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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Tue, 2017-03-28 23:58

I think it would be nice if there was a place here for high-quality videos, such as films, t'v' shows, and video shorts. Watching well-made videos is one of the great pleasures of life. Perhaps the Solo Passion community can post the links here, along with a very brief introduction, which contains no plot-spoilers. Smiling


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This is as much an indictment on the nature of these women as it is of Harvey himself. Too many women will fall over themselves, and their scruples, for the kind of status he offered them - victims my ass!

A case of slut meets slob. Slob has the casting couch, slut puts it out. Female Peter Keatings. Now we're awash in victims, all of whom have done extraordinarily well from spreading their legs (much better than if they'd had to rely on their talent). So much virtue-signalling going on by empty-headed fry-quackers who have no virtue at all. Still, it's delightful to see Hillary and her ilk being exposed in their full, sickening hypocrisy. The Filth writ large. Obleftivists, take note!

On the Weinstein Scandal...

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I'm sure he is a dirty old pig of the highest order - exactly the kind of man feminists should HATE - yet here they all have been kissing his ass (and penis) for decades. Thing is, the media, even Fox News, are trying to turn this into a story of women being victimised, yet these women turned a blind eye because he offered them fame, Oscars and sex-idol status. This is as much an indictment on the nature of these women as it is of Harvey himself. Too many women will fall over themselves, and their scruples, for the kind of status he offered them - victims my ass!

Man's yearning for Romanticism ...

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... and Hollywood's betrayal of it:


Millions of cinema lovers are hungry for stories and characters that inspire them; ones which kept theatre audiences in tears, laughter and even inspired.

There are very few films that represent hope or a better life like: Mrs. Miniver, “Gone With the Wind,” “Singing in the Rain,” “American in Paris,” “Red Shoes,” “Ziegfield Follies,” “The Corn is Green,” “Dancing in the Dark,” “Imitation of Life,” “Pinky,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “The Al Jolson Story,” “The French Line,” “A Star is Born,” “Jezebel,” “All About Eve,” “Summer Stock,” “Quo Vadis,” and so many of the musicals which allowed you to believe that you, too, could reach the heights of the main star who attained his or her goals as an actor, musician, teacher or even a science of significance.

Judy Garland, Kate Hepburn, Mario Lanza, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Gene Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, Red Skelton, Groucho Marx, George Burns and Gracie, Vincent Minnelli, Alfred Hitchcock, Cecil B. DeMille, Richard Zanuck Jr, Joe Pasternak, to name a few, all made a difference in how we felt and thought about ourselves and the hopes and dreams of a world recovering from one war or another or some survival challenge which needed the support and input from all of us.


Is it not bizarre ...

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... that we can find passion for one's values among the likes of Eric Liddell and Desmond Doss but not among Objectivists of either the Randroid or Brandroid variety? In modern parlance, I expect both categories are for ever trying to "virtue-signal." In original Randian terms, they're all "social metaphysicians." Obleftivists, one and all. Ironic how avowed mystics are far better Randians, much more authentic heroes, than any OrgOist I can think of.


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then I bet you'll love it. It's so great when a film hits you on many different levels. Chariots of Fire is one like that for me. Even though the guy's stance of not running on the Sabbath is dippy, his staunch commitment to his principles carries the film soooooo beautifully and works out for him because he wins respect from everyone around him. He is true to himself, and the world his true to him because of it. Of course, it doesn't always work out that way. Smiling

Edit: had a huge effect on me when I was twelve because I was an athlete and my Dad was an elder in a Calvinist church which observed the Sabbatarian tradition. All the medals and ribbons I won were won on Saturdays, not Sundays.


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He was a soldier. ("A person who serves in an army.") He wasn't a combatant. I was a medic and a combatant. (I came back from Vietnam 50 years ago this month. SF Aidmen are recognized as combatants by the Geneva Convention.)

As for the movie--I want to see it. (My paternal grandfather was an elder in the Seventh Day Adventist Church.)


Hacksaw Ridge...

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is a brilliant piece of film making. Desmond Doss was a real live hero - even as a pacifist.
I seem to remember that Walt Whitman took a similar stance in the American Civil War - refused to take life so worked as a medic in the trenches... no doubt soothing the wounded with his beautiful poetry. He wrote a lot about that period in his life in Leaves of Grass.

'Hacksaw Ridge'

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They just showed this 2016 Mel Gibson film on NZ's Premiere Channel. Utterly absorbing hard-to-believe true story of a man's uncompromising commitment to and pursuit of his values (Seventh Day Adventist pacifist who refuses to be a soldier [edit: combatant—thanks Brant!] in WW2 but wants to serve as a medic).


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This series on Albert Einstein has had me spellbound for the last several weeks:


I especially have enjoyed the release from "naturalistic" anti-values where characters talk over each other as they might in real life; utter inconsequential things; etc. This could have been made in the '50s. And that's a compliment!

A chronicle of one brilliant man's truthfulness to himself. Every second riveting.

'Last Resort'

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Intelligently-conceived American t'v' show and nuclear submarine thriller from 2012. 13 44-minute shows. One season only. I watched the first ten episodes a long time ago and thought it was outstanding.

Free of charge. Philosophically-challenging. Starts fast and great.


Modern Problem

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Thanks for posting this, Luke! Smiling I thought the movie Creator was funny but uplifting.

My basic idea on this thread is I hope people will be selective and well-disciplined, and only post relatively obscure or little-known video fiction which other Objectivists or Romantic Realists probably missed. About 6 months ago I heard the Objectivist Penn Jillette (from the rebel magician team of Penn and Teller) state that he thought one of the greatest issues and problems of our time was the vast excess of media and information we all now had access to, mostly due to the internet. Thus the great question is: Where and how do we find the highest quality news, information, education, and entertainment? I agree with Penn that we all have limited time and thus this is a huge problem to solve.

Creator, 1985

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Simple and full of soul, this delightful little film was written by the author of the novel of the same name. Peter O'Toole's character of integrated body and soul contrasts perfectly against the soulless materialism of the character played by David Ogden Stiers. The parallelism between the past love story of O'Toole's character and the current one of Vincent Spano's character brings tears of tragedy and joy to the viewer. Sylvester Levay's haunting, minimalist, romantic score will stay with the audience long after the film has ended.

Dr. Harry Wolper is an eccentric scientist who cannot forget the wife he lost to childbirth 30 years ago. To assuage his heartache, he decides to clone his dead wife. Little does Wolper realize, however, that true love may be staring him in the face in the form of his lab assistant, Meli.

The Philadelphia Experiment, 1984

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An intelligent, evocative, time-travel yarn which is freely available on YouTube.

Last Night, 1999

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Doomsday scenario. Canadian film from 1999. A little-known, low-key, ensemble-based masterpiece.

We already have ...

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... The Movie Thread, but it hasn't been used since 2013! Kyrel, I'll blue-sticky your post and it can be the go-to thread for videos, movies etc., in future. Best "new" DVD I watched recently was The Imitation Game.

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