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Submitted by edpowell on Wed, 2017-08-16 05:23

It's certainly true that there were evil people on the "right" at Charlottesville, but those evil people wanted to gather and give speeches and see if they could get some publicity. In short, they wanted to speak their evil. The communists came with the express intent of initiating violence against the people they call fascist.

The problem with this is that while there were actual fascists and neo-Nazis in the "right-wing" group, the communists recognize no "center". You're either with them and their buddies the Black Lives Matter racists and the "La Raza" racists or you're a Nazi. According to them, we're all Nazis, we all deserve to be punched, we all deserve to be beaten up. Oppose socialized medicine? Nazi! Oppose affirmative action? Nazi! Oppose welfare? Nazi! Defend free speech, even that with which you disagree? Nazi! Oppose unlimited immigration? Nazi! Nazi!! Nazi!!! One thing I have to hand it to the communists, they are not overcome by Hamlet-like indecision over nuance.

They initiate violence against Ann Coulter because she opposes unlimited immigration. They initiate violence against Heather MacDonald because she defends police and points out the Ferguson Effect and the resulting large rise in crime in inner cities. They initiate violence against Jordan Peterson because he says there are only two sexes and that universities are corrupt cesspools of leftist indoctrination. They initiate violence against James Damore because he suggests men and women on average have difference interests and some of that difference might be explainable by biology. They initiate violence against Charles Murray because he publishes for the popular press data that was known to psychologists for a century--that on average IQ scores vary among sub-populations, and that this fact rather than racism might explain disparate impacts. They initiate violence against anyone who wants to defend the character, culture, and heritage of the United States, smearing (ahistorically) Founding Fathers like Washington and Jefferson, or other honorable Americans like Robert E Lee or Stonewall Jackson or JEB Stuart.

You know who they are not initiating violence against? Yaron Brook. Onkar Ghate. Elan Journo. Harry Binswanger. Anyone associated with the Ayn Rand Institute. And you know why they don't protest Brook when he speaks on campus? Because he says absolutely nothing controversial with respect to the culture wars. He's right there smack dab in the middle of what Tom Woods calls the "three-by-five card of allowable opinion" when it comes to any issue important to the Cultural Marxists. Jordan Peterson is making $60,000 per MONTH on Patreon from people just donating a few bucks here or there because they like his defense of Western Civilization. That's $720,000 per year, more than 50% more than Brook extracts from ARI and its Koch Brothers donors. Just for standing up for Western Civilization. There's apparently a market for that. Ayn Rand stood up for The West. Why won't Yaron Brook?

Now the left is "de-platforming" anyone who they disagree with. Lauren Southern and a bunch of others got kicked off of Patreon. Milo got kicked (illegally) off of Twitter, as have a number of other right-wing personalities. Antifa plans violence on Twitter and nary a word is said. Youtube is demonetizing all right-wing videos. The neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer (an odious bunch if I've ever seen any) just got their web hosting revoked. Guys, Al Qaeda and ISIS have web sites and no one blinks an eye at them. Peterson better not buy a new house, because that $60K/month is extremely precarious. Patreon is almost certainly going to kick him off for some phony charge.

The neo-Nazis are a crude bunch but they are no threat to civilization today. They are mostly stupid, uneducated, and extremely small in numbers. The white nationalist leadership ranges from deranged (David Duke and Richard Spencer) to extremely mild and as non-threatening as your grandpa, like Jared Taylor.

But the communists are invigorated. They are shutting down websites, breaking up speeches, beating people over the head who disagree with them, taking over whole cities, with the permission of the police and the government. They've taken over almost all universities to the point of ridiculosity (look up "The Chalkening"). And they are coming for all of us. They are coming for libertarians. They are coming for real Objectivists. They are coming for conservatives. They are coming for traditional religious people. They are coming for history buffs. They are coming for straight white males (especially straight white married males who as heads of families earn proportionally more money to support their families). They are coming for anyone who disagrees with them and their brand of violent Cultural Marxism.

