The Lone Conservative Who Increasingly Sounds Like He Gets Objectivist Ethics (As Compared To Most Obleftivists)

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Submitted by HWH on Wed, 2017-03-08 12:12

Is there any commentator out there (whether Obleftivist, or in Conservative drag) who defends capitalism in a more KASS manner than Levin?

This guy is picking up where "Yawon" dropped off.

Lathan et al

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Yup, neocon shmeocon, and with all the fake news and fake Objectivism up to our yinyangs of late, I think the labels have become as fake as those wearing them.

What I watch out for lately is whether someone gets "Objectivist ethics" , and Mark Levins's inconsistencies notwithstanding, he seems to be the only Conservative with a decent audience who has the audacity and moral clarity to call the RINOS out for their socialism in drag, or "compassionate conservatism" as Bush labelled it.

He is on fire in regards to the whole wiretapping treachery by Obama and his flotillas of pond scum.

Furthermore, of all the Conservatives including Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Hannity, Coulter and Savage, he is the only one to defend capitalism in regards to the extended Obamacare abortion, and what is more, he is defending it whilst proudly proclaiming the principle of individual rights in defense.

I have never heard this principle even acknowledged from any other Conservative.

As for Trump, I hope that he somehow gets wind of the extent to which he is now committing treason with his tacit acquiescence to the bill of goods he has been sold by Paul Ryan and the other mealymouthed rinos.

These complicit bastards are the guiltiest when it comes to allowing the United States to slide to the edge of the collectivist abyss.

I see Pence is busily trying to polish the Obamacare turd, which has now morphed into its 3rd "same same but different" embodiment. One wonders how many times they are still going to try and pick up this turd from the "clean" edge, give it a RINO makeover and put it up for auction again.

As for Mark Latham, he has evolved from a boofhead bully to perhaps the most intense critic of the idiocy of the progressives in Australia. In his current form, and his left-leaning alter ego to the contrary notwithstanding, he would for many conservative Australians be a more acceptable Prime Minister as compared to Turncoat, the gutless wonder we now have as our fake Conservative leader.

Most of Australia's conservative voters are migrating to Pauline Hanson, not necessarily because of her policies or brains, and sometimes lack thereof, but rather for her indomitable courage and tungsten-esque resilience in fighting back the moronic identity politics of the smug-junkies of the left.

Cory Bernardi, a true Conservative pollie with oodles of brains to boot, has also abandoned the coalition for the sake of trying to pick up more of the Conservatives who are leaving Turncoats's fakery in disgust.

Australia, as is the case in the United States and Europe, has had a gut-full of the vacuous evil from the left, and the political landscape here is increasingly reflecting that mood.

We live in interesting times.


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Like you, I love Mark. "Doug" has become quite the David Duker. I expect he'll be renouncing Trump next in the name of anti-Zionism.

I watched Bolt last night with former Labour leader Mark Latham(?). Bring him back! And Brava Pauline for saying there's no way you can tell a "good" Muslim from a "bad" one. One must assume every Muslim is a Muslim, and, therefore, given that Jihad is integral to Islam, evil.

Woods over Levin

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He's better on economics but he's a NeoCon on foreign policy including being pro-Zionist (he's Jewish after all). He's also more towards the American Nationalist view of the Constitution as opposed to the Compact view held by the better libertarians (as in the Austrians). Levin is basically a mainstream Conservative who is a bit more free market than usual. But he is still within the Overton Window as in he's pretty much useless. What has Levin and other mainstream Conservatives conserved?

IMO, you need to go to the Lew Rockwell branch of Paleo-libertarianism before you get to any significant challenge of the mainstream. Objectivists think they are so "radical" but you are all basically well within the framework of the mainstream right. Become race and sex realists and challenge Zionist influence in American politics and then get back to me about how "radical" you are.

Here is a link to a page where Austrian Tom Woods catalogs his dealings with Mark Levin. It was largely over a debate having to do with the War Powers and specifically the NeoCon view of the war powers (which is essentially imperialist). Woods destroys Levin in this issue and takes him to the woodshed. If Objectivists are interested in a really good historian especially of American history then Woods is the guy. But I'm sure O'ists will just reply "NeoConfederate". Typical.

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