I don’t know if I agree with that. I don’t get a sense that he loves America. ...”

At one point the caller tries to interrupt the cataract of words but is talked over. Mr. Brook finally winds down, saying Trump “has no clue ... what America really stands for” ... “you have to know something in order to love it ... .”

Mr. Brook says that if the election came to Clinton versus Trump, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, would be a better option than either: “He’s a proven politician. He did what looks like a decent job in New York, and he’s got some real backing at the center of the political map.” When the caller says Bloomberg might try to outlaw 16 ounce sodas, Mr. Brook is quick to reply:

“He probably wouldn’t eliminate free speech in America, which is I fear what Donald Trump would do.”

ARIwatch: We’ve given Yaron Brook enough rope to hang himself several times over. He makes five wishful and not too consistent claims: (1) Trump has no principles, (2) Trump is a fascist, (3) Trump has no positions, (4) Trump will fail to implement any of his positions, (5) Americans who support Trump are nitwits and fools.

We are well aware of Trump’s faults but for the most part – like 98% or whatever – Mr. Brook smears rather than honestly criticizes. He is so over the top – for Trump principles don’t exist, he doesn’t know what freedom means, he can’t mention the Constitution because he’s anti-Constitution, etc. – that it’s clear Mr. Brook is motivated by something other than concern for the truth.

Mr. Brook criticizes Hillary Clinton – the presumptive Democratic nominee – for a number of valid reasons, though naturally not for her support of open borders, NAFTA, redefining marriage, and other Neocon and Cultural Leftist causes. But the emotional level of that criticism is far lower than what he lavishes on Trump, and the time he spends on it far less. The prospect of a President Trump scares him to death, he never (or if I missed it, very rarely) says “scary” in reference to a President Hillary.

And that is precisely the prospect we face today: President Hillary, the creature who thinks Nineteen-Eighty-Four is an instruction manual.

Yet the OrgOists – uttering “freedom” and “principle” and all those fine words – trash and smear and malign beyond recognition the only Republican who is capable of beating Hillary. They call him the fascist ! They will never be able to walk away from all the mud they have slung, and won’t want to. When the choice comes to Trump vs. Hillary the OrgOists will opt for Hillary.

Rand often referred to the breach between the intellectuals and the American people, and Yaron Brook is an illustration par excellence. The members of the Ayn Rand Institute are not Ayn Rand’s “New Intellectuals,” they are Cultural Leftist retreads masquerading as Objectivists. In another manifestation they are Neocons…

They promoted Bush in 2000, the Iraq War in 2003 and smeared Ron Paul in 2012. That they smear – not just legitimately criticize but smear – Donald Trump now, shows once again that in the marketplace of ideas the Ayn Rand Institute has nothing to sell."

In a referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% of the participating UK electorate voted to leave the EU; the turnout was 72.2%. The voters were tired of Europe’s unelected commissars deciding their fate to the benefit of supremacist invaders.

I’m not quite willing to give [even] two cheers to BREXIT. I’m giving it one cheer, maybe ... half a cheer, until I see evidence that something good is going to come of this.”

Leonard Peikoff in 2013:

“And it happens to be the case, whether you like it or not, that of all Hispanics in America, whether they are rich or poor, self-made men or anything else, 80% are reliably and continually Democratic. So if you are talking about a bill, I don’t care whether it’s fair / unfair in any other respects, you are talking about a bill that will infuse into this country a massive amount of Democratic supporters and thereby guarantee the destruction of this country. That is what immigration means today. And there’s no use asking me in theory what do I think, there is no theory now, we’re on the end. So it’s a question of buying time.”

When faced with Peikoff’s misdirected philosophy, and Brook’s “I’m no philosopher” non-cerebral squirtings, Perigo had no choice but to call it honestly as he sees it:

“..the current Trump Derangement Syndrome within OrgOism (Organised Objectivism), most prominently displayed by Yaron Brook, is a manifestation of what I call Obleftivism, i.e., Objectivism hijacked by Islamo-Marxism.”

