#MOGA! Make Objectivism Great Again series

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Submitted by Bruno Turner on Tue, 2017-06-27 16:10

Let the Make Objectivism Great Again series begin!

In this video series we will be discussing Linz' open letter to Objectivists (http://www.solopassion.com/nod...).

I like to call Linz' letter a Call to Arms, hence one of my goals here is to rally the troops.

We'll both try to analyze and discuss the open letter, its underlying principles and their consequences, and relate it to other works by Objectivist "dissidents", such as Ed Powell's immigration essay.

Lindsay Perigo's open letter has been a wake up call for many Objectivists, and that's because it cointans a lot of excellent material and he strikes us with his unique style and moral indignance. The letter is concise and to the point, but I believe its underlying framework is something most are probably not fully aware because they are still well within Obleftivism's ideological grasp and thought police; reason for which many others have been baffled by it.

This gives us a great opportunity to check our premises, take down the fallacious Obleftivist framework, and rebuild.

What should be clear after this series is that what is at stake here is not simply a 'like or dislike' for Trump or his policies. We have reached the point of a great divide between Objectivists and Obleftivists because the latter have gone astray in more than just political analysis of this or that concrete occurence. The divide strikes deeper, reaching the core of political philosophy and of the essence of the necessary requirements for a culture of freedom.

The most apparent issue is that of whether there should be open immigration or immigration selectivity; this is not an issue of philosophical application of principles, but of principles themselves.

I'd like to stress that this series should be considered the starting point of both a work in progress and a progress in work; the work of making Objectivism great again; that is our goal. Hence I strongly urge everyone interested in the topic to let me know what you like, what you don't like, which principles need to be addressed in more depth, what kind of format your prefer the videos to take, whether you want a deeper historical and philosophical analysis, whether you would like to see other works cited, more concrete examples, etc. I would like this video series to remain true to what the purpose of the Open Letter itself is: Getting Objectivists to work; because letting what Linz has identified as 'Orgoism' and 'Obleftivism' do the work for us is sending Objectivism into irrelevancy and ultimately self-destruction. I will pose probably just as many questions, or more, as those that I will attempt to answer.

I will try to keep the videos as tight and concise as possible with the first (or second, third, …) take, avoiding editing after the fact whenever possible. I give you already in advance my thanks for 'bearing with me' in this process, since I'm fully aware that all of us have become accustomed to very fancy shmancy youtube videos. I will try to 'up my game' with each and every new video.

Ciao for now, and remember to move your clock forward to the current time: M.O.G.A time!

Milo explains being Dangerous!

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How to be dangerous?

Milo explains.

Yaron Brook who has accused Milo of nihilism might want to take a listen.


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It just occurred to me that Objectivists of the ARI type are really zombie Objectivists.


They Just Keep On Getting Better!!

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Loved the pig flesh and cow juice! It just occurred to me that Obleftivists are probably vegan!! They let "human" pigs into their country without restriction, but won't eat real ones.

Great example of rational passion. Yes, Binswanger and Bwook are traitors!

Did you say there's an interview coming up with someone? Who was that again?




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MOGA Part 3 is now online and ready to be enjoyed!


Note for The Filth: this video may contain blasphemous food being ingested!

A List of Errors

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This may require a separate discussion thread but...I wonder if the Passionate Objectivist community can't all carefully and systematically list all the issues where ARIans like Peikoff, Binswanger, Schwartz, Brook, etc. seem to have gotten it far wrong. This should include intellectual topics and problems where they violate Ayn Rand's established theories (which are usually correct, but not always) and intellectual topics and problems where Rand was largely or entirely silent.

Some Speculation

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I continue to think ideas and philosophy rule the world. Or misrule it. The main problem continues to be false and evil beliefs -- not false and evil people, in my view. Honest ignorance hurts us most. Or at least fairly honest ignorance. That's what let socialism and progressivism dominate the world -- especially the idealistic young -- for so long.

So the question arises: Where did Yaron Brook and his comrades get their Obleftivism from? Maybe they just wandered into it. Ayn Rand (naturally) failed to discuss in detail every issue in existence. One example is immigration. So the corrupt and weak ARIan "thinkers" were left on their own. Not knowing anything about my version of up-wing liberalism they possibly had no choice but to accept some type of right-wing conservatism or left-wing progressivism. So they perhaps rather randomly chose progressivism on immigration. And on other issues Rand didn't discuss too.

But why does this intellectual incompetence, failure, and evil persist? I have a better answer here. Probably because the religious-style "Objectivists" have an echo chamber over there; they don't have free, open, honest discussions and debates. This is a giant error and depravity on their part. Censorship may be ultra-evil when gov't does it, but it's still truly dreadful when private people do it too. Especially intellectuals. The evil of Obleftivism may persist simply because this issue, like all issues, isn't subject to proper discussion and debate -- to proper scrutiny and examination -- in the various cult-style Objectivist circles.


