Brook Argues That Race Is A "Social Construct" -- ARI Is Now Officially Post Modern Left and SJW

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Mon, 2017-07-24 21:55

ARI Discusses Free Speech In Europe Without Mentioning Immigrati

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At least I think so - just skimmed it.

Bwook house guest

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I assume, with all those Somalis already ensconced on the golf courses (there are two) in Yawon's gated community, Yawon will make woom in his own unit for this guy:


Social constwucts

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How long before Bwook affirms gender is a social constwuct?

To Iwan with Obleftivism!


Ayn Rand archives

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I highly doubt the ARI would grant me priviliges to view the Archives after my "coming out" as an actual Objectivist against Obleftivism.

Maybe one of the dissidents who has remained anonymous could do so.

"Fiat justitia, ruat caelum."

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That's a great quote, Kyrel.

I would translate it as follows:

Justice be done even if the sky may fall.

That's the sort of Western spirit that is lost on many today.

Objective Truth

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Thanks, Lindsay and Ed! Smiling We can't solve or minimize welfare and crime problems unless we know exactly who is the problem and at what magnitude. We need truth without deception, misdirection, or subterfuge. Honest, brave, objective truth, without fear or favor, letting the chips fall where they may.

As the noble, rational, liberal Romans put it 2000 years ago:

"Fiat justitia, ruat caelum."
(Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.)

No Debate . . . Amy and Jim Chicken Out

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No response at all from the dynamic duo by the deadline.


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And it's extremely unlikely that people from high crime countries such as el Salvador and Mexico commit crime at low rates. Even if half the people coming here from el Salvador are escaping violence they would stilk have a from rate three times that of natives.

Incidentally even a Cato immigration nut admitted that somalis in Minneapolis have high crime rates compared to whites


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Also immigrants have been here for less time. Say Joe is born in the USA and has committed one crime by the age of 30. Jose comes to the USA at age 25 and has committed one crime here by 30. Jose's crime rate is higher.

I've never seen studies that adjust for this.

Also immigrants tend to move to large cities where crime is underreported. And certain crimes such as domestic abuse and statutory rape are not widely reported in certain immigrant groups.

In any event there are as many Hispanics in prison for murder as whites.

More on Welfare Use and Crime

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Illegal Immigrant Crime and Welfare Use

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While Ann Coulter references a number of good studies, one must understand the swamp in which we live, where "mainstream" organizations can say immigrants commit fewer crimes and use welfare less than natives with plausibility.

In crime, one must disaggregate the data. Crime statistics in the US are distorted because of the high crime rate among blacks. Whites commit crimes at a little higher rates than white Europeans. Blacks commit crimes at rates more than ten times greater. Hispanics commit crimes just under the black rate. So taking just an average really doesn't tell you the story. The same with immigrants. Immigrants from some countries (Korea, Japan, China) commit almost no violent crimes. Immigrants from other countries (the third world generally, the Islamic World and Latin America in particular) commit crimes at just below or just above the black level. So "immigrant crime" on average depends on who counts as an immigrant. If all the illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America are not counted as "immigrants," or are drastically undercounted, then the proportion of people from high crime immigrant nations is reduced and the average crime rate for "immigrants" falls. And because of political correctness, enforced by Clinton, Bush, and Obama, no federal data collection is done on specifically crimes committed by immigrants. Organizations like CIS have to go into state data, sometimes, prison population data, to infer the rate among immigrants. But obvious facts such as 1.3 of all California inmates are non-citizens leads one to believe that immigrant crime is much higher than non-black native crime among immigrants from the Third World.