More recently Yaron Brook has played down the leftwing black takeover and murder of white South African landowners. “According to Brook, the ethnic cleansing of whites in South Africa .. is an issue made up by the "alt-right." The only examples he cites are Breitbart News (!) and Lauren Southern.”

Yaron Brook is incorrect most of his waking hours and to all intents and purposes he is a leftard. Hence “obleftivist.”

Defund ARISIS!!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The ARI support has been dwindling according to news on donations. This will continue at a quickening pace. I see no rehabilitation possible for ARI and especially Yawn “mosquito bite” Bwook.

If there's any decency in the world, donations will dwindle to zero. ARISIS are an unconscionable betrayal of Ayn Rand's unwavering war for reason and against The Filth. They are part of The Filth.

Yawn "I'm no philosopher" Bwook falsities further exposed

gregster's picture

Grant Jones called bullshit again on Yaron Brook about four months ago:

[Yaron Brook]
begins with the "liberal" smear du jour
. According to Brook, the ethnic cleansing of whites in South Africa (ethnic cleansing seems to be many Africans favorite past time, e.g. Nigerian Civil War) is an issue made up by the "alt-right." The only examples he cites are Breitbart News (!) and Lauren Southern. Southern has produced a documentary on the oppression of whites in South Africa based on her extensive travels in the country. She's a Canadian libertarian and is not part of the "alt-right."
Instead, both Brook and Hattingh argue that the motives for confiscating white own farms is mainly socialist/Marxist economic doctrine. We can leave aside here that the tens-of-millions murdered by socialists in the last century are just as dead as people murdered for racist reasons. They then claim that the ruling ANC is running away from the confiscation plan. Both of these claims are false. In late February, the South African parliament, by an overwhelming margin of 241 to 83, passed a measure to confiscate white owned farms. According to the Daily Mail, "the policy was a key factor in new president Cyril Ramaphosa's platform after he took over from Jacob Zuma in February." Key factor. Key. This key factor of the new government is explicitly racist. Note how whites are being demonized for all of South Africa's problems.

Now we see Grant was entirely correct, as has been Lauren Southern in her video from South Africa.

"The ANC will through the parliamentary process finalize the proposed amendment to the constitution
that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected," Ramaphosa, a prominent trade union leader and a close associate of Nelson Mandela, said in a televised address on Tuesday.
The millionaire ex-businessman argued that "it has become pertinently clear that our people want the constitution to be more explicit" about the proposal, which is viewed by the South African white minority as forceful expulsion that can incite violence against farmers.
There have been growing fears that the planned expropriation will deal a blow to commercial farming in the country and might put it on the verge of a food production crisis, like the one that struck Zimbabwe when it unleashed a similar crackdown on white farmers in 1999-2000.

Promoting his plan to boost land redistribution in March, Ramaphosa sought to assure white citizens, who constitute roughly nine percent of the total population, that the government would handle the controversial matter through "dialog, discussion, engagement, until we find good solutions that take our country forward."
"There is no reason for anyone of us to panic and start beating war drums," he said at the time, noting that nothing should prevent farming activities from continuing as normal.

However, many of the Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, do not take the government's promises at face value, instead seeking asylum abroad from what they say is a surge in violence and government-fueled hostility against them.

Last month, a call from Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to provide emergency visas for South Africa's white farmers, who are reportedly facing persecution at home, sparked a diplomatic scandal, with the head of the South African opposition labeling Australia "a racist country" for granting refuge to white farmers both in the Mandela era and now.

The ARI support has been dwindling according to news on donations. This will continue at a quickening pace. I see no rehabilitation possible for ARI and especially Yawn “mosquito bite” Bwook.

Poster Boy for Obleftivism in Torontistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"Islam is just a mosquito bite. The weal thweat to Western Civilisation is Donald Twump."

—Yawon Bwook, Obleftivist and Twaitor


Perfect Obleftivist Dem-Scum Pin-Up

Lindsay Perigo's picture

They don't come much stupider, more fry-quacking or more evil than this:

"If your blood doesn't boil ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... you're a waste of space."

