Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs the Muslimas Downunder

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Submitted by Olivia on Sun, 2017-03-26 08:06

By Olivia Pierson

The beautiful Somali born ex Muslim, ex right-wing-Dutch-politician-come-American, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is coming to speak to Australians and New Zealanders.

Being a much ruder culture than we Kiwis, Ozzies have already started to protest Hirsi Ali’s arrival using Australian Muslim women academics, business owners (and of course Diversity Peddlers) as spokeswomen. They even have a little on-line petition. You can read it here.

The message of this petition is laughable. Its dishonesty and hypocrisy are so palpably “on the page” I almost cringed on their behalf. The powerful Hirsi Ali is just so intellectually superior to these women that I don’t think she has anything much to worry about – except for the usual death threats, but then, as an ex Muslim female with a very persuasive voice, she’s used to those.

The group claim that their disappointment in having Hirsi Ali come to speak in Australia is “reflective of the huge diversity of opinion amongst Australian Muslim women. Although we are not a homogenous group, we are united in our condemnation of Hirsi-Ali's discourse which is grounded in hate-mongering and bigotry.”

The petition has 348 signatories so far - in a country of 23 million people where about half a million identify as Muslim, they can’t even rustle up 0.1% from their “huge diversity of opinion amongst Australian Muslim women.” Not that I'm complaining.

Really Lovees, just go home and be quiet. Hirsi Ali is coming and she is going to blow your backward religion verbally to kingdom-not-coming-for-you. The most enjoyable part is that she will do this as she always does, eloquently, prettily, cleverly, without ever raising her beautiful, sonorous voice. She will crisply slice your 7th Century superstition to pieces – just as her Muslim family members once held her down and sliced off her genitals with scissors and no anaesthetic.

Like all Muslim-flavoured protestors, this group are supremely anti the great Western value of free-speech - unheard of in their own (or their parents') countries of origin. This value is the only reason that these autocratic little Jezebels are allowed to speak. The petition states:

“Hirsi-Ali’s sheer presence in Australia undermines both intra and inter-community efforts toward social cohesion and in providing platforms for Muslim women to champion their own causes.”

Take a note of that (within all the intra, inter, social cohesion, platform weasel wordery) - they view Hirsi Ali's “sheer presence in Australia” as a threat. Never mind that we have to breathe the very same planetary air as the likes of these sneaky vixens, who want the benefits of our cultural gifts, like capitalism & freedom, yet seek to culturally destroy our values as they set about thriving off them. Not on my watch – nor Hirsi Ali’s obviously. And why do Muslim women need to champion their own causes in Western lands – the lands of freedom and tolerance? In this multicultural day and age, who stops them from doing anything they want to do? Nobody. Only their co-religionists would aggress them enough to warrant this nonsense about “championing their own causes.” They are pointing their irrelevant fingers at fake oppressors. It is either a twisted psychological projection inflicted via Stockholm Syndrome, or it’s a blatant deception. Either way, they are not telling the truth.

Whenever Muslim activists start this kind of chatter the term 'Islamophobia' will always be bandied about. Frankly, an overwhelming proportion of Muslims are Infidelphobes and it's about time they are called on it. Hirsi Ali is a very high-profile victim of their Infidelphobia. The undersigned women of the petition have put their names to sloppy sentiments like this:

“Hirsi-Ali stated recently, "Violence is inherent in Islam – it’s a destructive, nihilistic cult of death. It legitimates murder." This is just one example of the vitriol frequently espoused by this individual. Against a backdrop of increasing global Islamophobia, Hirsi-Ali's divisive rhetoric simply serves to increase hostility and hatred towards Muslims.”

How many news items recently have you seen or read where Westerners are slaying Muslims as they innocently go about their daily business? About two in ten years – one in Norway, one in Canada.

How many news items recently have you seen or read where Muslims are slaying Westerners as they innocently go about their daily business? What’s that? .. you’ve lost count? Exactly. Hapless harpies such as these women are trying to flip the facts because they know Hirsi Ali is right. They do lend their heartfelt endorsement to a violent, nihilistic, destructive, murderous cult of death and slavery.

For those who like to buy the ludicrous idea that these evils have nothing to do with Islam, read the Koran and Hadiths (the biographies about Mohammad founding their religion), then read the history of the Ottomon Empire and the fall of Constantinople. Better yet, read the conquest of Hindu/Buddhist India by Islam - 400 years of genocide, rape and slavery - exactly what we have seen been dished out by ISIS & Al Qaeda. This is not the religion being hijacked by a few bad eggs, it is the religion itself as set forth by its prophet Mo. Behold what a brutal 7th Century religion looks like in the 21st Century when it has failed to undergo a Reformation encouraged by a Renaissance.

Islamic violence and terror in Western Democracies has grown meteorically in the last 20 years precisely because Islamophobia is not in play. Political correctness has demanded that everybody fawn over this Iron Age theocracy pretending it’s “the religion of peace” – oh God! How’s that for trying to pull a fast one?! There’s more deceit going on here than a Hillary Clinton charity event – one asks how do these people get away with such boldface perfidy?

These mendacious women end their petitioning words with “Australia deserves better than this.”
Au contraire! Australia and New Zealand are damn lucky to be hosting a speaker as poignant on the world stage as Ayaan Hirsi Ali happens to be. She has fought tirelessly and bravely for years to expose the creeping evils which Islamic culture is importing into the West, via the multiculturalist zealots. For all the years since the murder of her friend and colleague, who was stabbed to death in a Dutch street, film maker Theo Van Gogh, she has lived under a fatwa - violent fundamentalists count it a duty to Allah to murder her, resulting in a full time security detail. Why don’t the westernised Muslima shriekers ever address this fact if their religion is so unimpeachably peaceful?

To hear Ayaan Hirsi Ali speak, go here.

Protect Free Speech at All Costs

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This kind of outrage and triumph of evil happens all the time on American universities for people like flamboyant conservatives, anti-Muslims, and the occasional Objectivist. But in politics virtually nothing is more important than protecting free speech. All these schools and institutions need to radically beef up security and protect the opinion-expressers no matter what. Indeed, the powers-that-be need to bid defiance to the censorship-
folks and publicly condemn them utterly while vowing to fine and jail them immensely. Even if the gov't needs to hire ten or a hundred times the normal contingent of police, it's worth it. Then it stops the loathsome fascist intimidators from winning, and it prevents the freedom of the under-attack society from essentially being crushed.

"Islamofilth wins by intimidation".

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And if they win - that's exactly how they will do it.

This is the real concern that the public need to wake up to.

As I see it, it only takes a small amount of toxic bacteria to kill a body if it first knocks out the immune system...meaning, intimidates those in power, and shuts down free speech.

This is serious! Sad

Cowardice Rules

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Clearly the organisers/insurers buckled at the mere hint of trouble. Appeasing, lily-livered cowardice is everywhere. The Filth are victorious at every turn.

The Religion of Peace

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will like this victory.


Quote: Last month Think Inc said it had been harassed about her appearance.

Its insurers were contacted and warned there could be trouble, and venues where she was scheduled to speak had been contacted and warned that there would be protests where she was due to appear.

Much of this was done by an individual called Syed Murtaza Hussain of the Council for the Prevention of Islamophobia Inc.

He informed Festival Hall in Melbourne there would be 5000 protesters outside the venue if the engagement went ahead. There have been other initiatives, including an abortive appeal on Change.org to prevent Ali from speaking.

Yet, the silly Change.org petition which I linked to in my post only has 391 signatories!

Victory for Filth

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I gather Ayaan has cancelled because of security concerns. Islamofilth wins by intimidation.

Death to Islam!

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