Similarly, the legerdemain engaged in by the open borders crowd on the welfare issue and sucked up to by Brook (who is either too stupid or too dishonest to see through the ruse) equivocates between individuals and households. If two immigrants (legal or illegal) come to the US, have an anchor baby who is (unjustifiably) given American citizenship, THAT BABY IS ELIGIBLE FOR ALL WELFARE PROGRAMS, even though the programs pay out to the parents. So when the open borders types look at this family (or, more likely, the single mother and her live-in boyfriend-of-the-week) they see an "American Citizen" (the baby) getting welfare, not the immigrant parents, and they check off "American citizen on welfare, no immigrants on welfare" box on their survey form. That's how they construct the story that immigrants use less welfare than "Americans". The CIS is hip to this trick, and recalculates welfare usage based on HOUSEHOLD, rather than individual, with the citizenship of the parents (who, after all, are collecting the money) being determinative of whether immigrants are "on welfare" compared to Americans. When calculated this way, immigrant households are on welfare over 50% of the time (over 75% of the time for Central American immigrants), compared to 25% of Americans. Now, this is just math, and Brook allegedly has a PhD in "Finance" (whatever that is), which presumably requires a knowledge of statistics, and so, if he spent a scintilla of mental effort he could understand this problem. But he is either incurious enough or not smart enough to look beyond "averages". I wouldn't hire him to manage a mini-mart, much less the Ayn Rand Institute.

These "studies" ...

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... re illegal immigrant and Muslim crime are done by the Cato Institute, who, like ARISIS, are funded by the pro-open borders Koch Bros. Funny that.

Bwook is a pwostitute. Read the true stats in Ann Coulter's Adios America!

To Iwan with Bwook and the Cato Institute!

Liar and Evader Yaron Brook

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In humans, race is biologically important and a fact of reality. It's only partially a "social construct" as claimed. Yaron Brook is being irrational, foolish, dishonest, cowardly, and slimy. This intellectual fraud seemingly helps to justify Brook's suicidal and evil position on Muslim immigration to the West. And his hypocrisy about immigration to Israel. Brooks is also lying when he claims or implies Hispanics and blacks don't disproportionately utilize welfare benefits and commit crime. For some odd reason, many neo-liberals [Objectivists and libertarians] today love to quote false studies and statistics about this! It's like the way almost everyone today says working Western women are underpaid based on bigotry.

We need hard, cold, neutral, objective, ruthless, utterly-unbiased, high-quality studies and statistics as intellectual ammunition on all of this! Yes, bad guys and traitors like the anti-Objectivist Yaron Brook will quite likely still lie. But hard, cold scientific evidence here would probably significantly help the good guys of the world!

ARIan Censorship

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Bruno -- It's a horror and outrage that ARI dares to censor Rand's writing. Any chance anyone can visit her archives and see what she really thought on these important issues?

I had to look up ...

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... "cis" people. Apparently I'm one.

Yes, to Iran with Preston Mitchum. Same plane as Yawon? They'd have much in common.

Anti-white, anti-male, etc., crusades well underway

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the professor [..] tweets on July 23. “Yes, ALL white people are racist. Yes, ALL men are sexist. Yes, ALL cis people are transphobic.

Preston Mitchum to Iran with The Filth.

You won't find the AynWand institute interested in any of this. Too consumed with preserving clandestine employement of illegal alien mexican gardeners to notice.



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Yes, I am aware! I read it more than once a while back. Good essay, and unique. I hadn't found much other material on the subject, one that had caught my interest a few months back while I was studying for an exam on Darwin, evolution, and morality.


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Excellent post. I wrote an article years ago on rand and evolution. It should be easy to find on the web.

Rand Journals butchered

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Lest it be forgotten, the edited material that ARI has published from Ayn Rand's journals has conveniently left out "a pessimistic musing about the degeneration of the white race", as reported by Jennifer Burns in her "Goddess of the Market" book. If so, she clearly believed in such a thing as race.

Even on IQ differences, Bwook vs Rand, a stark contrast:

Men's intellectual capacities have always been so unequal that to the thinkers the majority of their brothers seemed sub human. And some men may still be, for all the evidence of rationality, or lack of it, that they give. We may still be in evolution, as a species, and living side by side with some "missing links." [...]

It would be nice to know what has been edited out in that [...] part.

Anyhow, Obleftivist Bwook proves himself aligned with cultural marxism once again.

High pitched voice...

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"When you lie, the pitch of your voice rises ever so slightly. Research suggests an increase in voice pitch is a good indicator that someone’s being deceptive — but it’s difficult to spot.
If you know what their voice normally sounds like, and when they answer a tricky question their voice sounds higher than usual, something may be amiss."

Read more:

Yawon's high pitch voice moments are definitely not "difficult to spot"... his video's thumbnail says it all.

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