Obleftivist Yawon Bwook says Donald Twump is "THE villain of our time." Which of the following best accords with your view?

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Yes he is
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He's not a villain but a hero
60% (6 votes)
Putin might be a bigger villain
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The mullahs might be bigger villains
10% (1 vote)
ISIS might be bigger villains
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Ugly Wimmin might be bigger villains
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Black Lives Matter might be bigger villains
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Snowflake moronnials might be bigger villains
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College professors might be bigger villains
10% (1 vote)
Fake News outlets might be bigger villains
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Pomowankers might be bigger villains
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Obleftivists might be bigger villains
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None of the above—specify
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My policy re Islamofilth is not genocide. I lay it out in my essay, Death to Islam! which you can find here:


But I see you're getting your talking points from David Duke these days. Took me a while to figure that out.

As a matter of interest, is it your contention that Yawon is a Zionist?

My position is that there's no particular group or conspiracy behind the manifestations of evil in the world, other than evil people, who come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Generically I call them The Filth. Yawon is certainly one of them, but not because he's an Israeli; it's because he chooses to be evil.

What has preoccupied me in my thinking aloud moments is that the embrace of evil is so pervasive in all quarters that it's hard not to believe in a supra-personal evil, such as Satan or Ayn Rand's "drooling beast." I suppose the OrthOist response would be that there's only the totality of evil choices made by evil people. This does not satisfy me, any more than any conspiracy theory does. Evil is rampant, and has all the appearance of being greater than the sum of its parts. This must have to do with the commonality of its parts, which I believe no thinker has yet successfully identified. To paraphrase Ayn Rand, What is the principle behind The Filth? Social metaphysics—Peter Keating Syndrome—is right up there among the contenders, to be sure ... but then see how common that is among Objectivists (I even had one sell-out say to me, "This is a credentialled world" in justifying his departure from Roarkism)! We have to dig deeper yet.

Zionism is Evil

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"I'd love to see every Muslim country not just destabilized but eliminated qua Muslim country, just as Germany needed to be eliminated qua Nazi country."

This is unhinged and destructive. What you are saying is that you would like to see a *war against the entire Muslim world.* You can not eliminate the Muslim world "qua Muslim country" short of genocide. That is not the way culture, ie humanity, works. Linz your sentiment is WORSE than that held by Neo-Conservatives. And I would argue it is entirely PROGRESSIVE in that you are trying to remake the world against the realities of human nature. It also requires indeed mandates American Imperialism. This is the mistake you have consistently made since your "anti-Saddamite" days. You should have grown past that.

Israel is a late era intrusion on what was a centuries old Muslim world. Yes, the Muslims took what they did by conquest but that occurred over centuries. Conquest has been practiced by every great civilization (great in the sense of world historical) including the Europeans. Yes, even including America (read up on Texas). Zionism is a dangerous movement in that it requires perpetual war against the Muslim world to fulfill an insanely religious worldview; ie God is a real estate agent. America should have no connection with Israel as it is not a strategic ally (indeed given its history it is actively hostile going back decades). If Zionists want to wage war against the entire Muslim world then let them and let them live or die on their own.

Linz you are just as bad as Yaron Brook on this subject in that you want perpetual war with the Muslim world and you bang the drums for WW2 style warfare in a context that would inexorably lead to nuclear war with Russia. This is wrong on so many levels especially that you would risk war with the only sane European people in the Slavs. I just don't comprehend the insanity of any white person that would want war with another European people. And on behalf of Israel!! Jesus f'ing Christ.

Yes, Islam is an evil religion that should not be allowed entry in the West. But the solution is separation from the Muslim world, disengagement from the Muslim world, NOT mass slaughter of Muslims. Jesus I understand why the Austrians consider Randians to be insane war mongers. Being that Israel's foreign policy has come to mean the Balkanization of the Muslim world and the perpetual destabilization of the Muslim world AND given what that means for Europe, I say that Israel is HOSTILE to the interest of Europe and Europeans; ie white people.

The Paleo-Libertarians are right here and Objectivists, seemingly all of them, are horribly wrong.


Also, your anti-Hitler stuff is simplistic. Hitler was not a hero but no Objectivist has placed him in a proper historical context. And certainly not that lightweight Peikoff. Hitler was one murderous totalitarian minded man in an era of MANY murderous totalitarian minded men. If you are going to rail against Hitler without railing against the Jewish Communist killer Genrikh Yagoda who was responsible for the death of millions (and by some estimates more than Hitler) then you are not being Objective.

