A Time *Not* to "Come Together"!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2017-06-15 01:54

The Trump Derangement Syndrome mob, who make up a significant portion of The Filth (of whom I have written here copiously), have been exceptionally incontinent since Trump became president. Madonna fantasized aloud in public about burning down the White House now that Trump is in it. The California State Chair of the Democratic Party recently showed his commitment to reasoned discourse by screaming, "Fuck Donald Trump!" to thousands of Dem-ferals who responded in kind. DNC Chair Tom Perez screeched that Trump "doesn't give a shit about the people he's trying to hurt." The University of Alaska's art gallery turned heads, as it were, by depicting Trump's head severed in a painting. Not to be outdone, "comedian" Kathy Griffin replicated this TDS wet dream in a photo-shoot. Headbanging caterwauler Snoop Dogg simulated a shooting of the president in a rap video. An updated version of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in New York features Caesar as a Trump look-alike and affords the president's crazed haters orgasm during the famed stabbing frenzy. Sundry college professors—the lowest form of The Filth—have called for Trump's execution.

Etc., etc.

Now, a demented Bernie Sanders supporter (my apologies for the redundancy) has shot and critically wounded prominent Republican Congressman Steve Scalise at baseball practice during a spree in which he aimed to kill as many Republicans as possible. Only the presence and quick action of armed cops prevented much greater carnage. The shooter's Fecesbook page includes descriptions of Trump as a traitor, and the admonition, "It's time to destroy Trump and company."

No one should be surprised. This is The Filth behaving true to form. There'll be a lot more of it.

Human beings should not respond with platitudinous pieties about coming together, healing wounds and the like, such as we've been hearing even from people who should know better, like Tucker Carlson. It's time not to heal wounds but to inflict mortal ones. It's time for deep and permanent division. It's time to hate the haters. Humans must separate themselves inextricably from The Filth.

One could characterize our present conflict as a global civil war, except such a characterization erroneously presupposes both sides are human. In fact, one side has renounced the distinctively human inclination and ability to engage in conceptual thought and rational discourse. Humanity is caught up in a pitched battle against sub-humanity: entities that have abandoned their minds in favour of brute, brainless force. The Berkeley mobs, the millions of fry-quacking moronnials prowling the earth driven wholly by their basest feelings, headbanging caterwaulers and today's socialist shooter—among many other manifesters—attest incontrovertibly to this truth.

The first and minimum prerequisite for a victory for humanity is to call the sub-species what it is—"The Filth"—as a matter of course. Enough of weasel words already! The second is to treat it as such, within the bounds of reason and reasonable law: at minimum, express one's unbounded contempt for The Filth at very opportunity. One should not "come together" with it any more than one would contemplate eating feces.

On this occasion, the usually perspicacious Tucker Carlson is mistaken: our opponents are not merely wrong; they are evil. Let us loathe them accordingly.

Interesting but trivial

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This is a debate over an interesting methodological point; and I agree with Amy on this. You could almost point to this and say, "see Objectivists have such a good epistemological approach, that is why they are so much better than Conservatives". But that doesn't fly given that Objectivist methodology goes out the window when it comest to American history, Christian history, Constitutional analysis, Federalism, foreign policy, Israel, demographic trends, cultural analysis and even economics (which they are surprisingly bad at).

So while interesting, this is ultimately meaningless. Especially considering that Amy, I would bet, would probably go on to make stupid arguments that Christians are a greater danger than atheists. (She showed cultural ignorance saying that atheists in America are "getting back at their parents". The Evil of the left-atheists goes far deeper than that Amy.)

Carlson must have been expecting an angry atheist leftist. He didn't get that on this subject. But if he had raised abortion or gay marriage, he would have found Objectivists to be identical to leftists.

Oh and if he had interviewed Olivia he would have encountered the exact same warped opinions that he encountered when he recently interviewed Max Boot.


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Tucker had the grace to be impressed by the fact that he was outdone. Very classy.

Areas of improvement for Amy:

1) Drop the gratuitous use of the word "so"—a horrid feature of moronnialism.

