Charlottesville, Virginia Culture Clash

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Mon, 2017-08-14 19:55

The essence of the August 12th, 2017 Charlottesville, Virginia march and demonstration was a protest against the explicit damnation of white society and the implict promotion of black racism. That's the true meaning of the removal of that well-honored, century-old, Robert E. Lee statue from the public park.

The Unite the Right marchers were also protesting against America's established policy of politically-correct "antifa" censorship of ideas and opinions which the progressives don't like. Finally, this demonstration was at least generally and implicitly, if inchoately and ineptly, a protest against the post-1965 era of growing anti-Westernism, anti-Americanism, Nanny State fascism, and omnipotent Big Brotherism.

It's sad, wrong, and counter-productive that the groups staging this march were essentially conservative and fascist -– not Tea Partiest and libertarian. It's even more sad, wrong, and counter-productive that these groups were rather corrupted by white racism.

But this "white pride" response -- and defiance against overall philosophical and political evil -– is fairly normal, understandable, and even forgivable. After all, we live in an irrational, illiberal, Dark Age world where practically everyone agrees with Susan Sontag that "The white race is the cancer of human history," and Malcolm X who says that "The white man is the devil." All of these post-modernist, progressivist sentiments and judgments are false and evil beyond compare. So it's only natural that virtuous whites somewhat resent and partially resist them.

Of course, white people reject the outrage and depravity of this black racism in a very much pathetic and sissified way. These days intelectually bright and morally good white folks simply aren't allowed to decently or properly fight back against the raw evil and racism of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Cornel West, and countless others.

And if a handful of foolish whites do dare to defy the philosophical and cultural powers-that-be, they are instantly slammed -- with deliberate mindless untruth and calculated intimidating injustice -– by virtually all people as lovers of the Ku Klux Klan and Adolf Hitler. This revolting tactic effectively undercuts and silences almost all. Thus high-quality whites resist the current societal onslaught in a manner which is weak, lame, emasculated, impotent, sorry, pitiful, useless, and worthless. At best they are sarcastic, cynical, evasive, apathetic, and quietly, fecklessly resistant in the face of our evil world's "hate whitey, kill whitey" philosophy and rampaging lynch mobs.


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It's certainly true that there were evil people on the "right" at Charlottesville, but those evil people wanted to gather and give speeches and see if they could get some publicity. In short, they wanted to speak their evil. The communists came with the express intent of initiating violence against the people they call fascist.

The problem with this is that while there were actual fascists and neo-Nazis in the "right-wing" group, the communists recognize no "center". You're either with them and their buddies the Black Lives Matter racists and the "La Raza" racists or you're a Nazi. According to them, we're all Nazis, we all deserve to be punched, we all deserve to be beaten up. Oppose socialized medicine? Nazi! Oppose affirmative action? Nazi! Oppose welfare? Nazi! Defend free speech, even that with which you disagree? Nazi! Oppose unlimited immigration? Nazi! Nazi!! Nazi!!! One thing I have to hand it to the communists, they are not overcome by Hamlet-like indecision over nuance.

They initiate violence against Ann Coulter because she opposes unlimited immigration. They initiate violence against Heather MacDonald because she defends police and points out the Ferguson Effect and the resulting large rise in crime in inner cities. They initiate violence against Jordan Peterson because he says there are only two sexes and that universities are corrupt cesspools of leftist indoctrination. They initiate violence against James Damore because he suggests men and women on average have difference interests and some of that difference might be explainable by biology. They initiate violence against Charles Murray because he publishes for the popular press data that was known to psychologists for a century--that on average IQ scores vary among sub-populations, and that this fact rather than racism might explain disparate impacts. They initiate violence against anyone who wants to defend the character, culture, and heritage of the United States, smearing (ahistorically) Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson, or other honorable Americans like Robert E Lee or Stonewall Jackson or JEB Stuart.

You know who they are not initiating violence against? Yaron Brook. Onkar Ghate. Elan Journo. Harry Binswanger. Anyone associated with the Ayn Rand Institute. And you know why they don't protest Brook when he speaks on campus? Because he says absolutely nothing controversial with respect to the culture wars. He's right there smack dab in the middle of what Tom Woods calls the "three-by-five card of allowable opinion" when it comes to any issue important to the Cultural Marxists. Jordan Peterson is making $60,000 per MONTH on Patreon from people just donating a few bucks here or there because they like his defense of Western Civilization. That's $720,000 per year, more than 50% more than Brook extracts from ARI and it's Koch Brothers donors. Just for standing up for Western Civilization. There's apparently a market for that. Ayn Rand stood up for The West. Why won't Yaron Brook?

Now the left is "de-platforming" anyone who they disagree with. Lauren Southern and a bunch of others got kicked off of Patreon. Milo got kicked (illegally) off of Twitter, as have a number of other right-wing personalities. Antifa plans violence on Twitter and nary a word is said. Youtube is demonitizing all right-wing videos. The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (an odious bunch if I've ever seen any) just got their web hosting revoked. Guys, Al Qaeda and ISIS have web sites and no one blinks an eye at them. Peterson better not buy a new house, because that $60K/month is extremely precarious. Patreon is almost certainly going to kick him off for some phony charge.

The neo-Nazis are a crude bunch but they are no threat to civilization today. They are mostly stupid, uneducated, and extremely small in numbers. The white nationalist leadership ranges from deranged (David Duke and Richard Spencer) to extremely mild and as non-threatening as your grandpa, like Jared Taylor.