My one-state solution:

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Israel = the entire Middle East. Muslim barbarians can go do to themselves what they customarily do to children and goats.

Death to the U.N.

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Notwithstanding the relatively defiant and virtuous video which Lindsay posted above of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations [where I work!] Nikki Haley, I have virtually no respect for her. I have virtually none for Israel or America either. Despite what was said in that allegedly KASS video, the goal of the Security Council should be victory over evil and tyranny -- not "peace" with them. Israel and America need to immediately EXPELL the dictatorships from the U.N. -- or withdraw from it and form a new pro-freedom, multi-national organization. Under the current institution, the defeat of Israel, America, freedom, and human goodness is assured.

A Bit of REALITY About the Jews and Israel

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Doug said many wild and warped things about Jews and Israel two comments above. Well, at least they were novel and interesting! Smiling I welcome his fresh viewpoint. But those ultra-strange remarks were seemingly quite malevolent too. Sad People have such an array of odd and unlikely opinions about Jews and Israel! Just for the record, here are a few of mine:

* America is the enemy of Israel -- not the reverse. America is unendingly an "honest broker" in the conflict between the Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs. That means America makes no distinction between Good and Evil -- which devastates the Good Guy Israelis. America also relentlessly pressures tiny Israel to "take risks for peace," which is an unprecedented and beyond-bizarre concept.

* Israel is the most self-hating, self-destroying, anti-Semitic nation on earth. Their evil illiberal guiding philosophy undercuts them brutally.

* Israel should be 12 to 48 times as large in land mass. They currently have 2% of the Middle East population but only .18% of the land. Because of all the evil visited upon them by the Muslims over the past 70-plus years, they deserve extra land as a just compensation. They should immediately take this land by war and expel all the Muslim enemies and monsters therein. Any Middle Eastern nation which refuses to instantly make full peace with them, and treat them with utmost respect and servile deference, should be ruthlessly crushed and occupied.

I state all the above because -- however obvious and incontrovertible -- I bet NO-ONE in the Objectivist community understands this besides myself.

Yes, more Zionism

Lindsay Perigo's picture

And I'm a paid-up member of the Illuminati. I attend Bilderberg gatherings once a year, and am a member of the Kapiti Coast Masonic Lodge.

American foreign policy operates as an imperial force pursuing progressive and unobtainable ends. But it is always manipulated by Israel to achieve Israeli objectives which amounts to destabilizing every muslim country. Israel wants the Muslim world to burn. We should not be aiding them in this. Its not good for our soul. Israeli Jews have no soul. We should try to keep ours.

I'd love to see every Muslim country not just destabilized but eliminated qua Muslim country, just as Germany needed to be eliminated qua Nazi country. Oh wait. Nazi Germany and those lovely Muslims were in blessed alliance against the Zionists. Let's go with the Muslims then.

Israeli Jews have no soul? Do other kinds of Jews have a soul?

This is straight out of Mein Kampf. Despicable and sub-stupid. Shame on you, "Doug Bandler." Again, I challenge you to identify yourself. If you're going to spew filth, be man enough to do it under your own name.

More Zionism

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

Great. More wars for Israel.

Linz. Haley is a NeoCon. She represents everything Trump said he wouldn't do. She's not something to celebrate.

Haley is clueless on Ukraine. I'm sure she's clueless on Israel too.


Tulsi Gabbard has been more impressive. She's a leftist, but an anti-war one who seems to understand that the US war in Syrian is bullshit from top to bottom. Its essentially done on the behalf of Israel and serves no national interest.


American foreign policy operates as an imperial force pursuing progressive and unobtainable ends. But it is always manipulated by Israel to achieve Israeli objectives which amounts to destabilizing every muslim country. Israel wants the Muslim world to burn. We should not be aiding them in this. Its not good for our soul. Israeli Jews have no soul. We should try to keep ours.

Ron Paul is right. We should systematically disengage from the ME. Its such a waste of our resources. There are other places to get oil.

The Objectivist support of a Zionist ethno-state really makes me laugh. That the Randians think that Israel is an "outpost of liberty in a desert of savagery". LOL The Israeli's are the biggest terrorist sponsors there. Oh, second biggest. America is the first. We arm everybody.

