Are you an Infidel?

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Submitted by Duncan Bayne on Sun, 2006-05-28 23:55

Are you an Infidel? Do you want to loudly proclaim your status, rather than living silently as a dhimmi? Then you need one of these shirts, from my InfidelGear store:

Infidel Tank TopInfidel T-Shirt

And if that wasn't enough ... 25% of the profit from the sale of these shirts will be donated to SOLO. So now you've no excuse not to buy one Smiling

If you're not a shirt guy or gal, but want an Infidel-themed item from CafePress's extensive range of products, let me know and I'll whip something up for you.

I've already ordered one myself, & it is being shipped as I type this ... as soon as it arrives I'll post some photos.

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A Craven Act of Surrender?

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Chris, on the other string you make rather strong (and, I believe, correct) declarations against the terrorists, yet here you seem to be expressing a fear of them inconsistent with your belligerence elsewhere. Is it not proper to stand up to them here as well as over-seas? After all, if you fear being singled out, be aware that by Googling your name one can find your anti-muslim statements quite easily. (Please don't take this as a vicious attack. Smiling It might have been such, had I not read your commendable comments on the other thread.)


Yes Chris, Exactly

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Isn't it the whole idea of

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Isn't it the whole idea of radical Islam's evil that wearing a shirt like this can make you a target of life-threatening violence?

Help, I only wear Black

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Or perhaps Navy or other deep colors, any help?


PS And do you know how to say "Daughter of a Dog?"

In fact, the arabic word is

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In fact, the arabic word is 'kafir', which has a wider range of meanings than simply 'infidel':

... an Arabic word meaning a person who hides, denies, or covers the truth. In cultural terms, it is a derogatory term [1] used to describe a non-Muslim, a Muslim of a differing sect, or an apostate from Islam. It is usually translated into English as "infidel" or "unbeliever" and can carry the equivalent weight as a racial epithet.

I don't know if anyone here remembers that hateful Islamist recruiting 'song' - the rap song set to the destruction of the WTC - but the rappers were accusing Bush, Blair, etc. as being "dirty kuffar*". The insult carries a lot of weight amongst Islamists.

* the plural form of kafir

I like the simplicity of the

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I like the simplicity of the current design, with the Arabic symbol. Straightfoward, to the point, throws down the gauntlet. Infidel says it all.

Here's an idea

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How about a more artsy shirt... I'm no artist unfortunately, but I am imagining something that has "Infidel", "Apostate", "Heretic", "Blasphemer", "Unbeliever" in different fonts, different orientations, interspersed with pictures of historical figures or famous people that have been called these things.  Maybe Thomas Jefferson, Galileo, DaVinci...

Infidel T shirt

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Great idea but I wouldn,t wear one for the same reason the I don,t call myself evil and I try not to say OH MY GOD,or JESUS BLOODY CHRIST,I am trying to remove all fundementalist language from my vocab

Allah Akbar!

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It might be better if it said: INFIDEL

...and damn proud of it!

Adam, Unfortunately the Golf

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Unfortunately the Golf Shirt offered by CafePress doesn't feature a pocket Sad The only type of top they offer that does is a hooded sweatshirt, and somehow I don't have you pegged as the 'hoody' type.


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I'd buy one if you could make one with a pocket for reading glasses and cell phone...

I gotta get me one of

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I gotta get me one of these...

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