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"You know whom they are not initiating violence against? Yaron Brook. Onkar Ghate. Elan Journo. Harry Binswanger. Anyone associated with the Ayn Rand Institute. And you know why they don't protest Brook when he speaks on campus? Because he says absolutely nothing controversial with respect to the culture wars. He's right there smack dab in the middle of what Tom Woods calls the 'three-by-five card of allowable opinion' when it comes to any issue important to the Cultural Marxists. Jordan Peterson is making $60,000 per MONTH on Patreon from people just donating a few bucks here or there because they like his defense of Western Civilization. That's $720,000 per year, more than 50% more than Brook extracts from ARI and its Koch Brothers donors. Just for standing up for Western Civilization. There's apparently a market for that. Ayn Rand stood up for The West. Why won't Yaron Brook?"

—Ed Powell, Charlottesville (below)