Donald Trump as Pericles of Athens

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Submitted by Chanakya on Sun, 2017-07-09 09:35

This is good article:

I have no idea who wrote the rousing speech that Donald Trump delivered Thursday in Warsaw. But I think I know who might have provided a model: Pericles of Athens...

It’s a good thing that Pericles did not have to suffer under the scrutiny the chest-less, politically correct ditto-heads that rule our media and educational system today. Or perhaps I should say, it is a good thing for them that they did not have to suffer under the frank and manly self-confidence of Pericles.

Listening to Donald Trump yesterday in Warsaw, however, I wonder whether the tide is going out on that brackish, self-infatuated yet self-hating fraternity. I suspect it is. Good riddance.

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