Tom Woods Interviews Paul Gottfried About The Likely Triumph Of The Democrats

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sat, 2017-07-08 01:38

You tell me whether Yaron Book can hold a candle to Paul Gottfried on the future of American politics:

Makes Orthodox O'ism look retarded

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This was an awesome interview. Gottfried logically explained why the Democrats are in TOTAL control of the culture. And given the demographic trends, all they have to do is wait and they will have total domination. We will then experience the full evil of Leftism.

Gottfried also gave examples of good right wing intellectuals like Buchanan and Derbyshire. He even cited Noam Chomsky as someone who is good on certain elements of foreign policy even if his leftist worldview is wrong. Would Yaron Brook ever say something like that? Of course not. Chomsky is just a "self-loathing" Jew, etc.

The depth of intellect of Paleo-right intellectuals like Gottfried (and others especially those associated with Lew Rockwell) is VASTLY superior to anything associated with Objectivism. I feel embarrassed that I ever took any ARI "intellectuals" serious.

If you want to make "Objectivism great again" (was it ever great?) then you will have to reconfigure Objectivism along paleo-right lines. I can't ever see that happening.

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