Communist Commission Thwarting Fellow-Fascists—Why Bother?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2017-05-03 00:44

New Zealand's status as a PLAB (Pathetic Little Authoritarian Backwater) has just been underscored by the Commerce Commission's rejection of a merger between NZME and Fairfax Media. Not just the decision, but the very existence of such a thing as the Communist Commission, the filthiness of the parties seeking to merge, and the bankruptcy of the purported opposition to the ruling—all these establish our potentially great country as Prime PLAB.

Commissar Mark Berry, justifying the decision, said:

We accept there is a real chance the merger could extend the lifespan of some newspapers and lead to significant cost savings anywhere between $40 million to around $200 million over five years. However these benefits do not, in our view, outweigh the detriments we consider would occur if it was to proceed. This merger would concentrate media ownership and influence to an unprecedented extent for a well-established modern liberal democracy.

Poppycock and piffle, Comrade Berry! The unstated spectre here is that of a monopoly. A monopoly is impossible in a genuine free market where all fields are open to all comers. A monopoly is inevitable when government forbids new entrants to the field in question. However "concentrated" media ownership might be in certain hands at any given time is irrelevant, and none of Bolshevik Berry's business, as long as that field is left open, unrestricted by politicians and bureaucrats. The very reason NZME and Fairfax are seeking this merger—unimpeded competition from uncredentialled upstarts all over the Internet—reinforces this reality. (The Communist Commission's refusal to allow it actually bespeaks fascism rather than Bolshevism, since fascism allows the facade of private ownership to remain while real control is vested in politicians and bureaucrats—components of The Filth of whom I wrote recently).

The decision does represent poetic justice, however, in that there are no louder advocates for fascism/communism than NZME (New Zealand Marxist Enterprises) and Unfairfax. These two organisations uniformly tout opinion as reportage, and that opinion is uniformly Islamo-Femi-Marxist, a comprehensively vile (if superficially inconsistent) amalgam of Islamofascism, Feminazism and other forms of Political Correctness, and left-wing totalitarianism. No deviation is permitted—people like me are black-listed. Fairfax and NZME have, within their purview, killed journalism in the name of advocacy—and what they advocate for is Filth. If indeed Fairfax and NZME, banned from combining their indistinguishable brands, are now going to "painfully wither," as commentator Bill Ralston predicts, decent human beings may rightly cheer (especially since, be it noted, Islamo-Femi-Marxists in Britain are now seeking a ban on applause as being offensive to deaf people). Let us hope others at the forefront of Islamo-Femi-Marxism, such as taxpayer-funded Radio New Zealand, will likewise painfully wither.

ACT leader David Seymour, the only politician of whom one might expect at least a semi-principled stand on the matter, has pointed none of this out, but instead argued meekly and merely that since the merger would not create a monopoly it should be allowed. Presumably, if it would, it shouldn't?

Here's what should happen:

1) The Communist Commission should be abolished.

2) If sundry Islamo-Femi-Marxists wish to merge with each other, they should be allowed to. They certainly deserve each other.

3) Bureaucrats such as Susan Devoy, itching to muzzle free speech, should have their positions disestablished, and their bureaucracies along with them. The Human Wrongs Commissariat in particular should be abolished forthwith and its underpinning legislation repealed.

4) Taxpayer funding of any media outlet should cease forthwith. There should be a true free market in the media.

5) Tertiary institutions, especially Schools of Anti-Journalism, should be closed until purged of faculty who use their taxpayer-funded positions to indoctrinate their students in Islamo-Femi-Marxism (they can always write for Fairfax and NZME, though the pay probably won't be as good).

Were these measures to be implemented, New Zealand could break free from its Prime PLAB status and become great.

Lindsay Perigo is a former TV anchorman