The problem is that the people who aren't Cultural Marxists, who don't believe there are 57 genders, who don't believe Caitlyn Jenner is a woman, who don't believe American history should be torn down and replaced with the New Soviet Man, who don't believe in unlimited immigration, who don't want to press 1 for English, who don't believe that all white males have "privilege" that needs to be "checked," that intersectional feminism is anything other than gobbledygook, or that "reparations" need to be paid to blacks, Hispanics, or any other minority group, and who DO believe that people should be treated as individuals rather than as members of groups--all those people--want someone to stand up for them. And they will go down the list of potential leaders in descending order of respectability until they find someone who will call out these leftists for their nonsense and evil. There were 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination, and not one of the respectable candidates would really stand up to the political correctness and other cultural Marxism that is destroying the Republic. (I liked Ted Cruz but he was first off the block to virtue signal to the Left about the murder in Charlottesville. Little Marco is virtue signaling to the Left every day.) So Americans went down the list of candidates, rejected each one--governors, senators, business leaders--who was a surrender monkey to the Left, until they found one who wasn't a surrender monkey, Donald Trump. They found someone who wasn't afraid of being called a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, Islamophobe. Those are the Left's magic words: like Harry Potter they merely have to whisper "racist" as an incantation and every Republican folds. Republicans nominated Trump because he wasn't going to fold to the Left or the Media when they whispered their incantations. And he won the election, miraculously, given how everyone in both the Republican Establishment, the Democrat/Media Establishment, and the Deep State was against him.

And Trump is taking a LOT of heat. He took a lot of heat today for correctly pointing out that the Left was equally culpable in the violence at Charlottesville. The Left will do anything to remove Trump. They will probably try to kill him. They will certainly try to impeach him. Or eventually (hopefully) he will govern for eight years and retire to Florida.

When Trump is gone, the problem will still remain. The people vilified by the Left (most average citizens in America, and all of us reading this) will again look for someone to defend them from the depredations of the communists. They will again go through the list of possibilities in descending order of respectability. The problem this time is that given the craven and gutless nature of Republicans, there probably won't be anyone who wants to defend them, who WON'T immediately crumble at the mention of "racist". Who then will the libertarians, conservatives, and traditionalists--the people targeted for violence or death by the Left and their friends in the media--turn to? I tell you they will turn to the least disrespectable person who wants to defend them from the communists and Cultural Marxists, and that means if someone in the GOP doesn't grow a pair, we're in serious trouble. Because at some point, the least disrespectable person will be that idiot Richard Spencer. God help us that it doesn't come to that, but that is what I fear will end up happening. Nazism and White Nationalism aren't threats to American liberties TODAY, as the Left thinks. But unless some other Republican learns to stand up to the Left (and it clearly isn't Cruz or Rubio, at least today), I fear the White Nationalists will become a threat down the road. Multicultural societies invariably descend into identity politics uber alles. That's where the US is headed unless someone after Trump stands up and declares that multiculturalism is evil because Western Civilization and the liberties it gave birth to are GOOD and JUSTIFIED and worth fighting for. I am not optimistic.

PoMo Vermin

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Lindsay is right. He's been using that term for years! Smiling But maybe it's too obscene for popular usage. Perhaps try: "pomomoron," "pomomutant," "pomoscum," "pomoslime," etc.

De-Platforming The Non-Left

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Tom Woods talks to Lew Rockwell.

Get it right, guys!

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It's "pomowanker"!! Been telling you that for years! Smiling


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Luke -- Maybe! In the battle of ideas, getting the names and definitions right seems to be half the victory. Donald Trump has recently taught us some of the power of "branding." Like cattle, we Good Guys seem to need to "brand" our enemies: saddle them with true but harmful terms which quietly undercut or openly devastate them.

Here's a postmodernist

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Here's a postmodernist creature. You can see it in action if you scroll down a little to the video.


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A new meme?

PoMo Monsters

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Thanks for that opinion, Luke. Anyone who has read Stephen Hicks' book on postmodernism realizes how strange and truly evil any strongly postmodernistist philosophy, culture, lifestyle, and person really is. It sounds very anodyne to call something or someone "postmodernist" but, no, it's ultimately a severe term of damnation.