All Objectivism can really say is "foreign policy should be self interested." But what is self-interested? IMO, no one in the Objectivist movement knows what that is. And nothing I have seen shows Israel as an ally. Its a hostile nation.

Ron Paul's institute and his daily YouTube videos are a good starting point for foreign policy analysis. I can't believe Objectivist think that man is "weak on foreign policy". He is the sanest man in Washington. And that is how you should treat war; with measured sanity.


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KASS Nikki Haley at the UN:

Number One

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

Israel is easily the most heroic nation on the face of the earth.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Israel is a more dangerous country than Iran.

!000% piffle. Now man up and post this under your real name. It's such a pity you have such great insights so often but completely undercut yourself with this pseudonymous Illuminati tripe.

Rand on Israel vs Islamotrash: “When you have civilized men fighting savages, you support the civilized men, no matter who they are. Israel is a mixed economy inclined toward socialism. But when it comes to the power of the mind—the development of industry in that wasted desert continent—versus savages who don't want to use their minds, then if one cares about the future of civilization, don't wait for the government to do something. Give whatever you can. This is the first time I've contributed to a public cause: helping Israel in an emergency.”

And this, btw, is a reason not to give to ARISIS treasonists where half your donation will go towards tweasonist Bwook's $400,000 salary for betwaying Ayn Wand.

Pro-Israel Objectivists are ignorant of history

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

I say, "I personally am absolutely pro-Israel."

And I say that Israel is a deceitful and treacherous nation. Read about the Lavon Affair, the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty (with complicity from LBJ), Israel's treachery in the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombing as recounted by Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad case officer, read about the way Israel stole nuclear technology from America and now they have nukes and they lie about it. The list of Israeli duplicity goes on and on. Mark Hunter gives a good summary of it all at ARI Watch but there is so much info available now at the click of a mouse. Objectivists are clueless about Israel and the influence of Zionism; a Jewish movement just as dangerous as Communism (largely Jewish dominated in its early stages).

Israel is a more dangerous country than Iran. It also should be noted that Israel is currently providing air support for ISIS and is in bed with Saudi Arabia. For its own reasons, it has chosen to ally with Sunnis against the Shite Crescent. And it is a welfare whore to America. Ron Paul was wise to all of this which is another reason why Yaron Brook hated him.

Of course America's foreign policy is the ultimate problem. And that foreign policy has been motivated by Progressive philosophy in the form of international Leftism and Neo-Conservatism; both versions of globalisms with the NeoCons representing explicit American imperialism. But Israel has piggybacked on this philosophical wave and been treacherous in the process. I actively dislike Israel. Islam is evil and Muslims should never have been allowed into western nations. But Israel is the most dangerous country in that region of the world. And they are a religious ethno-state with a quasi Apartheid element to them. (What they're doing in the West Bank is vicious.)

Why would Objectivists so enamored with race blind individualism so adamantly support Israel but condemn any alt-right ethno-nationalist that would want a white Christian country? There's a word for that. Its hypocrisy?

Note the above was said to motivate people here to re-educate themselves as I realize that you are the good Objectivists. But understand that the bunny hole here runs deep. And there is much for "red pilled" Objectivists to learn. And unlearn...

I'm an Israeli Proudly!

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If ARISIS is getting its funding from rich pro-Israelis, I cheer. But ARISIS is clearly, as we speak, on the side of Islamotrash, minimising the enormity of the threat that Islam poses and saying Israel's walls don't work. See the statements I quote in my Open Letter.

Ed says, "I personally am relatively pro-Israel." I say, "I personally am absolutely pro-Israel."

What's clear is that ARISIS is taking money from people to support anti-Israeli policies. I doubt Ayn Rand would have been amused.

Koch Brothers/Israel

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Mark has uncovered the fact that former ARI employee and wife of "Chief Content Officer" Onkar Ghate, Debi Ghate, works for the Koch foundation. Do with this information what you will.

My piece of "inside information", relayed to me by a reliable source, was that some substantial amount of ARI funding comes from American supporters of Israel, who support the strong stance ARI has made in promoting Israeli policies over the years, irrespective of any of Ayn Rand's ideas.

