Islamofilth Gets Ever More Brazen

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2017-06-10 06:11

Islamofilth in Australia is demanding "safe spaces" where sub-human Muslims can say things they would ordinarily be condemned for by human beings. "Slay ye the infidel wherever ye shall find him" type of stuff, no doubt. Tucker Carlson interviewed a piece of Islamofilth who thinks this is a good idea for Islamofilth everywhere. Just look and listen to this creature! She is The Filth writ large. Repulsive, can't speak (did you ever hear worse fry-quacking?!) and evil to the core. I'd expect her soon to be appointed Yawon Bwook's assistant at ARISIS:

I'm Black First

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Black first, Moslem second? Gay third? American never.


Now they want a place to practice and prepare for--terrorism?

"If I were half the man I used to be I'd take a flamethrower to this (safe) place!"


I love the way Tucker doesn't

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I love the way Tucker doesn't just maintain a straight face when his interviewees spout their filth - he looks horrified, as any rational person should be!

Yes ...

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Tucker is going magnificently. Such a lion, with a mane to match. Much better than O'Lielly.

The confrontations with Filth are hilarious (when one can hear what's being said). I don't know where he finds such low-lifes, but they seem perfectly happy to parade their vileness. The Campus Craziness segments are breathtaking.

Wow. Just wow.

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Good Galt!!! Queer, black AND muslim. So much "institutionalized oppression" she must be suffering. Poor darlin'!

I must say I'm extremely happy with Tucker Carlson. He's a professional SJW-demolisher. A destroyer of Filth! He prickles them in just the right way until they expose themselves completely for what they are.

What's hillarious is that all these guests know perfectly well what Tucker does, yet they fall for it every time!!

"I'm black first" and she's barely brown. Wow. Check her wikipedia page... Blair Imani. It says her nationality is "black". Black is a nationality now?!?

Oh and by the way, wasn't the hijab supposed to be about modesty? Make up and hijab must be one of those contradictions leftists just love to bathe themselves in purposefully.

Revolting little piece of work this one....

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and who could tell if she were black, brown, red or yellow with that much makeup caked on?

Drawing attention to Islamic terrorism is profitable?? Now I've heard it all. With Linz, pure filth!

Meanwhile ...

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.... a piece of excrement is, atypically, removed by the Clinton News Network, for calling President Trump a "piece of shit." Good riddance to Reza Aslan. Filth.

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