At Least 7 Dead In The Latest London Bombing (3rd In 3 Months)

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sun, 2017-06-04 00:23

Latest terror attack: Great news!

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The recent throat-slitting exercise is wonderful news. It was going to happen anyway (of course) so it's much better now than later. It's so close to the earlier blow-up show of little girls, and so ugly in its nature, that if this one doesn't wake up the UK for the need for some serious reform then they are mad and, in a sense, deserve what they get. Sticking out tongue

Bomb Them All

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Neil -- Justice demands that the tyrants of the world be attacked, if humanly possible. This includes the horrific dictators of Saudi Arabia and Iran. Do you really not understand, or oppose, this?


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I agree with all your 6 points and I wish Trump would attempt them. However, if he did, that would spark the Left to outright violent rebellion which would probably lead to the 2nd Civil War. I actually wouldn't mind that because that's where we are heading anyway and I so detest the Left and their allies (including most Objectivists and far too many libertarians).

Its been said by someone on the alt-right that if Donald Trump was the last American President that wouldn't be a bad thing. I have no problem with the dissolution of America as its totally unsustainable (and unlikeable). But I bet that would terrify Objectivists. "America" is some sort of mystical phenomenon because of its "individualist roots" and needs to be defended at all costs.


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Dear Yawrong and the rest of the clowns at ARI: When did the Polish Air Force bomb Iran and Saudi Arabia? I don't religiously read The New Times, and little else, like you. So, I missed that story.

This is a good point.  Yaron said that Poland doesn't have a problem with Islamic terror because "Muslims don't go there."  In other words, when there is large immigration of Muslims you get violence.  Brook will never admit that though.


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I'll never understand the idea that bombing Saudi Arabia and Iran will stop terrorism. I guess the claim is that it would demoralize Muslims in the west and they would see that Jihad is a "lost cause."

People have been fighting and dying for lost causes since the beginning of time. As Ed pointed out, the Indians probably realized that they couldn't defeat Europeans early on, but the last major battle of the American-Indian wars was in 1918.

Afghanistan is 99.9% Muslim; there were two terrorist attacks in the last week killing over 100 people. What is there in the Islamic psyche that tells Brook that these types of people would stop terrorist acts if Saudi Arabia and Iran were bombed. Really, I just don't get it.

When the government cannot protect you...

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it is time for citizens to arm themselves, legally or otherwise.

U.S. can set an example

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Neil refers to the latest migrant attack (which politicos call a “terrorist attack”).

Trump asks the British if there is anything he can do to help. He shouldn’t ask, he should set an example.
  1. End DACA.
  2. End Third World and non-white immigration, including and especially refugee immigration.
  3. End birthright citizenship.
  4. Deport illegals.
  5. Denaturalize legals convicted of a felony. After serving sentence go to 4.
  6. Work for a Constitutional amendment to denaturalize Third World legals that were made legal since 1965 then deport them too. Not politically viable these days but something to work towards.

Rationalists Can't Learn from Experience

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"We must bomb Iran in order to end the 1400 year jihad that was imported into England, Europe and America," some intellectually dishonest moron.

Dear Yawrong and the rest of the clowns at ARI: When did the Polish Air Force bomb Iran and Saudi Arabia? I don't religiously read The New Times, and little else, like you. So, I missed that story.

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