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Doesn't YB have any idea about natural justice?

You let the bad people sink into their own juices.

Take away the money and let him sink.


Yaron the Misanthrope

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Not even Iran would welcome millions of third world immigrants.

I don't jest when I say the

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I don't jest when I say the evil sod should be deported to his spiritual home, Iran.

No, he should be deported to his true spiritual home; Israel.

Brook - Immigration A "Side Issue"

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18 hours ago



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It's not a matter of "restructuring to avoid perverse incentives." Do you imagine Bwook would come right if there were a "restructuring to avoid perverse incentives"—or that even if he did, we should forgive him?! Pure evil has taken over the ARI. And yes, it's mercenary. This is a huge shock to those of us conditioned to view money through Rand-tinted glasses. Bwook is in it for the money—America and Objectivism, reason and freedom, be damned. Bwing on Islamisation with Yawon! The murderer, rapists, acid-throwers and bombers are mere "pests." That's what he said! In the name of Ayn Rand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the outrage????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't jest when I say the evil sod should be deported to his spiritual home, Iran. So should the people paying him so handsomely and the Obleftivists who are acquiescing to this fetid filth.


Avoiding Perverse Incentives

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How can an organization like ARI be structured to avoid perverse incentives?

Diana Hsieh As A Case Study

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A few years ago when she was associated with the ARI Diana published a dishonest post by Robert Mayhew defending the rewriting of Rand question and answers. Then after Leonard kicked her out of the ARI she admitted that Mayhew editing was bogus.

The problem is the Ari gravy train

Those Pesky Muslims

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Linz. France is 10 percent muslim and they are fifty to seventy percent of the prison population. And Yaron supports open immigration of Muslims into france even if it turns France Islamic. For all I know Amy and Jim Valliant don't agree with that but they say nothing when Brook spews his hatred of western civilization and white people. There may be some good people associated with the Ari but even they know who butters their bread


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Brook is pure evil. Who in the ARI isn't?

Good question I assume there are some good people there. They must wemove Bwook and all his lackeys.

I was alerted to this link by a friend who, knowing I can't stand listening to this cweature, pointed me to the time at which the comment in question was made. I did hear something else accidentally: the pwoblem lies with "white Chwistians."

Bwook is just another Social Justice Wawwior. Pure evil.


Bruno and Olivia

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Thank you so much for your kind comments. They mean a lot, since I know you are both passionate valuers!


Good work Bruno

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Bruno I watched your presentation. You have good arguments and the concerns that you have raised are valid. Congratulations.


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Brook is pure evil. Who in the ARI isn't?

They deserve nothing but the worst.

Those pesky Muslims

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At 1 hr 14 mins: "Those Muslim immigwants into Euwope are nothing more than pests. ... The weal thweat to Western Civilisation is Donald Twump."

Hear it to believe it. Bombers, killers and rapists are mere "pests."

Urgent that these Obleftivists be overthrown. They are evil. They are part of The Filth.


Linzio il Magnifico

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I agree, Olivia!! All the more the reason for Obleftivists to be afraid! Smiling


Well Bruno...

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I look forward to viewing your interview with Linz... he is a first class mind and media professional extraordinaire! Born to do first class interviews. Smiling

Ancora Bravo Bruno!

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You to Obleftivists: "We're onto you. We know what you're up to. Get your act together or we'll get it together for you." KASS!!

Obleftivists, be very afraid.



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I'd like to first of all thank everyone who has shown his support for the previous video and has shared his comments and personal stories here on SOLO, and on other platforms as well.
Thank you!

I now bring to you part 2 in our Make Objectivism Great Again series.

Here are a few questions to ponder upon:

Are all are men created equal according to Objectivism?
Is open immigration a position consistent with Ayn Rand's philosophy?
Why are Obleftivists unworried about mass immigration of ideological aliens into Western countries?

You will also want to watch out for a special announcement at the end of the video... a special conversation to look forward to!

PS. Remember to move your clock forward to the current time: MOGA time!


Chwistian Theocwacy Imminent!

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I thought of Ghate's and Bwook's demented ravings about Trump today as I watched the President's sublime speech to veterans. He mentioned God (Gobby), lots. Horreurs! Have Bwook and Ghate renewed their prediction of a Christian (Goblian) theocracy in light of this speech yet? If not, I'm sure they will. It occurred to me as I contrasted Trump's patriotism with Bwook's tweasonous Obleftivism that, if it came down to choosing between Obleftivism and Goblianity, I'd have to say, "We're all Goblians now." I'm an atheist, but I view organised atheism—OrgAtheism, let's call it—as a disgrace, infested as it is with the same Cultural Marxism as OrgOism.