But the communists are invigorated. They are shutting down websites, breaking up speeches, beating people over the head who disagree with them, taking over whole cities, with the permission of the police and the government. They've taken over almost all universities to the point of ridiculosity (look up "The Chalkening"). And they are coming for all of us. They are coming for libertarians. They are coming for real Objectivists. They are coming for conservatives. They are coming for traditional religious people. They are coming for history buffs. They are coming for straight white males (especially straight white married males who as heads of families earn proportionally more money to support their families). They are coming for anyone who disagrees with them and their brand of violent Cultural Marxism.

The problem is that the people who aren't Cultural Marxists, who don't believe there are 57 genders, who don't believe Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, who don't believe American history should be torn down and replaced with the New Soviet Man, who don't believe in unlimited immigration, who don't want to press 1 for English, who don't believe that all white males have "privilege" that needs to be "checked," that intersectional feminism is anything other than gobbledygook, or that "reparations" need to be paid to blacks, Hispanics, or any other minority group, and who DO believe that people should be treated as individuals rather than as members of groups--all those people--want someone to stand up for them. And they will go down the list of potential leaders in descending order of respectability until they find someone who will call out these leftists for their nonsense and evil. There were 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination, and not one of the respectable candidates would really stand up to the political correctness and other cultural Marxism that is destroying the Republic. (I liked Ted Cruz but he was first off the block to virtue signal to the Left about the murder in Charlottesville. Little Marco is virtue signaling to the Left every day.) So Americans went down the list of candidates, rejected each one--governors, senators, business leaders--who was a surrender monkey to the Left, until they found one who wasn't a surrender monkey, Donald Trump. They found someone who wasn't afraid of being called a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe. Those are the Left's magic words: like Harry Potter they merely have to whisper "racist" as an incantation and every Republican folds. Republicans nominated Trump because he wasn't going to fold to the Left or the Media when they whispered their incantations. And he won the election, miraculously, given how everyone in both the Republican Establishment, the Democrat/Media Establishment, and the Deep State was against him.

And Trump is taking a LOT of heat. He took a lot of heat today for correctly pointing out that the Left was equally culpable in the violence at Charlottesville. The Left will do anything to remove Trump. They will probably try to kill him. They will certainly try to impeach him. Or eventually (hopefully) he will govern for eight years and retire to Florida.

When Trump is gone, the problem will still remain. The people vilified by the Left (most average citizens in America, and all of us reading this) will again look for someone to defend them from the depredations of the communists. They will again go through the list of possibilities in descending order of respectability. The problem this time is that given the craven and gutless nature of Republicans, there probably won't be anyone who wants to defend them, who WON'T immediately crumble at the mention of "racist". Who then will the libertarians, conservatives, and traditionalists--the people targeted for violence or death by the Left and their friends in the media--turn to? I tell you they will turn to the least disrespectable person who wants to defend them from the communists and Cultural Marxists, and that means if someone in the GOP doesn't grow a pair, we're in serious trouble. Because at some point, the least disrespectable person will be that idiot Richard Spencer. God help us that it doesn't come to that, but that is what I fear will end up happening. Nazism and White Nationalism aren't threats to American liberties TODAY, as the Left thinks. But unless some other Republican learns to stand up to the Left (and it clearly isn't Cruz or Rubio, at least today), I fear the White Nationalists will become a threat down the road. Multicultural societies invariably descend into identity politics uber alles. That's where the US is headed unless someone after Trump stands up and declares that multiculturalism is evil because Western Civilization and the liberties it gave birth to are GOOD and JUSTIFIED and worth fighting for. I am not optimistic.

On the Other Hand...

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Here's an interesting contrasting article on that Charlottesville clash:

Here's an excerpt:

The ad promoting the “Unite the Right” rally, which ran on far-right websites all week, did not even mention the statue. It was designed to evoke a Fascist poster with birds similar to the Nazi eagle in the sky over the marchers and Confederate flags taking the place of swastikas.

It invited people to join speakers like Mike Enoch, who hosts a podcast called “The Daily Shoah.” And Augustus Invictus, an alt-right figure who once said, “I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I would begin it myself.” And Christopher Cantwell, who calls himself a “fascist,” along with Johnny Monoxide, who just labels himself “fashy.” And Michael Hill, an ex-professor who said, in 2015, “Never underestimate the perfidy of the organized Jew.” And Matt Heimbach, who says only 27,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Evidently the alt-right marchers with the gov't permits were more racist and fascist than I realized. Still, these lowlifes had a right to march in peace. They had a right to speak their mostly false and evil ideas aloud in the public park. BLM and Antifa thugs without gov't permits had no right to initiate the violent clashes and wage physical war against them. And the Leftist racists are still far the more formidable and dangerous enemy overall. The silly-twit and repellent Rightist racists -- with almost no serious following in America -- are practically the creation of the Leftist racists, in my view, since almost no-one in the popular press and punditry is willing to identify progressive and black racism for what it is.


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I know that mini-essay was very radical by today's standards, Bruno. Please tell me what you think I got wrong. Smiling

Brilliant analysis

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Thank you for that, Kyrel!!

I really enjoyed it. A lot of truth in what you wrote.

A View Askew

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Here's a no-nonsense, vastly alternative take on the August 12, 2017 clash in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

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