NZ on Screen: New Linz Profile (with very old pic: hair warning!)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2017-06-21 07:20

... In the 1989 Post profile Perigo expressed concerns about the depth of debate he was able to elicit on television: "we’ve become a sort of society where people don't analyse an argument: they attach brandnames to people who proffer arguments and think that they’ve dealt with the argument that way". In 1993 he infamously abandoned the medium, claiming that TVNZ news and current affairs was "braindead", and that stories of celebrities and trapped cats had superseded politics.

By now Perigo had become a "full-time proselytiser for freedom and individualism" (as Full Context called him) and a follower of the Objectivist philosophies of writer Ayn Rand. He was a founding member and the first leader of the Libertarianz political party ("committed to the concept of a free society with a free market economy"), and of Objectivist blog Sense of Life Objectivists (SOLO). He is former editor of Free Radical magazine, and a collection of his political writing was self-published in 2012 (The Total Passion for the Total Height). During a brief stint working for the Act Party, he wrote the 2011 speech in which Don Brash argued for decriminalising marijuana for personal use. ...

What it was like ...

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... when journalists didn't abuse their positions for personal agendas:


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Who knew Perigo (and Barry) loved fish so much?!
Hahahahahahaa! Smiling

More Memory Lane :-)

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'Tis better to have had hair and lost it, than never had hair at all...

At least you had/have hair

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At least you had/have hair Smiling

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