I know, to pick up Bruno's allusion, Ayn Rand was sceptical about the whole idea of OrgOism, and she may or may not have been right to be. My point is that OrgOism doesn't have to be synonymous with Obleftivism, and an OrgOism that genuinely advanced her ideas (without emulating the modus operandi of the Inquisition) would be an excellent thing, and is possible. SOLOists know that I have been mulling launching an "Authenticism" project, but then I think: if we all have commitment to reality and reason in common, wouldn't such a project be redundant? Isn't it the Obleftivists who ought to secede, rather than honest thinkers-out-loud (whom Obleftivists can't accommodate)?

Leonard Peikoff had an authentic moment when he railed against those I call "ideological aliens" voting Democrat en masse and thereby destroying America. What happened to that Peikoff? At whose instigation did Obleftivism take him over, and the ARI with him? How did we get to the point where someone ostensibly speaking in the name of Ayn Rand can say, "Muslims are not a threat. Stop being afraid"? Was this Bwook's own work solely, or that of the people who fund him so generously? Is Soros one of them?

If Bwook did indeed say that even private gated communities shouldn't ideologically screen, then I assume by now the Somalis from Minnesota have indeed pitched their tents on the golf courses in Yawon's gated community?!

My proposal for a wall on the Northern border is serious. As I said in my Open Letter, America needs to protect itself from Justin Trudeau and Onkar Ghate. And Yawon Bwook. Once he's been deported to Iwan there should be no way back for him. Apart from anything else, he's cwiminally dull. No mystewy why he'd feel thweatened by the likes of Milo.

Again, great start, Bruno. Keep 'em coming. And thanks for being living proof that not all millennials are moronnials! Smiling


Speaking of Minneapolis

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"I challenge him [Brook] to offer them, along with Somali Muslims in Minnesota, tents on the golf courses in his gated community."

Linz - here is the most wanted list of Hennepin County (basically Minneapolis):


 I accept that I am "off

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 I accept that I am "off thread" but I ask whether any of those who visit here can direct me to a cogent biography of Democritus of Abdera? Thanks.

My experience

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A long time ago, living in a political condition far, far away from today’s, I stopped donating money to ARI. I grew tired of ARI assuring everyone that its coffers were overflowing to enable it to foster the growth of Objectivism and rationality in all realms, when I suspected that those coffers did little more than foster the preferred lifestyles of its incestuous elite. A long time ago I also stopped listening to Amy Peikoff’s show (I grew tired of listening to her favorite call-in audience, most of it composed of shrill, ranting, sycophantic nut-cases). I have disassociated myself as far as possible from ARI and its principals, losing some close friends in the process, who no longer email me or attempt any kind of communication. So be it.  I am known as a novelist among  rank-and-file Objectivists (and a popular one), but the hierarchy has snubbed me and my output, once promising me an OCON gig to lecture on my Sparrowhawk historical series but changing its mind in preference to “young” lecturers (my gig would have been a sell-out). Two of the “in” crowd promised to introduce the series in their private academies, but never did; other non-Objectivist academies did, such as Challenger out West; in fact, I autographed several hundred sets (7 titles) for Challenger to present to consecutive 8th grade graduating classes. 

Kira Peikoff, Peikoff’s daughter (whom I met when she was in diapers when I was interviewed by her father to write Rand’s intellectual biography, and nothing came of it), is the only “emerging” Objectivist novelist to my knowledge although I never cared for her fiction. 


All in all, I think why I am a pariah to ARI, is because I accomplished what I have without a dime or ounce of encouragement from ARI. At the few OCONs I attended, I sensed a feeling of envy and resentment  I was once invited to join ARI when Michael Berliner was setting it up in the mid 80s; I declined the invitation, suspecting that it would be the end of my writing career and becoming a mere hack who recycled Rand’s ideas. I don’t mind being on the outs with Yaron Brook and ARI; I just don’t care and never did. 


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Note my Open Letter mentions MS-13 several weeks before it suddenly became fashionable to do so. Yawon in his gated community pwobably still hasn't heard of them, even as he's been enabling them all this time. Once he does learn the facts of their existence, I challenge him to offer them, along with Somali Muslims in Minnesota, tents on the golf courses in his gated community.

Bravo Bruno!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Thank you for such a stellar advancing of my call to arms. One thing I can guarantee, alas: no Obleftivist will step up to the plate. The most telling moment will be when you get to the segment in the Open Letter about the intrinsicist view of rights. The silence will be even louder than deafening! Smiling

I'm going to post my own answers to your questions tomorrow. Smiling



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You have a very good style and constructive manner with these videos and I applaud you for it!

MOGA time: Part 1

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Raising more question than I answer:
Let that be the starting point!

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