Postmodernism More Apt

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Kyrel, I think "postmodernism" more aptly describes the events in question.

"Cultural Marxist"?

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Ed is extremely well-informed about the current American scene and quite astute in his analysis. That makes his passionate essay a sheer delight to read!

I still would have preferred Ted Cruz or Rand Paul over Donald Trump -- owing to their seemingly much more overtly libertarian philosophy -- but perhaps the voters and Ed are wiser. Trump possibly has the personal strength to stand up to the wretched politically correct, multicultural folks far more.

But are they really "culturally Marxist"? Is Yaron Brook and Harry Binswanger thus too? Maybe the phony anti-bigotry crowd and SJWs are more accurately identified with a different name and concept. It seems to me like Marxism in philosophy, culture, and politics has been in decline since 1985. Maybe a beter term is "cultural post-modernist" or something else...


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The simple fact that the left showed up looking for a fight is apparently beyond the understanding of 100% of the media.

Walter Block's Perspective

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Libertarian economist Walter Block, who happens to be Jewish, discusses which side is more a danger, the neo-Nazis or the communist Antifa:

Perspectives on Ed's article

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Interesting perspective on what is really going on. I agree with most of the points that you have made.

Unfortunately the Objectivist elite is now heavily invested in its anti-Trump stance and therefore they cannot afford to take cognizance of the Antifa problem. Since January 2016, the Objectivist philosophers have been speaking out against Trump and now they have no alternative except to continue to do so.

Trump is rolling back excessive regulations—he has thrown the environmentalist Paris accord into the garbage dump—he wants tax cuts—he wants to downsize the govt—he is presiding over large share market boom—he is presiding over rising consumer confidence. [Despite all this, the Objectivist philosophers think that he is a Fascist—I don’t know what history books they have read, because they seem to have got the meaning of fascism completely wrong.]

The Objectivists have not been able to provide us with the logical reasons for which they think that Trump is bad. They can’t prove that he is a fascist. They can’t prove that he is in anyway aligned with the so-called neo-Nazi groups. In the area of Political Commentary, modern Objectivism is has become an echo-chamber of the lunatic left.

Also, I am now starting to realize that the Objectivist philosophers are too focused on politics, even though they are not “intellectually” competent to take an objective view on the political situation. Look at their political analysis in the last 10 years—it has been mostly incorrect. They seem incapable of accurately analyzing the nature of politicians and political movement—they are unable to predict the outcomes of political events.

I think they should stop talking about politics because it is now crystal clear that they lack the competence or the experience to judge political events. They should focus on philosophy and try to come up with good books on epistemology and ethics.

Making Sense Of The Alt Left

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Allies and Empowerers of the Antifa

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Lindsay -- I agree. The silence of the ARIans on the Charlottesville issue is deafening. By seeing tremendous evils and threats, like the the pro-censorship, pro-violence Antifa and BLM, and then falling conspicuously silent, they are effectively supporting them.

The problem began in the 1960s and '70s when Ayn Rand utterly failed to denounce black racism -- despite it being really virulent and striking back then. Even 35 years after her death the Objectivist leadership has continued that mindless, amoral, sad, and failed tradition. Very likely Rand feared being attacked as racist herself, as do the ARIans now. I understand them wishing to avoid all the wretched ugliness and obscenity that would come their way, but nevertheless this is a massive Objectivist failure of nerve, strength, honesty, and integrity.


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... the more Antifa rules over and censors our "public square" and debates, the more the weirdos like the alt-right will be empowered, ironically. Somebody has to oppose them, and evidently ARI isn't up to the job.

I'm not sure if you mean someone has to oppose Antifa or the alt-right. If you mean the former, then it's pertinent to observe that Obleftivist ARI not only isn't up to the job of opposing them, it effectively sides with them.

