See You in the Future!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2017-07-06 22:23

Fiat has just launched the following ad all over the world, celebrating 60 years of Fiat 500.

In his Milan apartment, sometime in the fifties, a suave Italian gentleman is listening to Mario Lanza singing the title song of his latest movie, For the First Time. As he opens up Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream and begins to read, our gentleman seems to fall asleep. He is then seen to step out of his unit ... into the present day. He bumps into a beautiful woman. And Mario. "For the first time I'm in love." What on earth could happen next?! Will whatever happens stand the test of time?! Is it all just a dream?


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Here's Robert Osborne introducing For the First Time:

Here's 58-years-dead Mario, an eternal antidote to The Filth:

And here are the wittiest moments from that movie between Mario and the recently-deceased Zsa Zsa:

I love FIAT commercials!

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The new FIAT, ever since Marchionne has taken over, has been consistently putting out better and better commercials. Their 500 lineup has some of the best commercials of the entire automotive industry.

Working for their marketing department must be fun Smiling


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"Oh I love old movies!"

"But it only just came out!?"

A clever use...

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A clever use of music to represent that which stands the test of time! With Adrien Brody. Oh, and Lanza!

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