Magnificent boiling of blood, with utterly appropriate target: Dem-Scum dirtbag Schumer, one of the lowest sub-humans on the planet:


Grant Jones's picture

Secret Societies of Objectivists/Obleftivists?

Anti-White Genocide in South Africa

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Edit: I have removed my earlier comment since I couldn't find what I thought led to it.

Airhead Fryquacking IslamoMarxist Moronnial ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... wins something over establishment Dem-Scum:

Rational Anger from Mark Levin

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I commend this to the cowardly slobs who join secret societies to tut-tut about Obleftivism but attack me for getting angry about it, and never dare show their craven heads above the parapets:

ARISIS' Spiritual Father

Lindsay Perigo's picture

ARISIS in Sicily Now?!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

“Mayor of the Sicilian city of Palermo Leoluca Orlando has declared that Italy should ban residency permits altogether and allow migrants to flood into the country, comparing the permits as morally equivalent to the death penalty.

"The 70-year-old mayor, who recently offered to take in the 629 illegals from the Aquarius migrant transport ship after Interior Minister Matteo Salvini banned it from Italian ports, wants to make his city the 'capital of tolerance', French magazine L’Obs reports. 'We are convinced that migrants are a resource and not a problem,' Orlando told the magazine and added: 'This situation is an opportunity to defend the rights of all human beings to move and live in the place that suits them.'"



“Freedom of travel is a right. It is a right possessed by every human being, not just by Americans. The Mexican government or the French government has no right to stop you from entering Mexico or France, and our government has no right to stop a Mexican or Frenchman from entering America."

“The principle of individual rights demands open immigration. Implementing that would mean phasing out all limitations on immigration. Entry into the United States should ultimately be free for any foreigner, absent objective evidence of criminal intent or infectious disease."

—Obleftivist Binswanker

Yaron Again Discusses The Debate With Brook

Neil Parille's picture

It's all about getting eyeballs because it will be on Dave Rubin's channel.


Brook and Peikoff defend Peterson's OCON invitation

Jmaurone's picture

Staring around the 1:13 mark, towards the end, Brook and Peikoff defend the decision to invite Peterson to OCON. I actually agree with their rationale; they're not giving Peterson a platform to present his ideas, as much as they're debating ideas. Not trying to convert him, but answering and responding. And Peterson is willing to discuss ideas in a civil matter. (Yes, Peterson does say that Rand is "not a great philosopher, and that her fiction is not great." But he does so in a civil manner, so he's welcome. I'm guessing he won't be asked not to make "sweeping denunciations" as a precondition for debate...) They also explain why someone like Peterson, "who is merely wrong", makes the cut, but not the Pope, "who is evil."

Ok, all well and good, in itself. And it's not a knock at Peterson; he's upfront about how he feels about Rand, yet is still willing to go do discuss ideas, good for him. That said, it's a bit rich for them to get defensive, given the history of O'ism towards orthodoxy, in the past, and excommunicating those who spoke to libertarians, etc. That's not addressed in the video, it's the elephant in the room that goes unnoticed, so their offense is disingenuous.

And there is ANOTHER elephant in that room...(geez, we're gonna need a bigger room...) Not only is Peterson quasi-religious, he's a >gasp< Kantian. KANTIAN! Rand called Kant "The Most Evil Man In History." EVIL!

Seriously, though, are they just going to pretend that never happened? Granted, there are even those among the objectivish who argue that maybe she went a step too far, with that. Maybe not, but maybe...and maybe Peterson is not full-blown Kantian, but maybe...but putting aside the rightness or wrongness of her view, the FACT that she made the argument remains, so to invite a Kantian advocate to OCON, while calling the Pope evil...well, that's bound to raise a few eyebrows. It's in the Objectivist DNA...Lobster dominance hierarchies demand it...it beggars belief that they wouldn't at least see the irony in it...