2) Eliminate occasional mabbling—that's a combination of mumbling and babbling. Smiling

3) Eliminate moronnial glottal stops between words ending and beginning with vowels—e.g., "the other." Moronnials say "thuh other," as does Amy here. Ugh. Halves perception of one's IQ in an instant. Amy is nothing if not bright. There should be no substance/technique dichotomy! Smiling


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did very well on this interview.
Stuck to her facts and I think Carlson was impressed.
Well done Amy!

Tucker was actually quite

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Tucker was actually quite strange on this. His counter arguments were completely off point.

Amy Peikoff Defeats Tucker Carlson

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I think Tucker must have been expecting a garden variety shrill leftie type of atheist. Amy might be an Obleftivist, but garden variety atheist she ain't. She utterly trounces Tucker in this exchange, possibly the first person on his great programme ever to do so:

"Prof" Kathy Dettwyler - Filth!

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This is what pure, unambigous ideological evil looks like.

I find it funny when, Americans in particular, like to ramble on about how "Europe is finished", "Europe is doomed", and so on and so forth.

Believe me, THIS kind of putrid Filth you will only find on American campuses. Maybe in England or other anglosphere countries at a lesser extent.

This level of indecency in the Universities is absolutely unbelievable. People here in Italy will simply not believe me when I try to tell them about it.
Italians do have old commie Filth-bags in our Universities of course, but they tend to be "old school" Marxists. This kind of post-modern, multi-culti, anti-white, anti-male nonsense is still relatively rare.

It's despicabe. Whatever federal funds these cult-marxist organizations receive should be completely erased from the books. I hope Trump does something about this. The simple fact that faculties of "women studies", "black studies", "whiteness studies", and whatever other "deconstructionist" studies exist is damning - DAMNING - to my beloved United States of America. Shame! Shame to all those involved!!!

Make America Great Again, and get rid of these dispecable, self-hating, anti-white Filth-bags!

Do people realize just how absurd this is? If you had told a Westerner 100yrs ago that this kind of crap would be taught in school, they'd send you to the insane asylum.

Unlike Yawon et al, the blood that runs in my veins actually traces back to the men and women who fought the American war for Independence. What would THEY say if they saw this? Would they be as tame and conciliatory as our Obleftivist under-lords? Would they even allow such a thing as these Universities to exist?

White guilt... what a bunch of baloney. You will find exactly 0% white guilt in this white male's conscience. The day all white men of the United States will loudly proclaim the same, will be the day THE LEFTISTS will be publicly shamed, they will be defunded, they will be fired from their jobs.

Enough is enough. The cult-marx cultural hegemony has to end. This "professor" Kathy Dettwyler, and those like her should be completely ostracized from civil society.

Zucker-Filth ...

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In the wake of capturing a CNN producer on tape admitting that the Russia story is "bullshit," Project Veritas approached CNN's head honcho Jeff Zucker. See how the little fat rat responded:

Yes ...

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... to Iran with that Filth. And this:


Leftie prof:Am. by killed N. Korean thugs 'got what he deserved'

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Leftie prof said American Otto Warmbier, murdered by N. Korean commie thugs, "got exactly what he deserved" because he's a white, rich, rapist.

Not that we needed more evidence of just how degenerate our universities are, but here's a Delaware professor who murders the minds of her students.

Professor said Otto Warmbier ‘got what he deserved’

The Nature of Conservatives

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Lindsay writes:

"Kyrel, just because you bet that something might be so doesn't make it so. Why don't you assess Trump on the basis of evidence?"

The historical evidence is right-wing conservatives frequently do their evil tyrannical stuff secretly while left-wing progressives do theirs openly. George W. Bush tortured suspected jihadis and extremely-wildly spied upon all Americans secretly for years before it was finally exposed. And nothing since the 1960s Great Society -- not even ObamaCare -- damaged America, Western Civilization, and human liberty more than those two horrific, secret acts.


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Olivia -- You truly do have a lot of passion on the Donald Trump issue! So it's right and proper for you to be on a "passionate Objectivist" discussion forum. But your remarks are wildly inaccurate and terribly unfair to me. I don't agree with virtually any of them, and I'm not even sure how you could have drawn such bizarre conclusions. Rather than trying to refute or deny ten of these claims in a row, let me just stick with what seems to be your most substantive remarks: You say I need to "choose sides" and, in effect, "support our leader".

