Trump's First Budget Separates Nobility from Filth

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2017-03-17 09:11

President Trump's proposed budget would render the military impregnable and various Filth-enabling programmes—such as endowments for crucifixes doused in urine, basket-weaving courses in Somalia, and sundry United Nations obscenities—impossible. Trump is a hero. Unsurprisingly, the most intense opposition thus far is coming from treasonists within, such as Songbird McCain. Oh, and no doubt Obleftivist Bwook will weigh in at the weekend on his goddawful wadio pwogwamme, wailing against the fact that this is not the budget John Galt would have pwesented. (Actually, it's damn close!) This will be another reminder why no self-respecting advocate of reason and freedom should donate a cent to ARISIS, part of The Filth.

Walls Don't Work

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This is the wall that India has made between so that India does not become invaded by Muslims by Pakistan -

Yaron supports open immigration of Muslims into India and every other country (and at times some times into Israel). YOu can't say that he isn't consistent.

While the world burns ...

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... Yawon wabbits on about wobots.

And tweets this:

Apple CEO Tim Cook says globalization is 'great for the world' in China speech...and he is right!

There you have it. A naked confession of naked evil. "Globalisation" that enriches totalitarian regimes and their enablers such as he? What an unutterable low-life Obleftivist. This is Objectivism now?! Hillary supporter Tim Cook is no better. Filth. Fags such as he help make me the world's only gay homophobe.

Nothing to Report

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Mostly about robots . . .

Anything to report?

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I didn't listen, of course: professionally, as a broadcaster myself I find him unlistenable, and with his Twump Dewangement Syndwome mowally intolewable.

I was just notified of an anti-Wilders tweet by him, endorsing an article by Flemming Rose saying Wilders is not a friend of free speech because he advocates banning the Koran in Holland. As I argued at Auckland Uni, in war you're entitled to withhold free speech from your enemy. We are at war with Islam. "We" of course does not include Yawon, who's one of Islam's fellow-travellers. Banning the Koran in such circumstances is no different from banning Mein Kampf whilst at war with Hitler's Germany. Wilders is a hero. Obleftivist Bwook is evil.

It's about to start . . .

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It's about to start . . .

EDIT: Brook is talking about robots (not himself).

Love it!

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Trump refused to shake Diabola Merkel's hand. Hahahahahaha!

Neil, are you tuning in to Yawon tomowwow? We need to keep up the campaign against Obleftivism.

I get all the news I need on the weather report

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Wasn't that a Simon and Garfunkel song?

Yawon said he gets his news from NPR, the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The first three are leftist and the last is neo-con.

Yawon's cuwwent affairs ....

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He still has the Clinton News Network. And that has been beyond outrageous in its bias of late. As Twump-Dewanged as Yawon.

Where is YB going to get his news from now on?

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President Trump is going to cut all federal funding for NPR!!!

I'm starting to think we just might get rising sea levels after all... with all these liberal tears flooding the country every passing day, the world even! Week after week, we just keep winning! Are we going to start begging the Donald to stop? Is it too much winning already?

Nah, of course not. This is great news, although I guess our favorite web radio host will no longer be able to enjoy his favorite leftist commentary in the future. Such a shame!

Even Pleases Trump Nemesis Glenn Beck

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"I am so pro-Trump right now."

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