This one is the announcement video. In both, Brook makes clear where O'ism and Peterson are different, and Brook DOES present the differences pretty well. BUT, Brook does admit that he's not up to the task of challenging Peterson on psychology, and will try to avoid those topics.

The idea about riding coat-tails did cross my mind, as well. Brook himself says, at some point, that an appearance on Tucker Carlson does little to boost his ratings, and mentions Peterson's audience and appeal. Some think that this will be a chance for O'ism to come to the forefront as an alternative to Peterson, to the common enemy of postmodernism and PC culture authoritarianism rum amok.

"Hope floats..."

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


Jmaurone's picture

I heard the announcement, but...hah, no, not attending. But I can't deny it, I will be interested to see how it plays out. I started and stopped my Jungian Objectivist project, what, 13 years ago? So to see this happening is a bit surreal.

(Also surprising that Ellen Stuttle hasn't emerged to discuss Peterson, given her interest in Jung. Then again, she's been pretty quiet for some time, now.)

Peterson was actually here in Philly, for his book tour, and I considered going, but decided not to, after reading his book. Anything good I get from Peterson I already find with Rand, but without the contradictions and religious talk. I still find the whole phenomenon fascinating, though.

"The villain of our time ..."

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Evil Obleftivist Yawon calls him "this cweature—this vulgar cweature."

The more I see ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... of this Jordan Petersen, the less impressed I am. Yawon and he are a match made in Heaven! Smart move by Yawon to ride Jordan's coat-tails, and possibly even get the better of the encounter, since JP can't seem to make up his mind about anything. I imagine they'll both be virtue-signalling to the Left, so it will be instructive to see who gets the upper hand in that contest!

Joe, may we assume you'll be attending your first OCON and will have eye-witness accounts for us? Smiling

Fake Objectivism meets Fake Right

Bruno's picture

Jordan Peterson, a member of the Fake Right (a Left-Liberal), is meeting Yaron Brook, a member of Fake Objectivism (an ObLeftivist) at OCON in Newport Beach, UglyCal, this July.

The event will be livestreamed by Left-Liberal Dave Rubin for his Rubin Report.

The event will be viewed by hundreds of thousands, in effect putting up ObLeftivism as a very well visible public target, if you get my drift. An opportunity not to be lost.


to earn their livelihoods

Brant Gaede's picture

in Mexico?

can't imagine why not

Leftists and Obleftivists

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"We are going to be on the alert in these days, so this repressive, racist and inhumane action stops,” said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the left-wing candidate who leads all polls for Mexico’s July 1 presidential election. “After our movement wins, we are going to defend migrants from Mexico, from Central America, from all the American continent ... who have to abandon their homes to earn their livelihoods in the United States. It’s a human right that we are going to defend.”



“Freedom of travel is a right. It is a right possessed by every human being, not just by Americans. The Mexican government or the French government has no right to stop you from entering Mexico or France, and our government has no right to stop a Mexican or Frenchman from entering America."

“The principle of individual rights demands open immigration. Implementing that would mean phasing out all limitations on immigration. Entry into the United States should ultimately be free for any foreigner, absent objective evidence of criminal intent or infectious disease."

—Obleftivist Binswanker

Freedom to tavel is a right?

Brant Gaede's picture

You are not free to travel onto my property.

I might even have the freedom--right--to shoot you if you do.

That's called the freedom to get shot.

Maybe if this guy studied Objectivism--that is the philosophy of Ayn Rand--for the next hundred years he might handle the underlying logic, at least when it comes to rights. Leonard Peikoff only needed several decades, not that it did him much good--not when he lets himself be brain buried by this and the other tyro.

Remember what Rand thought about the rights of "savages."


ARISIS Intrinsicism Is Winning

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Much faux outrage from The Filth, including the reptiles Schumer and Pelosi, about children being separated from parents who've crossed the border illegally bringing their children with them. Trump signs order ending separation but continuing to prosecute those who cross the border illegally. The Filth suddenly "pivots" to faux outrage about "indefinite detention," thus revealing their true agenda: open borders, unimpeded migration. Same as ARISIS:

“Freedom of travel is a right. It is a right possessed by every human being, not just by Americans. The Mexican government or the French government has no right to stop you from entering Mexico or France, and our government has no right to stop a Mexican or Frenchman from entering America."

