The Current US Government is Evil

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Andrew Atkin repeated a sentiment common in Objectivist circles. He said the following:

Maybe I should have said "We know better" not "We know best".

Yes our current civilisation has gone weird (and wrong) in many ways. But we don't throw homosexuals off roofs for being born with an unusual sexual appetite. Or bring the family along to watch a public stoning, acid bath or limb removal etc, so everyone can get even more f----d up.

He wrote this to argue for some type of American internationalist efforts not too dissimilar from what the Neo-Conservatives advocate. Like NeoCons and most mainstream Conservatives and, I should add, all Objectivists, this argument assumes that current America is a force of good in the world.

But is it?

Here is an awesome breakdown of what our government's policy is regarding women and non-whites. It shows how our government is militantly anti-man and anti-white. It was featured at an alt-right site but it is the best compiled list I've seen of the perversity our country (and the West).

Look at what America’s white supremacist ideology has garnered for women’s entitlement:

1. Affirmative Action for women
2. Generous 8A government set-aside business contracts for female owned businesses
3. No required military service or selective service for women
4. Government anti-discrimination laws for women
5. Title VII and Title IX laws for women
6. Rape shield laws protect female liars in court
7. Generous government benefits for single mothers
8. Men get screwed in child custody cases
9. Taxpayer financed Abortion on demand
10. Government sponsored homeless and rehab shelters for women
11. All health insurance policies require universal coverage for female-specific problems
12. Ridiculous feminine political correctness studies and speech codes in public colleges and universities and government offices
13. National Women’s history month
14. Sexual harassment laws for women
15. Special Violence against Women Laws
16. Most cushy government jobs employ women
17. Equal Pay Act of 1963 for women
18. Lowered physical standards by law for female policemen and firemen and soldier
19. Female-only institutions allowed by law, male-only institutions outlawed
20. Battered woman defense allowed in first degree murder court cases
21. Hate speech laws protecting women and other federal protected class groups
22. Women are a majority of voters in a totalitarian democracy
23. Men pay 96% of all alimony, women pay 4%
24. Paycheck Fairness Act
25. Paid family and maternity leave for women
26. Single Payer Health Insurance for Women and Children
27. Living Wage for women, increased federal minimum wage
28. Enhanced Social Security benefits for women with children
29. Federal Health Insurance for illegal alien women
30. Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood
31. Mandatory health insurance plan coverage for women’s issues, including affordable contraception, preventive care, child care, and safe and legal abortion
32. Foreign wars and intrigues to promote female entitlements across the globe
33. Special federal and state monitoring and enforcement of laws prohibiting violence against women

Don’t forget about Afro-Black entitlements, again courtesy of American white supremacy:

1. Government enforced Affirmative Action for Afro-blacks
2. Government 8A set-aside contracts for Afro-black owned businesses
3. Deliberate broadcast media and government misrepresentation of violent felony Afro-black crime wave
4. Frequent mass Afro-black rioting, assaulting, looting and arson without prosecution or suppression
5. Afro-Black terrorists organizations operate freely in public (Black Panthers, NBPP, BLM, BLA, Crips, Nation of Islam)
6. Servile government support for historically black colleges and afro-black scholarship programs
7. Unprosecuted afro-black Panther intimidation of voters at polls
8. Politically partisan Afro-black churches and associations granted tax exempt status
9. Most Afro-black children’s welfare financed by taxpayers
10.Government anti-discrimination laws for Afro-blacks
11.Hate speech law prosecutions in favor of Afro-blacks, and other protected classes
12.Preferential immigration, asylum, and citizenship for Afro-blacks
13. Disproportionate number of Afro-blacks in cushy federal government employment
14. Afro-black voters not required to display photo ID
15. Unrealistic portrayal of Afro-blacks in movies and TV
16. Afro-black civil right organizations financed and led by filthy rich protected class people
17. Election of the most unbelievably stupid members of the US congress
18. Afro-black dominated city’s bailout by county, state and federal taxpayer
19. Afro-black history month
20. Ridiculous Afro-black studies in public schools and colleges
21. Astronomical Afro-black STD and HIV rates are not a controlled public health hazard
22. Banks forced to give loans to Afro-blacks with bad credit
23. White supremacists blamed for Afro-black false flag hate crimes
24. At least 70% of afro-black children are bastards
25. Afro-black Caucus in the US congress
26. Sanctuary cities for Afro-blacks, and other protected classes
27. Afro-black diversity scheme imposed on white majority nations
28. Afro-black athlete and rapper thugs glorified by mass media
29. Afro-black on white people crime rate is lopsided and extreme
30. President of the US promotes undue entitlements for Afro-blacks and other diversity people
31. Afro-black only organizations allowed by law, white-only organizations outlawed
32. BLM terrorist demand and receive reduced policing in black majority areas
33. Feds assist Afro-blacks to extort money and concessions from local city tax payers
34. White Privilege crap taught in public schools and universities.
35. Afro-black wilding assaults, flash mob robberies, mall riots, and knockout game is rampant and unprosecuted.
36. Black scholarships allowed in public colleges, white scholarships are illegal.
37. Feds give tax money to immigrant negroes to bribe them not to join ISIS.
38. Lowered academic standards for afro-blacks and other diversity people in public service jobs
39. Federal government coerces private businesses to implement diversity policies, or else suffer federal prosecution, denial of tax breaks and business licenses, and denial of federal contracts.
40. Criminal blacks conspire to assassinate police, no hate crime charges and no domestic terrorism label
41. Obama signs EO forcing public schools to stop disciplining black thugs in school
42. Blacks commit hoax hate crimes, and never are prosecuted for doing it.
43. Blacks receive government sponsored grants to attend college, white Christian people get primarily loans.

A government capable of this is not a force of good. America is currently an evil society. And by Objectivist terms it is openly racist and sexist... Against men and whites. But my main point is that all of the "ra ra America" crowd have a delusional view of America. Are we really better than Russia or China? I say no. I say we are worse. We have no business being the "world's policeman". In fact, I'm hoping that America falls and sometime soon (peacefully if possible but that's doubtful). It is a Leftist dominated culture far worse than what Rand portrayed in 'AS' (she didn't see the racial and gender egalitarianism of the post 1960s Left).

The original blog post is here:

Fair call Doing, but

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Fair call Doug, but political feminism is still not on the level of public executions - not yet, anyway.

Though, I remember Hillary Clinton screeching out..."If a woman says she's been raped, she has the right to be believed!" (or close enough).

That seems to be code for..."Any time you want to destroy a man's life, just claim that your one night stand was rape and the courts will believe you, and respond accordingly, without evidence". Now stuff like that, I can admit, is moving in the direction of Islam-level insanity.

Anyway, I think so much of this (successful) feminist policy drive comes from capitalizing on cowardice...

Feminists make nasty accusations about people, playing the game of name-calling, and men don't want to oppose them for no other reason than they're afraid of having the name-calling turned towards them. Because even if the accusations are nonsense, they can still be damaged by turning themselves into unwilling objects of public suspicion. Note the video on Islamophobia I did a couple of days ago as an example: Many (most?) people would never do a video like that, even if they totally agreed with me, because they just don't want any "bigot" suspicion pointed in their direction - even if the suspicion is nonsense.

And hence, we inherit twisted feminism because we're not prepared to take the (personal) risk of opposing it. And it grows like a creepy cancer.

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