Separation: the Issue of Our Time (Sequel to Linz' post below)

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Submitted by Bruno Turner on Thu, 2017-06-15 22:10

"Going Galt" is no longer solely about taxation, regulations, economics in general.
The issue today is that of culture. The Filth have occupied all key strategic cultural vehicles, and they are fully intent on the destruction of their cultural enemies.

Their enemies are all those who have not fallen for their false promises of "equality", "fairness", and all the other leftist euphemisms for total state control. Their enemies are all those who hold what used to be considered standard, common sense views. They are those who still believe in logical discourse, in the power of reason. All those who still believe that the universe is governed by laws, not chaos. All those who believe that human nature is not infinitely malleable, but has a specific identity which must be recognized and respected.

As you rightly point out Linz, The Filth's enemies, The Sane shall we say, are those who were the most tolerant and open to the cultural fringes, where today's leftism used to reside. They still now call for tolerance, for understanding, for coming together.

What tolerance should be granted to the intolerant? What understanding can be reached with those who have abandoned logic?

What coming together should occur with people that I wouldn't trust my dog with?

Wasn't civilizational progress meant to be a progress towards ever more privacy? What is privacy if not separation?

It's becoming more and more clear that the enemy we face are uncivilized brutes; or more precisely they are a de-civilizing force of self-decivilized brutes.

Separation in everyday life means not associating with these people, it means condemning their ideas and behavior, it means confronting them when necessary. It means exposing their true nature to all those who are still naive enough to believe in their cover-up euphemisms and double-speak.

Separation in politics means recognizing that civilized people must defend themselves from brutes, that they must progress towards privacy, that they should not simply ask to be left alone; the civilized should make the brutes leave them alone, by keeping them off their property, off their land governed by law and not chaos.

Fortunately the recognition of the Filth for what they are is well under way, in the form of derision. More and more of the Sane are rightly making fun of their uncivilized opponents. They are deriding their insanity. They are calling out their ideologies for what they are: mental disorders.

We should focus on exposing the fifth column of Filth that inhabits the West, and keep them from getting islamo-marxist reinforcements from abroad.

In other words, let's stop them from destroying us. Let's stop enabling their parasitical nature. Let it be Rearden-time, let's properly loathe those who have sucked the life out of us in the name of their thrist for destruction masquerading behind euphemistic double-speak. Rearden separated from his family, we must separate from our Fake News media, our anti-West education system, our traitorous political class.

I appreciate the feedback :)

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Thanks y'all for both the kind words and thoughtful comments.

I think that the so-called American civil war is a good example of what happens when two very different forms of societies collide with each other (whithin the same country). That's a reason why I am not in principle opposed to secession when it is necessary. California today is less and less American every year, and I think it would be advantageous for the rest of the country if it actually did "Cal-exit", or secede. It is a relatively small portion of the country and yet exerts enormous (negative) influence on the rest of the Union.

As for neoliberalism, I think a realistic understanding of the West today should lead Objectivists to first and foremost support the preservation of Western nations in their "traditional" identities. The attack on the West is being carried out formidably with devastating results. I don't see how Objectivism could tackle the culture war once the "Conservative" camp, broadly speaking, is defeated. As I've said in one of my videos (self made identy vs self made soul), the cultural-marxist left is a form of anti-Western fifth column, and its strategy of importing foreign reinforcements is making it impossible to defeat them through the ballot box. The best example of this is California which is functionally a One Party state now. The democratic party itself in California is almost unrecognizable by its counter parts in other states. It has become an identity politics party, where what matters are no longer ideas but group belonging. That being said, I sympathize with the deside to create a new "Liberal" culture (in its original meaning).


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Outstanding essay, Bruno! But people need to do more than merely oppose something. The need something to support. I call this glorious something New Liberalism or neoliberalism. It's the philosophy, culture, civilization, lifestyle, and outlook of: the epistemology of reason and science; the ethics of individualism and self-interest; the politics of liberty and justice; the aesthetics of heroism and triumph; the spirituality of the transcendent and infinite.

Right on

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Good man. I look forward to more from you Bruno.


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because now feels like a vicious cultural civil war, my mind keeps drifting to the times of President Lincoln.

Americans were dealing with things like the Fugitive Slave Act, which Lincoln himself upheld, and the evil of Democrats wanting to extend the atrocity of slavery into the new States and also the Caribbean, over which they sought to secede from the United States.

Only complete separation and the demolition of the Southern way of life brought them back into any kind of meaningful unity - unity on better terms.

Lincoln always desired unity - he fought tooth and claw to keep the Union together - but he was never prepared to accept peace on the basis of a sell-out compromise that he knew to be so deeply wrong. It was the South who desired separation, as it is the Filth who desire it now by not even recognising Trump to be their elected President (along with all their talk, jokes, plays and decapitated "art" about assassinating him and his whole family, or blowing up the Whitehouse).

The Filth were demoralised over the election of President Trump (as the South were over the election of President Lincoln) and they need to be demoralised at every single turn until they get sick of the fight and give up. They have separated themselves from the land of human decency and we of course should give them the very thing which they desire - no human decency.


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is what the ari should be writing.

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