Andrew Klavan on Fake News

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Submitted by Chanakya on Sun, 2017-07-02 02:51

Many leftists/liberals (and unfortunately a few Objectivists also) are claiming that Donald Trump is wrong in talking about "Fake News". They claim that the President should not be attacking the press.

But I don't think that many of the major mainstream media outlets deserve the lofty title of "press." They are not press, they are socialist political organizations. They are not doing anything to inform the people, they are devoted to promoting socialist ideology in politics and culture. Therefore, they have to be dealt with at a political level through political campaigns.

In this excellent 5-minute video Andrew Klavan shows that "Fake News" is a real problem. The leftist media is willfully distorting the news coverage to bring disrepute to the right and create socialist propaganda.

Here's the link to the video:

The REAL Klavan

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Whether or not Klavan "got it right" in this video, this is the kind of "intellect" we are talking about. Just listen to THIS! (if you can handle it...)

He claims he's read all Ayn Rand's major and even minor works... but "Ayn Rand is not nonsense - she is worse than nonsense".. and what she got right she got from Bastiat... what a buffoon!!

Wasted Praise

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Klavan is a Jewish NeoCon who is precisely the example of why Conservatism was weak and impotent in stopping the Left; it was sabotaged by Jewish Trotskyites who turned it into a leftist movement (NeoConservatism). He is also totally ignorant of America's founding (as are all Objectivists). He's the last person you should be praising.

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