Yoooooooooooooooge Blow against The Filth!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2017-06-01 22:41

Eco-Fascists, Social Justice Warriors, fry-quacking upward-inflecting airhead moronnials, college professors, taxpayer-subsidised corporatists, Hollywood whores, Ugly Wimmin, Democrats, Muslims, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, the Dominion Post, Black Lives Matter, Führer Merkel, Soros, the Clintons, Obama ... they and all the rest of The Filth are beside themselves with hysteria over President Trump's decision, in keeping with his campaign promise, to take America out of the civilisation-ending Paris Accord, arguably the treasonist Obama's most diabolical accomplishment. Now watch as Obleftivist-Filth—$400,000-a-year nest-feathering scammers—prattle against "economic nationalism."

Congratulations, Mr President. Your finest hour to date! America First! MAGA!

Spaghetti Monster!!

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France deserves this pathetic bullshit artist.

A huge blow the morale of the Filth

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The agreement per sè as far as I understand was nothing more than a huge global meal of "virtue signaling", with a side dish of American tax-payer billions to redistribute.

But the yooooge blow to the morale of the Filth cannot be overstated! That pathetic little french weasel MACarRONi attacked Trump with a call to "Make our Planet Great Again"!
Absolutely HILLARYous!! Big smile Big smile

Donald is great

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Not perfect, and I've watched this a few times and it's life affirming. The hair-lighting the only distraction.

You were right Perigo. You backed the right horse. And the silence from the ARISIS fucks!

As well ...

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... Trump is taking the travel ban, opposed by ARISIS-Filth, to the Supreme Court. The pessimist in me says Gorsuch will be a turncoat. We'll see. In the meantime, expect Bwook-Filth to rail against the twavel ban as before. Just bwing in all those lovely Muslims!!

I just watched Trump's speech again. It is a miracle.

It is indeed...

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so rare one can hardly believe it, but there it is. When I think of how much I've listened to people bitch incessantly about the climate change hoax and all that stuff, a stand like Trump's ought to be one they can rally around, but no. As we've said before, if Jefferson were President again, they'd all hate him too. The Left that is, and ARISIS, as well as many Republicans.

And ...

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... isn't that bravery so beautiful to behold? So utterly, utterly rare in public life. A plague on ARISIS and all his would-be assassins and detractors!! Filth!!

His speech in the Rose Garden...

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was excellent! The fact that he is authentically on point with fighting Terrorism instead of continuing with "Climatism" is pure music to the ears. The whole world is apoplectic with rage at a President being sensible. Just shows you how ugly and deep all the Cultural Marxism is. God he's brave!

Trump code "COVFEFE" decoded:

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C - Commie
O - Obama
V - Valued
F - French
E - Environmentalists
F - Failing
E - Entrepreneurs

Heartland Institute

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Ed, it is nice to know that you are now with Heartland. I have been following their articles for last few years. On many subjects they have good ideas.

This is a great announcement

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This is a great announcement by Trump. The few Objectivist-intellectuals who have been shouting from the rooftops that Trump is "fascist," "pragmatist", "barbarian," "unprincipled", "creature," etc., now have egg all over their face. They must now explain to their readers how come the President whom they have derided as the greatest threat to society has taken so many rational political decisions!

Will these intellectuals apologize to their readers!

I think Trump's decision to pull out of the so-called Paris Accord is has taken a very courageous. The international environmentalist mafia (comprising of top political leaders, bankers, industrialists, tech-titans, Hollywood stars, journalists and publishers and religious leaders) is very powerful. Now it is basically a case of Trump and his supporters against the global power elite. Let's see which way the political fight goes.

I am, in any case, pleased that monstrous Paris Accord has been ditched. Only Trump could have done this, I always knew.


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Congratulations on your new position. I imagine it will be a better fit for you. At the same time, as you know, I believe the cultural battle is momentously important, so if that's TAS's new direction I wish them well too.

Trump at his best! And what of Ed?

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This was Trump at his best. He hit all the highpoints: This accord—not a treaty approved by the Senate but an Obama dictate—simply harms the American economy and American workers. It harms American competitiveness because the EU has crippled itself and wants us to do the same. It is an abrogation of American sovereignty. And the alleged global warming reduction from the agreement’s draconian measures is microscopic. Forget it!

Trump’s great line was “"I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris." Actually, he could help the citizens of Paris by urging the French government to abandon this agreement has well. My only disagreement was his offer to renegotiate a better deal. There’s nothing to renegotiate!

I spent several hours in a TV studio to offer commentary on the speech, up against a Greenie. Why? Because I’m now the new research director at the Heartland Institute! It’s an Illinois-based group but I’ll still be working in D.C. (The Atlas Society has moved in a different direction, trying to attract people by focusing more on what Ayn Rand would think about popular culture, not my personal strength.)

And why couldn’t someone else at Heartland do the show? Because Joe Bast, the group’s leader, and two other Heartlanders were in the Rose Garden for Trump’s announcement! Why? Because Heartland has led the charge for years against global warming insanity!

The climate alarmists won’t give up this easily. They will take the fight to the states and to other venues. I’m excited to work for such a fine group that will allow me to jump full force into the battle for the heart and soul of America and for freedom!

His Finest Moment Indeed

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You didn't hear that Twump is a pwagmatist with no pwinciples? The entire world (including Yawon's NPR) would have kissed his back side it he stayed in Pawis.

I guess putting America and her workers first makes him a pragmatist without principles.

If that makes us at solo pwagmists then make the most of it Yawon.

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