“The principle of individual rights demands open immigration. Implementing that would mean phasing out all limitations on immigration. Entry into the United States should ultimately be free for any foreigner, absent objective evidence of criminal intent or infectious disease."

—Obleftivist Binswanker

#MOGA!!!!!!!!!! Repudiate Obleftivism!

#To Iwan With Schumer Pelosi Bwook and Ghate!

#Build Those Walls On Canadian And Mexican Borders!!

Curiouser and Curiouser

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Yawon speaks of significant downsizing and the loss of a major donor in his video; he also acknowledges some doubt as to whether ARI will be funding his trips and other ventures. He says it'll be over to ARI how it explains all of this to its supporters. Well, here's the first communication from the new guy. No mention of Yawon or of any difficulties, just a lot of fashionable bromides about "leveraging," "cutting edge" and the like:

Tal Tsfany
A Letter from ARI’s New President and CEO
Dear Lindsay:

As of June 1, 2018, I am assuming the role of the Ayn Rand Institute’s President and CEO, taking over from my friend and colleague Jim Brown.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working closely with Jim, a leader who has achieved a tremendous amount of progress in his tenure as ARI’s CEO. My goal is to build on the solid foundation Jim has established and to continue to increase ARI’s output and impact.

I am honored and excited to lead the organization that bears the name of the woman who discovered and integrated philosophical ideas that have the power to change the trajectory of human history. Objectivism is the only integrated, non-contradictory philosophical system ever devised. I am optimistic that with reality validating it in every passing moment, its integrity and consistency will prevail over the ongoing trends of intellectual chaos.

My focus will be to lead ARI into the future, leveraging cutting-edge methodology and technology, making existing content easily accessible and new content relevant, compelling and engaging. This is to attract large numbers of individuals seeking truth and a rational philosophy to guide their lives—to make it easy for them to dive into the intellectual wealth of Objectivism.

In the introduction to the twenty-fifth-anniversary edition of The Fountainhead, Rand writes: “…Yet a few hold on and move on, knowing that that fire is not to be betrayed, learning how to give it shape, purpose, and reality. But whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, man seeks a noble vision of man’s nature and of life’s potential.”

Ayn Rand gave us a clear vision of life’s potential, and I am looking forward to working hard, advancing ARI’s mission of spreading the ideas that make that type of life possible.

Later this month, we will host our biggest Objectivist Summer Conference ever. It will be held in Newport Beach, California, just seven miles from ARI’s headquarters. I encourage you to join me and over five hundred other fans of Ayn Rand at this incredible event. We will be hosting an open house at ARI’s offices, exposing some of our Ayn Rand Archives’ treasures associated with The Fountainhead’s 75th anniversary. You don’t want to miss it.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Tal Tsfany
President and CEO
Ayn Rand Institute

End of Obleftivism?

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Don't worry, I haven't lost my sanity and begun listening to all of Yawon's videos. The moronnial-type upward-inflecting that he's adopted would be enough to drive me insane quite apart from the Obleftivist content. But someone who does monitor Yawon reports that at 1 hour 2 minutes into the following vid he acknowledges ARISIS is facing "particularly acute financial challenges" right now, that there's been a "significant downsizing" and they've lost a "significant donor." Question: is this related to their descent into Obleftivism or independent of it? If the latter are they so deluded as to think Obleftivism will save them?

In any event, #MOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!


gregster's picture

The other day I saw your response. Then I read your initial post on this thread again. You're correct, and a great post it is.. The Obleftivists are just as dangerous as May's Tommy Robinson-jailing pigs. Don't forget, Yawn Bwook advised against Bwexit so that the English could be wuled by those faceless unelected cunts in Bwussels.

zero chance?

Brant Gaede's picture

Because we won't stand for it?