But reality is more complex and subtle than that! Trump is a mixed bag. I support him when I think he's right and oppose him when I think he's wrong. Ultimately, the side I choose is libertarianism. I give all my support to political freedom. I voted for Gary Johnson in the last election and, if I had to vote again, I would select the same. In my lifetime I've NEVER voted for, or publicly supported, a Republican or Democrat. I have zero regrets for this. Indeed, I'm defiant and proud. Ayn Rand supported and voted for conservatives and Republicans repeatedly. I think that was a colossal mistake. The world to this day, in my view, suffers considerably from her practical and moral error.

Trump is more libertarian than I expected, such as his Supreme Court nominee and cutting regulations. But he wants to increase the drug war, institute economic protectionism, and reform ObamaCare very poorly. Neither I nor you can support these three.

In the Game of Life, I think it's best to have correct and noble principles and then stick closely to them. I'm loyal to ideas, not to people. I only back Trump to the extent he backs libertarianism.

I certainly dispute your analysis "that If Americans don't get in behind [Trump] to support him against the bullying, murderous Left, it's over, not just for America, but the whole Western self-governing project." I think it's over if we don't promote political liberty. The more relentless and radical we are, the better.

He's just magnificent!

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Really, I'll say again as I've said a million times, Americans are damn lucky to have this man as their President. He understands the whole of his country - all the quirks and nuances of every state, at a visceral level - and will fight for them beyond what is required. If Americans don't get in behind him to support him against the bullying, murderous Left, it's over, not just for America, but the whole Western self-governing project.

Staggeringly disgusting indeed ...

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... that after the treason of Obafilth, an American President can say the following:

... and be regarded as "the villain of our time" by OrgOism's leading Obleftivist.


Yes! Judge Jeanine is bang on...

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Kyrel, you are like the Republicans who don't support their President - too concerned with trying to look objective, like James Comey. Republicans need to get behind this man or they are not worth their spit!

This is exactly why the Left ends up being so powerful, they march in lockstep behind their leader, despite who he is. They did this with Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Tojo and Castro.

Republicans are lucky to have a man like Trump at the helm, but do they fully support him? NO! They are one hundred times worse than Obleftivists - they will let their culture slide into oblivion in the name of being "seen" to be fair, moderate and "virtuously critical" of their own decent Administration. NO FUCKING SOLIDARITY! Even for the sake of the survival of their Republic! Staggeringly disgusting to me.

Olivia is right ...

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Kyrel, just because you bet that something might be so doesn't make it so. Why don't you assess Trump on the basis of evidence?

Judge Jeanine did a mighty opening monologue today. She's one of a handful of Americans who can see what's going on and has the guts to say it. Most of the rest of you are clueless and spineless, especially Obleftivists. Wake the fuck up!!


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for fuck's sake man, choose your side!

I bet anything Donald Trump is secretly up to many things right now of a rightist, fascist, tyrannical nature. Many or most of these backstabs to Western Civilization will likely become known, sooner or later.

If you were alive in 1938, you would be posting shit about the junk Neville Chamberlain spoke with regard to Hitler - being a man of peace and a great leader for Germany - and simultaneously stabbing Churchill in the back for condemning him for being a coward and appeaser.

You are playing both sides - yet you claim to be a lover of Western Values?? Only one man in the West right now, as YOU live and breathe, represents some kind of return to American Exceptionalism and a return to an America First way of life, yet you ALWAYS take the opportunity to smear him as some sinister fuck up of a President who is going to ruin the Republic! You only ever get to accept or oppose the leaders on the stage at any given time of your life as you live it - and you Sir, are double minded. Bloody well get real instead of wanking around that you are the only true Liberal left in the world! If that were true, and worth anything - you would run as a contender to help save your country and by default the Western world - or at the very least, if that were worth anything, you would be more salient and supportive of the only person out there who has a chance at doing that. So wise up and don't be a bore! And a boor!

