Why we deserve to be terrorised

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Submitted by Andrew Atkin on Sun, 2017-04-30 07:20

This will probably give some of you a heart attack....but I'll throw it in anyway Smiling

Well it seems a perverse title until you realise that the borders we hold between ourselves, as nations, are nothing more than geopolitical abstractions. And that we are, ultimately, one people - one world.

So with this perspective we can ask. Who of us are the terrorists? And why are terrorists the way that they are?

All of us would be terrorists if we had the same background as the terrorists of today. At base they are us - we are them. The same flesh and blood beings.

Terrorists are a natural product of an environment that we, the people of the world, have both tolerated and even created.

Terrorists are simply people who are reminding us of our neglect. They are the children of this world who we complacently accepted being war-devastated, physically and sexually abused, severely neglected, and subject to odious religious and hate indoctrination.

We stood back and did nothing. Nothing like what we should have done. We did not care. We found it too easy to say "their country - their problem" while children of this world were being born into an inescapable hell.

We in the West who are comparatively rich and strong, by the shear luck of a privileged inheritance, chose to remain indifferent to those others around us who didn't win our luck. And now those others are here, coming at us in rage, reminding us of the fact that they do exist and that they are indeed a part of us on this planet - as ultimately one humanity.

So you don't like the bombings? The trucks driving into pedestrians? The dedication to jihad? Your politicians being intimidated?

I'm sorry for your grief, but this is your creation. It was you who stood back with apathy, letting your politicians do as they would, on faith and cheap soundbites. It was you who, again, never seriously cared about the hell that countless others were born into, as though there is some kind of difference in the intrinsic human value of your neighbour in the West ahead of your neighbours in the East.

It's a kind of karma and again a karma we need, as these monsters we call terrorists are ultimately just the children that we never cared about. Well they are teaching us to care now. The hard way.


To conclude, what I hope is that the Jihad show of today makes us think about what we are doing as one world. To no longer turn our backs on the less fortunate is to go to war against global deprivation, in all its forms. The far reaching costs will be trivia compared to the savings in defensive systems, and the massive gains in economic development and human wellbeing alround that the absence of war and chronic hardship creates.

Basic humans rights, for the children of the world especially, should be the absolute priority and number one investment of our time - for all of us. Remember, our borders are ultimately just geopolitical abstractions. That Iranian kid is just as real as your own. So would it not be an honourable as well as wise thing to do?


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Ultimately the outlook is subjective, except that national borders are indeed geopolitical abstractions.

At what point do we choose to consider outsiders, outsiders, that don't matter? How physically or biologically distant do they need to be? That is a point we can only choose depending on what we subjectively value. There is no line that can be specifically drawn, philosophically. A guy just in another suburb 500m away can be nothing more than some irrelevant alien to you, if that's the line you want to draw.

I believe our field of identification should ultimately be global - but that's me. And it's a great way to once and for all, may be, eliminate the barbarians at our gate insofar as we operate intelligently.

And I will say also, that those who do take a globalist outlook (identification) have every right and reason to do so, as much as any other span of identification. "Home" is what you make it.

-Globalisation can be a good thing, all depending on what you're doing and the way you're doing it. What I see from Leftists is an underhanded version of it (as it appears) which is corrupt. And I certainly believe in nation states - caring about your neighbour doesn't mean letting them gatecrash your house.

Church of Humanity

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Well it seems a perverse title until you realize that the borders we hold between ourselves, as nations, are nothing more than geopolitical abstractions. And that we are, ultimately, one people - one world

This worldview is not philosophy or science. Its religion. In fact, it is the religion that is at the core of the Leftist destruction of the West. Most Objectivists don't accept this religion in the form Andrew stated it. But by championing 3rd world immigration they are if fact advancing it.

Western Nations Have It Coming

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We deserve to be terrorized because we facilitate, appease, and submit to tribalist, communist, and Moslem evil and tyranny so much. The citizens of those suffering countries are essentially striking back at us the only way they know how. So we in the West pretty much can't blame them. Our self-hating, self-destroying, other-destroying, irrational, illiberal philosophy is mostly to blame.

America has been kissing the asses of the Saudi dictators since forever. And now Trump is kissing the asses of the Chinese dictators. This constitutes an attack upon the quasi-innocent Saudi and Chinese people. America deserves to suffer for this dreadful evil.

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