Send these Somali Mosquitoes ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... to Yawon's Ghated community:

"Islam is a mere mosquito bite. Stop being afwaid of Muslims. Thewe is zewo chance of what's happened in Euwope happening in Amewica. The weal thweat to Western Civilization is Donald Twump."

—Evil Obleftivist Yawon Bwook, speech- and morality-impeded.

How explicit can you get?

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"Donald Trump needs to lose heavily." That's what Bwook the Cwook tweeted last time. If that's not saying "Vote Hillary" I don't know what is. Next time it'll be Cory Booker or Michelle Obama or Elisabeth Warren or Andrew Cuomo or some other sub-human, and he'll say the same thing. Not that his advice makes the slightest difference to the outcome, but it's evil, and is not what should be proffered in the name of Ayn Rand.

Yawn Bwook

gregster's picture

He won’t specifically say vote for them; he’ll find a way to say it so his Anti–Rand Institute retains its tax status.

Animal Rights Institute

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Donaldo Il Magnifico just called MS-13 "animals." The Left, including MS13NBC, went berserk. Dem-Scum Pelosi said even MS-13 members had the "spark of divinity" within. (Note the similarity with the Binswankerian intrinsicist view of rights.) I don't imagine Obleftivist Yawon in his Ghated community had even heard of MS-13 before I raised it in my Open Letter; now I imagine he'll leap to the defence of these animals just because Twump, "the weal thweat to Western Civilisation," has called them such. Yawon will no doubt claim that MS-13 are mere "mosquito bites" and urge folk to vote for Pelosi/Schumer. So we have yet another name for ARI. Bruno calls them the Anti-Rand Institute; I call them ARISIS (for being Islamenablers); now we have the Animal Rights Institute. Take your pick—all are valid.

Yawon the Shapeshifter

Bruno's picture

Shapeshifter Yawon in the interview now claims that inequalities are partially caused by our different "genes" and "abilities". Unbelievable. This is the same person who just a few months ago called the entire field of IQ research "evil".

There is such enormous cultural pushback against IQ denialism that even Mainstweam Yawon has to adjust himself, just like any good little Peter Keating knows he must in order to appease and please the crowd.

Obleftivist Twaitor Yawon Attacks Hungawy

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Yawon gets apoplectic about Hungary's moves—none of which is totalitarian, let alone "authowitawian" as Yawon claims—to clamp down on the traitor Soros, whose tool Yawon is, while playing down the truly totalitarian evil of the government of China. 18' 00" or so in:


Weal Thweat to Western Civilisation 1980

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Faces of Evil

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Separated at birth?

Making Hungary Great Again

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Hungary cracks down on Open Borders Soros-Filth, causing him to flounce; the one-time Nazi informant says he'll put yet more money into promoting free entry for dinky little savages into UK and US:


Keith Ellison of The Filth Wears Bwook of The Filth T-Shirt

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Dem-Muslim Keith Ellison Wears Yawon Bwook T-Shirt:

"I don't believe in borders."


Mr Bwook Goes to Washington

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Islamofilth and their fellow-travellers will be swarming all over Washington this week for Muslim Advocacy Day. No doubt Yawon will be there telling lawmakers Islam is a mere mosquito-bite and the weal thweat to Western Civilisation is Donald Twump:

PHILADELPHIA – May 4, 2018 – A Middle East Forum report, Islamists with Direct Ties to Terrorists Lobby Congress, written by Egyptian specialist Cynthia Farahat, has uncovered troubling connections between organizers and delegates of the annual Muslim Advocacy Day in the U.S. Capitol and prominent terror operatives. ...



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PhD nowadays is a guarantee of moronry. Degrees generally are now worthless, so dumbed down and PC has the curriculum become.

I laugh when I think of one of my heroes, Mario Lanza, who for ten years was the most popular tenor in the world and would have gone on being that had he not done a pre-Elvis Elvis (he was Elvis's favourite singer as it happens). He would have been placed last in a conventional singing competition judged by PhD musicologists—arid fuckwits that they are. He was the Donald Trump of opera: a "vulgarian" genius whom everyone with a beating heart, functioning ears and animate receptors adored. Now it's a "credentialled world," in the words to me of someone who committed the most egregious moral treason I was ever personally privy to—and the world has never been so homogenised in its mediocrity.

