FilthWatch: Clinton News Network Well and Truly Busted!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2017-06-27 07:05

CNN Filth inadvertently exposed by one of their own employees. The most salutary moment is when any notion of "ethics" in journalism is derided as "adorable." Pretty much where we're at in life generally, in this grotesque anti-culture of moronnials, pomowankers and fry-quackers, aided and abetted by, of all entities, the Ayn Rand Institute. In any event, even in such a depraved world, this must surely spell the end of the Russia bullshit, as well as the careers of such Filth as Zucker, Cooper, Lemon, Tapper, Stelter et al ... mustn't it? Please tell me yes!


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Yawon Bwook's favouwite channel just published a map of confederate monument sites so that Profa, Black Trash Matters and ARISIS can go tear them down:

FilthWatch: Jim Acosta

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To Iran with Jim Acosta, Filth:

FilthWatch: Fareed Zakaria

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To Iran with Fareed Zakaria, Filth:

FilthWatch: Justin Trudeau

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In my Open Letter to Objectivists I said there should be a wall along America's northern border to keep the likes of Justin Trudeau out. In case anyone thought I was joking:

To Iran with Justin Trudeau!

Filth-Watch: Ugly Male Moronnial

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Even horses are racist now!

And still more CNN-Filth!

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To Iran with Andersen Cooper!

Sebastian Gorka = MOAB!

More CNN-Filth

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To Iran with Cuomo!

CNN-Filth Trumpinated!

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Project Veritas: Heroes!

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These videos are absolutely damning. It would seem that the "stupid as shit" voters are not the Republicans, but CertainlyNotNews' constituents: the DemocRats!

We clearly see now that the Russia story is absolute nonsense... and that CertainlyNotNews knew this perfectly well all the while claiming there was proof! From un-named sources, but proof!

How can anyone still trust this Filth-News organization? Who's "stupid as shit" now? Those who fell for the Russia conspiracy or those who rejected it all along?


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Kill the Filth!

and feel filthy good about it!

Filth caught out again

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That whole Russia thing..

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..was ridiculous at the outset. It shows that lefties worldwide are gullible dolts. As are statists of all stripes. I liked the occasions when Putin made fun of the media accusations; the BS journalism that I think the FBI leaked, as when he said he knows Russian whores are the best in the world but he didn't think Trump would have been involved with them in pissing shows.

#1 Item

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#1 item on Tucker and Sean today.

Filth in retreat!

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