The Openly Violent Left vs. the Quietly Violent Right

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The Left is disturbingly violent in its rhetoric and imagery. It's long been thus. But at least the Left is honest and open about its intent to stab us all in the front. The Right is very sneaky about its intent to stab us all in the back. The Right could even be called militant and manic in its strategy and intent to be close-mouthed at all costs. But the stabs are surely coming, folks! Sad I bet anything Donald Trump is secretly up to many things right now of a rightist, fascist, tyrannical nature. Many or most of these backstabs to Western Civilization will likely become known, sooner or later.


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Assuming I understand Lindsay's term, whose definition I seem never to have read...

"The Filth" are the post-modernist intellectuals and their followers. They aren't completely malicious and hateful. To a large extent they're honestly ignorant and sincerely misguided.

The Filth and The Left drive, control, and dominate Western Civilization and the world far more than do "The Lost" and The Right. But rightism and conservatism aren't the answer.

The Up or the North or neoliberalism or a New Enlightenment is the philosophical answer.

It's odd, disturbing, and curious the way The Rightist media of America is currently solidly aware of the word "libertarian" and many of the concepts behind it. As early as six months ago I heard a glib women on a Rightist radio show refer to "conservatarians." I certainly think this is NOT the answer.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the libertarian intellectual movement -- the "freedom movement" as it's currently somewhat called -- can slowly corrupt and uplift the conservative movement and eventually displace it wholly. For me, that's an ugly and unpleasant victory, and it makes me regard mankind with disgust. But it's a victory. Let's hope!

The Sane and Civilized Confront The Filth

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Do you realise how exceptional this makes you?

"Our traitorous political class" of course includes, alas, ARISIS, the beltway (Irvine/Washington) Obleftivist mercenaries. They are a belligerent part of The Filth.

Thanks for stating The Filth's antipode. I shall call it henceforth "The Sane and the Civilized." We Sane and Civilized Few! Smiling

Separation: the issue of our time

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"Going Galt" is no longer solely about taxation, regulations, economics in general.
The issue today is that of culture. The Filth have occupied all key strategic cultural vehicles, and they are fully intent on the destruction of their cultural enemies.

Their enemies are all those who have not fallen for their false promises of "equality", "fairness", and all the other leftist euphemisms for total state control. Their enemies are all those who hold what used to be considered standard, common sense views. They are those who still believe in logical discourse, in the power of reason. All those who still believe that the universe is governed by laws, not chaos. All those who believe that human nature is not infinitely malleable, but has a specific identity which must be recognized and respected.

As you rightly point out Linz, The Filth's enemies, The Sane shall we say, are those who were the most tolerant and open to the cultural fringes, where today's leftism used to reside. They still now call for tolerance, for understanding, for coming together.

What tolerance should be granted to the intolerant? What understanding can be reached with those who have abandoned logic?

What coming together should occur with people that I wouldn't trust my dog with?

Wasn't civilizational progress meant to be a progress towards ever more privacy? What is privacy if not separation?

It's becoming more and more clear that the enemy we face are uncivilized brutes; or more precisely they are a de-civilizing force of self-decivilized brutes.

Separation in everyday life means not associating with these people, it means condemning their ideas and behavior, it means confronting them when necessary. It means exposing their true nature to all those who are still naive enough to believe in their cover-up euphemisms and double-speak.

Separation in politics means recognizing that civilized people must defend themselves from brutes, that they must progress towards privacy, that they should not simply ask to be left alone; the civilized should make the brutes leave them alone, by keeping them off their property, off their land governed by law and not chaos.

Fortunately the recognition of the Filth for what they are is well under way, in the form of derision. More and more of the Sane are rightly making fun of their uncivilized opponents. They are deriding their insanity. They are calling out their ideologies for what they are: mental disorders.

We should focus on exposing the fifth column of Filth that inhabits the West, and keep them from getting islamo-marxist reinforcements from abroad.

in other words, let's stop them from destroying us. Let's stop enabling their parasitical nature. Let it be Rearden-time, let's properly loathe those who have sucked the life out of us in the name of their thrist for destruction masquerading behind euphemistic double-speak. Rearden separated from his family, we must separate from our Fake News media, our anti-West education system, our traitorous political class.

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