The Real Enemies of, and Danger to, America

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Richard -- I think you're exactly right. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their fascist, socialist, thug allies initiated most, or even almost all, of the violence at Charlottesville. And their aim is to manipulate and intimidate anyone who opposes their evil, politically correct, multicultural, Thought Control agenda. Shockingly, the Antifiends reject freedom of speech and debate as a principle. President Trump is an alpha male with a lot of balls, but still not enough -- in the face of current American culture -- to honestly and bravely identify the Antifa monsters as the large-size and deeply-violent true fascist enemies of America which they are.

The alt-right boys and their white separatist friends are very minor league compared to them. And yet...the more Antifa rules over and censors our "public square" and debates, the more the weirdos like the alt-right will be empowered, ironically. Somebody has to oppose them, and evidently ARI isn't up to the job.

And it isn't absurd and

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And it isn't absurd and hilarious, Kyrel. It would be if they truly believed the neo-nazi/white supremacist movement was a threat, but they know that it isn't. Their aim is to manipulate. The presence of neo-nazis was a gift.

I don't think Trump was

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I don't think Trump was correct. Both sides weren't responsible for the violenc. The Antifa side were.

"Violence Broke Out"

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One obvious point which no-one seems to mention, but which perhaps needs to be stated explicitly, so we can all maintain good contact with reality, is that in America the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazies, white supremacists, etc. are yesterday's news. They're the threat from a long time ago which now only has microscopic support -- like the Nazis in Germany today. The Charlottesville rally was reportedly the largest gathering of white separatists in ten years or so. And yet they seemingly only numbered around 400-500, with the counter-protestors dwarfing them.

Now we have another instance of that in Boston today. It's absurd and hilarious for these "anti-bigotry" people to get so worked up about, and pretend to be afraid of, a handful of isolated, powerless kooks. Moreover, ever since 1965 or so the white separatist-types have been extremely polite and submissive in their pathetic rallies, with the counter-protestors almost always a huge physical threat. What an outrage for the media to forever report: "White separatists held a rally and violence broke out." This almost always means a tiny number of peaceful white separatists were unprovokedly brutally attacked by a massive horde of extremely violent thugs. It's sick and deeply fraudulent for the media to unendingly make such deliberately misleading statements as "violence broke out". It's very amoral, unprincipled, irresponsible, and dishonest to not assign blame and report the truth when the perpetrators are obvious.

Charlottsville - What Happened

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This interview of a "left wing anarchist" is essential.

"You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say it, but I will say it right now . . . "

Trump turns out to have been correct - both sides were responsible for the violence.

Round Two

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Round Two of The Battle of Charlottesville is possibly about to begin! Boston is holding a Free Speech Rally today (August 19, 2017, 10 AM local time, Saturday). The Antifa folks, Black Lives Matter, and their progressivist, activist, violent allies seem like they're going to descend upon the anti-censorship advocates, in the thousands perhaps, like a horde of pillaging marauders.

Thousands of left-wing activists are expected to counter-protest a free speech rally taking place in Boston this Saturday, exactly a week after the deadly violence in Charlottesville.

The “Boston Free Speech Rally,” organized by a group known as the Boston Free Speech Coalition, invited “libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, (Donald) Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech.” The group fully distanced itself from the events in Charlottesville last weekend, after violence broke out between a white supremacist rally and Antifa.

“Contrary to a lot of the rumors out there, the purpose of the rally is to denounce the kind of political violence that we have seen — a sort of rising tide throughout the country, and particularly most recently in Charlottesville,” organizer John Medlar told CNN affiliate WBZ....

Take a glance at how evil are the post-modernists these days in America! Intellectually and spiritually they seem like raw savages:

They know that Nazism and

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They know that Nazism and White Nationalism are no threat. They're a useful means to an end.

This here encapsulates it nicely.

Clueless fry-quacking upward-inflecting moronnials ...

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... sign (fake) petition to remove George Washington from dollar bills.

Airhead America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Gottfried On Charlotsville

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You tell me if he more knowledge about political movements than Amy or Yaron.

The Main Stream News Media

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I've been listening / watching to some today. Just incredible the lies and hate directed against Trump for speaking the truth that both sides had blame.

If an antifa "protester" had run over someone, would that have gotten one tenth of the attention that the reverse got.


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Wow! Outstanding, Ed. Smiling

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