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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Thu, 2017-05-11 21:54

RedIce.TV is run by Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren. It has lots of great videos, for example this by Lana:
Liberals Utterly Fail to Comprehend AltRight Counterculture.

"Humans" ...

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... who "speak" like ducks should stay at home and never vocalise, particularly if, notwithstanding their sounding like morons, they're not. If they have something worthwhile to say but say it in the manner of a fry-quacking airhead, they'll discredit it. And they shouldn't force it to compete with headbanging, as if their quacking isn't unendurable enough on its own.

The best (worst) example of Generation Airhead I'm currently aware of is Fox and Friends First, where three quacking fake-blond bimbos perched precariously on flimsy stools thrust their bony uncovered knees at the camera and fry-quack, with endless upward inflections to boot. The sound of an actual chainsaw is less repellent. A perfect metaphor for the intellectual collapse of the West, surpassed only by the fact that multitudes can't tell/don't care that there's something hideously wrong here.

Not morons

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These girls are not morons. They're not libertarians but they are well read and explicitly against "generation airhead"; ie Leftist culture. They all have good podcasts and Red Ice offers excellent informational videos about alot of subjects. Lana, for example, took the mainstream right to town with the "Margret Sanger was the real racist" crap. She showed the reality that Sanger was no racist and she often worked with the black community at their request. If anything she was a proto-leftist that was ushering in white guilt for black dysfunction.

Condemning these women as "morons" is wrong on many levels. They are traditionalist and would disagree with the social liberalism of Objectivism but being alt-right they actually have arguments and history to draw from. I find them more interesting than Michelle Malkin or Sean Hannity.

Not vocal fry

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I don’t like the background “music” either but it’s very soft compared with the speaking. It’s easy to tune it out.

There is no vocal fry. Even if there were it wouldn’t be a deal breaker. A woman speaking in a hobbled manner is like her wearing high heels.

Anyone insinuating that Lana is a moron tells more about them than Lana.


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Three of them all at once:
The Reality For Right Wing Women
Left to right:
Tara McCarthy (behind Virtue of the West and Reality Calls Show)
Lana Lokteff (co-founder of the aforementioned Red Ice)
Brittany Pettibone (co-author of Hatred Day which I haven't read)

Dopey vocal fry ...

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... and mindless headbanging on soundtrack indicate she's as clueless as any other moronnial. Tuned out after a minute.

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