Twit-Witter has gone quiet. No response from Yawon or his gwoupies to my challenge. So I've tweeted another one, an easier one for him:

Yawon, unsurpwisingly, won't take me up on my challenge to debate without his widiculous pwe-conditions. So here's a challenge that should be more painless for him—just do a blog wesponding to this: http://www.solopassion.com/nod... Make Objectivism Great Again!! Repudiate Obleftivism!

Enemy Invasion -- and Corruption and Infection

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"Open immigration" still means one thing and one thing only today: enemy invasion immigration. Canada and Australia admit immigrants mostly based upon merit. So should all high-quality nations. The savages and enemies of the West have no right to invade.

But, MWibbensPHD....

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But, MWibbensPHD has a PhD! She way smarter than you meany waycists who demand Israeli style immigration policy for your nation.

P.S. I bet that this "Price is Primary" person is Yawon Bwook.

Yawon and Shapeero

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They deserve each other. Two fake-Right fake-Objectivist Californian squeakers who need to go find a veeeeery good speech coach to perform a miracle on them.

Both are mainstream façade distractions impeding truth seekers to enter a real right wing and individualist home of thought.

Two anti-Twump cuckservatives/obleftivists, neo-con warmongers, lovers of immigwation of illiterate parasites, fake-America California aficionados.

#CalExit #Now!

Dunning-Kruger effect

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Yawon's minions are morons and too stupid to know they are dealing with a superior intellect in the man whose name is Danger. They think Yawon is a worthwhile philosophical thinker, what more needs to be said?

Dunning-Kruger effect is a cognitive bias wherein people of low ability have illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their cognitive ability as greater than it is. The cognitive bias of illusory superiority derives from the metacognitive inability of low-ability persons to recognize their own ineptitude; without the self-awareness of metacognition, low-ability people cannot objectively evaluate their actual competence or incompetence.[1]

Conversely, highly competent individuals may erroneously assume that tasks easy for them to perform are also easy for other people to perform, or that other people will have a similar understanding of subjects that they themselves are well-versed in.[2]

All heating up ...

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... on Twit-Witter. Yawon has taken to "liking" tweets critical of me, in lieu of fronting up to debate me:

Price is Primary

Apr 13
Will @benshapiro debate @yaronbrook or chicken out like @LindsayPerigo1 did? @baum_corey suggests the latter on this week's ITCO.

cc: @MRibbensPhD, @legendre007

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Lindsay Perigo

22h22 hours ago
I'll debate Yawon the Obleftivist as soon as he dwops his demand I wefwain fwom uttewing bwoad cwiticisms of him. He's disgusting, and I maintain the right to say so in any debate. Plus, the moderator can't be Airhead Amy with the nose-ring. Someone credible.

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Price is Primary

18h18 hours ago
Lol. You're nothing and you know it.

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Meghann Ribbens

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Replying to @PriceIsPrimary @LindsayPerigo1 and 4 others
Why did @yaronbrook ever want to debate @LindsayPerigo1? That last tweet is clear evidence that my toddler is more thoughtful and mature. To be fair, my toddler is very advanced.

10:31 AM - 2 May 2018
2 Likes Price is PrimaryYaron Brook
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Lindsay PerigoTweet text

New conversation

Lindsay Perigo

10m10 minutes ago
Replying to @MRibbensPhD @PriceIsPrimary and 4 others
Obleftivist group-"think" out in force, I see. Irrational tribalism. So come on Yawon: dwop the pwe-condition of "no sweeping bwoad cwiticism" and let's debate your sell-out of Objectivism to Islamo-Marxism. You may make any broad sweeping criticism of me that you wish.

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Lindsay Perigo

5m5 minutes ago
And Yawon, quit hiding behind "likes" of tweets by your sad groupies. Pathetic!

