Who are the real Adolf Hitlers of New Zealand politics?

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Submitted by Andrew Atkin on Thu, 2017-05-04 06:01

I was just watching a long (and interesting) interview with Brigitte Gabriel on the Islamic infiltration threat in America.

Link here: https://youtu.be/ku7eU6M21Ho

Respecting that Brigitte tasted hell on earth in Lebanon, her personality seemed strange to me. She was so obviously joyful, spirited, and friendly. Not a hateful type at all. Yet - she went through hell in childhood, which would normally ruin those things.

But then the contradiction exposed itself. She explained that the first 10 years of her life--before Lebanon went to hell in civil war--was wonderful. Her most critical formative years were great, and presumably she had great parents who truly loved her.

The result, I would say, was the formation of the best type of activist. The type that knows what life is all about, because she had enough of the good stuff and at the most critical time of her life. But she also came to know the bad stuff - first hand. Enough to have a profound impact on her, but so importantly not enough to actually break her.

So here we see a woman who is not controlled by her darkness, loves life the way it should be loved, and in turn knows what to fight for. Yet she still knows how bad things can become, and in turn knows how important it is to be so careful and not naive.

Now let me show you another kind of political passionate.

Caligula, the Roman emperor, was one of the most disturbed rulers known to history. He grew up on battlefields watching people getting butchered by the thousand, and heaven knows what other abuses. He grew up in the darkness and only knew the darkness. Morbidity and perversion were real life to him because that's the only kind of life he could know. He brought his emotionally-forged ideal back to Rome, and put on an unforgettable show in the process.

The other worn-out example is Mr Hitler. Unlike Brigitte he too only knew darkness. He had a chronically abusive childhood, and then almost got killed everyday in WW1 to add salt to his mental wound.

So from here we can get an idea of who the Adolf Hitlers are. They're the tragic souls who missed out on life too much too young. They love nothing but maybe the escape to an emotionally-eccentric world, because they never had anything real and were in turn forced to shut-down emotionally.

You won't know who these people are by their ideologies. Presented ideology is somewhat cosmetic in itself, and the same words can mean different things to all different people. The emperor Nero could preach elegant words, as a poet and a dreamer, yet he nonetheless watched Rome burn with little more than a shoulder shrug. As to do as such was part of his inherited darkness.

So to be more specific, who are the real Adolf Hitlers of New Zealand politics?

I won't hold back. Though any politician should be scrutinised, especially the extremists, I would say look out for the people who make up the 'social justice warrior' type, and I would have to say that that largely means the Green party. The Green party seems to have a high concentration of abuse victims and they even admit it - carrying their history like a trophy of victimhood, indirectly suggesting that it makes them more compassionate and understanding. But again, it doesn't quite work that way when the deprivations go too far. We then end up with people who become cold and emotionally confused.

Social justice warriors, by and large, are living in the darkness like Adolf Hitler. They preach compassion and social justice, but when they get out as activists what do we see? Misery. Fuck you capitalism. Fuck you western civilisation. Fuck you white people. Fuck you men. And if you respectfully challenge any of their basic ideas, the common response tends to be...fuck off.

I do not speak for all Greenies of course, nor the half-hearted social justice warriors that are really just along for the ride. Many of these types are innocent and only want the best, and those people have my apology if they're reading this. But the Green party has, and always has had, a dark component that worries me. It superficially advocates for the things that all people value, but that is just politics. It's not what I see in too many of their hearts or their actions.

So I'm going to say it. Beware the Greens and look past the rhetoric in determining them, because the Greens are the party, more than any other I believe, that could host New Zealand's first Adolf Hitler if we ever do.

I'm certainly not the first person to say this, by the way. For example the experienced politician, Peter Dunne, who has had first-hand experience with the Greens in parliament, has warned us before that these people are not as innocent as they appear. You might want to keep that in mind.