Who is Carl Barney?

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Fri, 2017-03-24 03:50

Carl Barney has been on the board of directors of ARI since 1995 and is ARI’s largest donor. He also has a past – and a present. New on ARI Watch: Who is Carl Barney?

Barney among the chosen

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Along with Yaron Brook and John Allison, Carl Barney is scheduled to speak on May 24, 2017 in Tel Aviv (Israel) at the ceremony of the “Atlas Award,” an annual award sponsored by ARI Israel for the best Israeli start-up. The title of Barney’s talk will be: “Why I Support Israel.” AtlasAward.org (Accessed May 23, 2017. Brook isn’t listed as a speaker there but he is on ARI’s event calendar.)

Very surprising!

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I am surprised to have this news on Carl Barney association.


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Feel free to post the whole article here. This is scandalous, and ought to be the thing that brings these mercenary soulless evil bastards who've hijacked Objectivism down. It needs the widest possible exposure—and also, in this day of minimal attention spans, an Executive Summary.


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With the help of a former Scientologist we now have proof that the Co$ Barney and the ARI Barney are one and the same individual. I’ve added a lot of new material to the article and removed the word “alleged” in a few places.
Who is Carl Barney?
If you’re not inclined to plow through it again, just take a look at the photographic evidence at the end of the last footnote. (Later I might move it from there to the main text. I shoehorned in the new material to update the article quickly.)

Undermining the Character and Person

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All these secretive organizations and ruling boards, with all their incestuous relationships, seem like they have to be very corrupting personally.

Grant Search

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What I've discovered is that there is a computer system (behind a steep pay wall) that allows people to do this sort of search, trailing the money from one foundation to another. It's called foundationcenter.org.

The good news is that our local government in Fairfax County has a subscription and makes it available for citizens to use. I would just have to go into the government building, sit at their computer, and use the system. It might take a few days of doing this to really tug on all the strings, and currently I'm dealing with a bit of a medical crisis in my life that prevents me from doing so. But I may get some time in the summer this year to pull these strings.

The Fairfax County site is:

maybe your county has a similar service.


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Yaron Brook said Barney was the largest at OCON 2015 (see footnote 2 ).

I’m working on another article about ARI’s finances in general that will try to put numbers on the contributions of Allison and the Koch Brothers. Trouble is, I will only be able to put minimum numbers, not maximum, because the trail can be indirect: foundation A gives to foundation B ... which gives to ARI. The article on Barney has a small example: Goldman-Sachs gives to Barney’s Prometheus Foundation, which gives to ARI. There may be other “Prometheuses” I don’t know about.

John Allison

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Mark, thank you for posting this insightful analysis.

"... the largest donors are Carl Barney, John Allison, and the Koch brothers."

I am curious how you came to learn this as it is not clear from the citations.

I have met John Allison and read his book on the financial crisis. He strikes me as a really good guy. His success as CEO of BB&T using an adaptation of the Objectivist ethics as its corporate values left a lasting, positive impression on me. Our common North Carolina origins may bias my assessment of the man.

I have to wonder why he stays in the same boat as this Barney bloke.

Rearden naivete?

Sanction of the victim?


Eye-poppingly shocking ...

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... but not surprising. Cultism and absence of integrity. Can one imagine a more perfect Scientologist than Binswanger?!

We've tried to fathom Brook's evil. My suggestion was, "Follow the money," without knowing the game-changing information you've unearthed here. This should be the end for ARISIS. Are there decent people within who could stage a coup?


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Though none of this surprises ... it still shocks.

It sure surprised me.

Dear Galt!

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Though none of this surprises, especially the Scientology connection, it still shocks. I urge everyone to read the article. It explains a lot that we've had occasion to speculate about right here recently.

Might one assume Mr. Barney has Trump Derangement Syndrome?

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