The Face of Bwook/Binswanker's Obleftivist Open Immigwation Policy

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sat, 2017-08-12 07:05

Islamofilth rolls up unchecked on a Spanish beach. "Self-selected for virtue," no doubt.

“Freedom of travel is a right. It is a right possessed by every human being, not just by Americans."—Hawwy Binswanker

Undefended Invasion

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I think an immigration policy which lets in low-quality, undermining barbarians and anti-freedom, treasonist savages should be described as Undefended Invasion. Or else Surrender. Or Suicide.

not on my property

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There are basically two types of property (referencing the U.S. for simplicity): public and private. The public is taken from the private and is de facto held in trust by the government. There is no right to immigrate onto private property and, by the stated metric, public property. The public property is derived from and secondary to the private.

Now, where is there a third type of property within the borders of the U.S. and what is its nature and why should anyone have the right to come from a foreign country against invitation onto any US property? And isn't it the job of the U.S. government to defend the U.S. borders and the lives and property therein?

If I invite a foreigner onto my property that invitation gets to be vetted by the government to make sure it's going to be a good guy for I have no practical moral and legal way to confine him to my property.

It's all a matter of national defense. We have it or we don't.


According to Binswanger

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This is all perfectly A-Okay!

They have a right to travel don't they? They are exercising their right.

Seems to be. In fact, if you

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Seems to be. In fact, if you oppose it some libertarians consider you outright evil.

"It's really debatable that what's going on in Europe is bad and that open immigration would be even worse?"

It's true to a point that

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It's true to a point that freedom of travel is a right, but it should be obvious that it ends where the property of others begins if permission is not forthcoming.

Binswanger in 2015

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. . . somewhat backed off his extreme open immigration ideas but said:

Is there a really dangerous threat to our safety from massive Muslim immigration, or is this a very minor issue compared to what’s going to happen to us from Islamic regimes abroad, with or without that immigration? People can certainly differ on these factual issues, and raw, statistical (!) facts are all we have left when we can’t appeal to principles, because the principled path is not “politically realistic.”

It's really debatable that what's going on in Europe is bad and that open immigration would be even worse?

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