Please, Ugly Wimmin, Could You Stay Away More Often?!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2017-03-09 04:39

Ugly Wimmin across America and around the world went on strike today, International Ugly Wimmin's Day, to screech and whine, and become hysterical yet again about Donald Trump. I'd like to encourage these fathomlessly stupid, fry-quacking, upward-inflecting, Soros-sponsored deformities to stay away more often. Permanently would be good. Ugly Wimmin, the world would be infinitely better without your mindless identity politics; the aesthetic grotesquery of your "speech" (leftie Leslie Marshall assaulting my ears on Fox right now—why didn't she stay away?!); your gratuitous, graceless stroppiness; your indifference to the treatment of women by Islamofilth; your fascism; your infantile tantrums; your preposterous self-importance. Bugger off, and stay buggered off!

Here's one of the ditzy bimbos. Not physically ugly, this one, but wait till she opens her beak. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! A crime against humanity:

Filth on the Bench

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I'm not sure why Trump was so mild in his critique of the Hawaiian judge: "unprecedented judicial overreach." Treason to the Constitution by IslamoMarxist Filth, more like it. Dobbs is great here:

And this moronnial film-maker ...

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... while male, might just as well be an Ugly Wimmin-Thing:

Fryquacking moronnial Ugly Wimmin-Thing

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This creature harassing Sean Spicer at an Apple store is part of The Filth. Apart from her abominable behaviour, listen to the deformed noises coming out her putrid mouth. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!

Babbling Buffoonish Blabbermouths

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There have been one holy hell of a lot of protests against Donald Trump in the 50 days he's been in office! This is unprecedented for an American president. And bear in mind: Trump was given no "honeymoon" by the Congress and media. Also unprecedented.

But the women and others are amazingly inarticulate about what exactly they're protesting. His iconoclastic semi-conservatism? No. They brazenly, smugly, intimidatingly claim he's racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, xenophobic, etc. But even they probably know this isn't true.

The many different, and even contradictory, protestors seem to view Trump as a champion of Westernism, Americanism, freedom, and human triumph. Four concepts they dare not oppose too openly.

But Trump is actually pretty weak on all four of these great values and goals. Maybe, ironically enough, the incoherent and illiberal protestors -- with their manifest ignorance and depravity -- will end up somehow molding and shaping him into being a better advocate of those four. Evil That would be sweet! Smiling

Comments on Faecesbook

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Typically, people on Faecesbook have reacted to my facility with "insults" rather than addressing the content of my post. Here's what I've said on Faecesbook in response:

I don't think anything I said was an "insult." If anything I was too easy on these aliens prowling through the earth. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! If nature abhors a vacuum, what must nature think of what's between the ears of these entities? Problem is, they have the vote. And I mean moronnial males as much as females. Western Civilisation is at stake here—and it's reliant upon counting heads, regardless of their content? Doesn't stand a chance.


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Herr Dougler,

If Israeli/Zionist manipulation is disrupting the Islamic world, I'm all for it.

Who the hell brought you to this low point? Certainly not Auster. He'd be ashamed of you. Rightly. Duke?

I'm certain Auster would agree with me about Ugly Wimmin.

Here's how it breaks down

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Israeli / Zionist manipulation is disrupting the Islamic world; using the American military to do it.

Jewish ethno-centric interests are manipulating open immigration into America; ie there is an intersection between Leftism and Jewish ethno-centrism which is dong great damage to America and the West.

So yes, Israel and the Zionism that supports it is a danger. Is it greater than Islam? I think they are connected. If Zionism were discredited and the US no longer supported Israel, the world would be a better place. But If Netanyahu gets his way and the Zionists (and their ARI supporters) manipulate America into waging a war with Iran, then the world will be a much darker place and Islam will be even stronger.

Here is the awareness breakdown:

Leftist / left-Objectivist: discrimination against Muslims is wrong

Alt-light / basic bitch conservative / Objectivist right: we have a Muslim problem

NeoCon / OrgOist: "Lets bomb Iran!!"

Paleo-Conservative / Hans Hoppe right-wing libertarian / Lew Rocwell Paleo-libertarian: we have an Israel and Zionist problem

Alt-right: we have a Jewish problem

Linz, you're low on that list.

And btw

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Here's a piece of Islamomarxist feminazi filth being arrested on Ugly Wimmin's Day. To think I have pseudonymous Nazis posting right here that Israel is a bigger threat than Islam is ... well ... unthinkable:

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