Just to be clear, I have nothing against Israel, and I have no respect at all for the Palestinians. But Rand herself seems to have only mentioned Israel once, and that in an off-hand comment in support of both Israel and Taiwan as compared to the Arabs and Red Chinese respectively. It does seem ARI spends an inordinate amount of time promoting Israeli policies and interests, when Rand herself was relatively unconcerned with Israel. While I generally follow Rand in supporting Israel in contradistinction to its barbarous neighbors, I don't delude myself into thinking that Israel is not a socialist country far worse than the US, has religion dominating politics in a way far worse than the US, and whose national interests are not necessarily always congruent with those of the United States.

That's okay, though, why should Israel's interests necessarily always align with those of the US? It's their country. They live in a bad neighborhood. They have to do what they think is best for themselves. That's a "foreign policy of self-interest." Yet it's not *our* foreign policy, nor should it be. It's repeated over and over that "Israel is our strongest ally in the region," yet this statement is obviously false. Yes, they are *friendly* to the US, and the US is *friendly* to them. I personally am relatively pro-Israel. But they aren't the allies of the United States. The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are allies of the US, supporting the US in almost all its wars and conflicts (some worthwhile, some not). Israel, on the other hand, has never supported the US militarily, and indeed has both spied on the US and actually attacked the US once. I say all this not to bash Israel--as I said, I am a supporter--but just to point out how twisted it is for ARI to take money from people not to support Ayn Rand's policies, but to support Israel's policies.

The Paleo-Libertarians fight Cronyism

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

but what they support are crony deals dressed up as free trade agreements that benefit totalitarian regimes such as China.

Rothbard dismantles NAFTA in the essay I linked to in the other thread. These trade deals are Cronyism combined with welfare handouts to poorer nations. The Lew Rockwell libertarians have been opposed to this type of corporate Cronyism for years, decades actually.

I now understand why they have such a low opinion of Objectivists. Put aside the anarchism, when the Austrians and Rockwellians see OrgOism, what they see is Neo-Conservatism foreign policy on steroids, faulty understanding of American history and Constitutional history, cultural leftist support, and economic ignorance on multiple subjects including the Objectivist tendency to glorify any successful businessman because he is a businessman. Objectivists just don't understand how rampant corporate welfare is especially in the defense industry. The military-industrial complex is a real thing. Rand was wrong on that score.

Who will save Objectivism from the Objectivists? One wonders.


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There's an Open Letter at the top of the page describing Obleftivism. Print it out. Probably 3 pages. You can do it!! Smiling


I call it "Objectivism as hijacked by Islamo-Marxism." The Marxism involved is cultural Marxism, i.e., taking in all the PC SJW Ugly Wimmin Black Lives Matter Pomowankery BS. I'll work on a concise definition since I think the term should go viral and help excise the Obleftivists from Objectivism. I'd modify what Ed Powell says to say Obleftivists like to appear to support free trade in their voluble denunciations of tariffs and the like, but what they support are crony deals dressed up as free trade agreements that benefit totalitarian regimes such as China.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Yawon quoted by Neil:

1:06:10 There’s a whole problem of doing me as a rich guy in his
gated community, I mean that’s such a Marxist approach. You’re
dictated by your economic position, your ideas are determined by your
class. That’s pure Marxism. Objectivists who raise this is soooo,
soooo ridiculous.

"A man's social being is not determined by his consciousness; on the contrary, his consciousness is determined by his social being."—Marx

The problem is, I don't say and never said Yawon is indiffewent to evil because he lives in a gated community. I say he's indiffewent to evil because he chooses to be. Gated off from it, he doesn't see it diwectly and doesn't want to know. What do we call wilfull evasion again?


edpowell's picture

A person whose approach to contemporary political issues combines free markets with cultural Marxism, while claiming to be an advocate of Ayn Rand's philosophy.


Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

I wonder if anyone, especially Lindsay, can supply me with a working definition of "Obleftivists". This isn't a hostile question -- I simply want to know what this term means. It evidently combines Objectivism and leftism, but I'm not sure how that's possible, nor do I know if there are some other special meanings, derivations, or implications attached.

Table One ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... especially scary too.

Steven A. Camarota on Immigration

Doug Bandler The Second's picture


The facts presented on that page are terrifying.

The just-released public-use data from the American Community Survey shows 1.5 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) arrived in 2014, and another 914,000 arrived in just the first six months of 2015.

But Brook says there is no mass immigration.

As a share of the U.S. population, 13.5 percent are now immigrants — the highest percentage in 105 years. As recently as 1970, less than 5 percent of the population were immigrants.

