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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Fri, 2017-05-05 23:50

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The Objectivist Gravy Train

Money For Nothing And Not Even Your Chicks For Free

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Doug is right.

10 million bucks for the ARI and not even (to the best of my knowledge) a single full length course.

Compare this to the Mises collection of (free) video/audio and published works of the incomprable David Gordon:

ARI vs Mises

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The ARI is getting 10 mil per year vs 3 mil for Mises? What the hell does ARI actually contribute to the liberty movement? I don't see that they do ANYTHING valuable at all. The Mises Institute publishes *all* the works of Mises and Rothbard for free. They give away extremely valuable courses on politics, philosophy and economics for *free*. If you follow the Mises blog and watch their *free* videos you will be well informed about the Austrian view of economics, the Revisionist view of American History, and the sorry history of American foreign policy. To use Tom Wood's expression, if you follow the Mises U website and YouTube channel you will become a "better educated libertarian". What will you become if you follow the ARI?

Mark Hunter has shown us what you become: a Neocon, a cultural leftist and a Zionist.

The ARI is garbage. I wouldn't give them spit.


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But if Heritage, Cato, Mises, etc. all spend less than the ARI on salaries that's a good indication that the ARI is rather heavy on salaries.

And here is the Mises Institute.


The CEO makes 183K and the Director 191K.


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Southwestern Law School is Amy Peikoff and Rutgers, Greg Salmieri.

Salmieri has produced some valuable stuff, but I don't see what Anthem thinks they are getting from Amy. Her publication list is pretty slim.

I imagine the money includes their salaries and some overhead to the school.


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The trouble with comparing ARI with another charity is: what about the other charity? It too would have to be investigated. See Ed Powell’s first post in the Charity thread.

Anthem files it’s own Form 990 yet its address and president are the same as ARI’s. Yaron Brook’s compensation as shown on Anthem’s form is exactly the same as that shown on ARI’s form; obviously it covers both. The other key employees are different.

To answer your question, for FYE 9-30-2015 (the latest date available):

Southwestern Law School   114,500
Rutgers                              148,788
Univ. of CA San Diego             1,500
Duke University                    62,500
Grant to unnamed indiv.         6,648

That’s it.


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Great job. Any idea how the ARI's budget compares to similar organizations?

I don't see how Yaron traveling throughout the world to give speeches is a good use of money in the age of the internet.

Do you know about the funding of Anthem scholars at university? How much are they making and is it broken out in the returns?


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Thanks Mark, for taking the time and effort to go over ARI's tax returns. Half of ARI's budget going to salary is excessive, especially when compared to outlays for their alleged mission.

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