Great Structures: 'Brooklyn Bridge' - John and Washington Roebling

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The Brooklyn Bridge was at the time it was built one of the wonders of the world: the first large suspension bridge -- bigger by a substantial margin than its closest rival -- and the first built with ductile steel wire. Its designer John Roebling was already in the very first rank of the world's engineers when he began this project; structural and construction innovations there are aplenty, including the innovations of the stiff deck to resist live load, using the tensile cabling for bracing as well as suspension, and the use of geometry -- a very slight arching across the span -- to provide additional stiffness. A significant measure of Roebling's genius is that his bridge, which was built in the steam age, is still going strong today.

Opened on May 24 1883 (yes, I'm a day late) the bridge both symbolised and made real the coming to maturity of the great city that is New York. It is a masterpiece that fully deserves its spectacular setting.

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If ever there was a spectacular homage to Man, New York City is it. The Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline fill me with wonder and awe. Thank you for posting this.


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