And look at who exactly is coming to the counrty:

Major sending countries with the largest numerical increases in immigrants living in the United States since 2010 were India (up 609,000), China (up 510,000), the Philippines (up 205,000), the Dominican Republic (up 184,000), El Salvador (up 138,000), Cuba (up 106,000), Nigeria (up 104,000), Guatemala (up 97,000), Haiti (up 88,000), Pakistan (up 80,000), Honduras (up 76,000), Bangladesh (up 75,000), Venezuela (up 71,000), Colombia (up 63,000), Vietnam (up 60,000), and Iraq (up 55,000).

Look at that god damned list. Jesus Christ. How can you look at that and not see this as an attempt at racial displacement motivated by Leftist egalitarian philosophy? Any sane person's blood should boil.

But Brook has "credible data" that immigration is not a problem. And he calls Ann Coulter a liar. lol

And Luke Setzer is wondering if he should continue his donations to ARI because of its book distribution program for 'Atlas Shrugged'. Yeah Luke, all those Domincans, El Salvadorians and Haitians with their sub 90 IQs are just going to love Rand's novels.

And then people wonder why I get offensive...

painful to read

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

"the most credible statistics suggests there’s been a net migration out of the United States in terms of illegals returning to Mexico and returning to Latin America."

Credible data? Has he ever driven through any part of California other than his gated community? Also does he think there has been a net migration out of Europe?

What Brook doesn't understand is fertility rates. Who is having the children? Not whites. That right there is the problem.

Brook is treacherous.

More Quotes From Yaron

Neil Parille's picture

About 12:45:

I think given, um, given the abuse and the unbelievable disrespect that I get out there on these issues, I’ve been unbelievably patient with people. So it is ... [rest of sentence inaudible because of over-talking by Amy saying I agree, kudos.]


The whole wall thing in my view is stupid.  I mean, what do you need 
a wall for?  There’s no mass immigration into the United States today. 
There hasn’t been for at least ten years any significant net  immigration into the United States, illegal immigration into the United States, indeed ... the most credible statistics suggests there’s been a net migration out of the United States in terms of  illegals returning to Mexico and returning to Latin America. ... So  the whole hysteria about [mocking tone] border security, things are  falling apart, is just that, it’s hysteria.  There’s no statistics to 
back it up, there’s no problem of illegal immigration that anybody can 
actually point to concretely and actually explain.

He goes on to trash Ann Coulter.

1:06:10  There’s a whole problem of doing me as a rich guy in his 
gated community, I mean that’s such a Marxist approach.  You’re 
dictated by your economic position, your ideas are determined by your 
class.  That’s pure Marxism.  Objectivists who raise this is soooo, 
soooo ridiculous.

He intentionally misses the point.

Certainly not THE villain of our time ...

VSD's picture

but more accurately THE Piedpiper of the day ; )
we'll have to see if the children end up with the rats : D


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I've added Obleftivists just for you Kyrel. You can change your vote if you wish. Smiling


Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

Muslims and their mullah leaders are the scum of the earth. They degrade the quality of life today, and threaten Western Civilization, even worse than the communists.

Trump has a few pro-American and pro-freedom ideas, plus a lot of semi-Objectivist advisers and semi-libertarian associates which may ultimately turn him partially in the right direction. This needs to be encouraged and Trump needs to be helped -- not unfairly and inaccurately vilified by ignorant jackasses.

ARIans are also major "villains of our time." All across the world they widely and deeply undercut and discredit the noble thought of Ayn Rand. Like the mullahs, "Objectivist" cultists are religious slime.


Luke Setzer's picture

I selected, "He's not a villain but a hero," though I confess my answer is tentative. He kept the Clintons from returning to power, and that is heroic in itself. I hope he sticks to his guns and has not been fooling us (and himself) all along. I think he is sincere and means what he says. Old interviews of him from decades past suggest he has sung the same tune across his entire adult life. His actions so far suggest he intends to stay the course and keep his stated promises.

The exposure alone of the ugliness of Leftism to the light of day has been worth his election. I just wish he was more philosophically grounded and explicitly rigorous. His "Fourth Turning" adviser Steve Bannon is worrisome. Has anyone read THE FOURTH TURNING and if so, would you consider it a worthwhile theory?

Where is the choice for...

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...God-Emperor? Eye

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