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End of conversation


At the border

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1) "The principle of individual rights demands open immigration . . . ."

How? And what is that principle?

2) "Implementing that would mean . . . ."

3) "Entry into the United States . . . ."

The third sentence contradicts the second sentence. If it's the second sentence that's valid the third isn't. If the third is valid then toss the second.

Re the last sentence, you can add in more stipulations, make a personal list, rationalizations to follow.

"Asylum is a right." And welfare isn't?


this is too easy--Rand was never easy, except to the honest folk who already knew something
(written under the influence of hard liquor)

Hilawious Hystewia!

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We're not privy to the apoplexy that must have gone down on election night in the well-guarded Ghated communities of Obleftivists, but if it were anything like this apoplexy from their fellow-Filth The Young Turks it's extremely gratifying and thigh-slappingly funny to contemplate:

Binswankers at the Border

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Note the dinky little savages from shithole countries at America's southern border right now are touting signs saying "Asylum is a right." C/f Binswanker:

The principle of individual rights demands open immigration. Implementing that would mean phasing out all limitations on immigration. Entry into the United States should ultimately be free for any foreigner, absent objective evidence of criminal intent or infectious disease.

But ...

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... it's your DUTY! Evil

I refuse !!!

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I can bring myself to listen Yawon if there is absolute necessity, but Shapeero? Please, no!!

Good Lord!

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This came up on my YT channel. Is this what Yawon sounds like these days? A poor man's Alex Jones, scweaming and wasping? What a disgusting noise! And is he set to debate with Ben? Will he demand that Ben wefwain fwom making "sweeping cwiticisms" of him?

As theatrically compelling as it might promise to be, I fear an encounter between a quacker and a shrieker would be altogther too much for my aesthetic sensibilities. Neil and Bruno: you're on notice—if this happens, I'll be relying on you to listen to it and report!

Home of ARISIS HQ Defies Sanctuary California ... Bwook Flounces

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Home of ARISIS HQ Defies Sanctuary California ... Bwook Flounces To Puerto Wico


A California sheriff’s office announced Monday that it will provide public information on when inmates are released from jail -- a move coming amid a growing backlash against the liberal state’s “sanctuary” laws that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

The Orange County Register reported that the county’s sheriff’s department will publish a “Who’s in Jail” online database, including the date and time of inmates’ release, to help cooperate with other law enforcement agencies including Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE.)

Undersheriff Don Barnes cited California’s sanctuary legislation, which limits the instances when state and local police agencies can inform federal authorities about an illegal immigrant’s release from detention, specifically as a reason for the move.

ARISIS Spokesperson for Obleftivism, Yawon Bwook, was heard to shriek: "This is disgwaceful. Far fwom facilitating their deportation, we owe these hewoes, self-selected for virtue, not just amnesty but an apology. I am so outwaged by this bwazen attempt by wacist Twump-supporting shewiffs to thwart these hewoes' efforts to turn Owange County into a shithole that I'm migwating to Puerto Wico."

If your blood doesn't boil you're a waste of space.

Amazing ...

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... that Obleftivists, professed adherents to Objeftivism, which vehemently opposes the ethics of sacrifism, are so eager to self-immolate at the behest of Muslims, MS13 and other members of The Filth. Let's have some ethical cleansing. MOGA!!

The Anomaly

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The anomaly is Open Borders and Mass Immigration. The need to defend national borders is a constant and eternal necessity. We are experiencing the results of deviating from normalcy.

The Founding Fathers knew better than this bunch of Obleftivist useful idiots at the Anti-Rand Institute & friends advocating for national self-annihilation. Open immigration was never part of the deal. The idea of Open immigration is some form of post-modern mental virus. All the "classical liberals" who advocated for it were mistaken. The farther back you go the more they are excused. Those who still advocate for cultural suicide in 2018 are inexcusable.

America and ARI

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Brant writes:

"The United States is now Israel."


Brant also writes:

"Ayn Rand would chop off ARI's head and drive a stake through its rotten heart."

Exactly. Smiling

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