The Best Immigration Policy

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Thu, 2017-09-07 03:47

When it comes to immigration, the ideal country -- the one most noble, enlightened, civilized, just, and free -- competently and energetically imports the good people of the world while deporting the bad ones. Those who improve the country, such as by making it freer, richer, stronger, and better, should be allowed, encouraged, and rewarded to immigrate. Those who degrade the country, such as by making it more tyrannical, impoverished, weak, and sick, should be kept out. Those of this type already inside the country should be stripped of their visitor's pass, education visa, work permit, or citizenship, and then summarily kicked out. Let the residents of an outstanding country appreciate their privileged status and work to keep it!

When it comes to immigration, a special effort should also be made to acquire people who work hard and well, while rarely committing crime or going on charity. The ideal country should also seek those who adequately learn the local language, adopt most of the local customs, aren't bigoted against the current residents, and quickly transfer their loyalty and love to their new country. This ideal country should also look for those who love liberty, libertarianism, capitalism, and laissez-faire, while hating welfare statism, The Nanny State, socialism, fascism, and Big Brother. It should also favor those closely adhere to reason and science; are highly individualistic; and who are wealthy, young, strong, healthy, handsome, sexy, clever, unbigoted, well-educated, highly-skilled, intellectually smart, and morally good. This is a rational, logical, intelligent, sagacious, immigration policy which massively benefits and wonderfully uplifts the ideal country!


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In America's current DACA ( debate, and passionate controversy, there's a lot of wailing and weeping from the "Dreamers". But not once have I heard the offspring of an illegal alien say: "Yes, my parents broke the immigration law, and I blame then and not Americans for this. My illegal presence here isn't America's fault or problem to solve. But...I love America, and if I'm allowed to stay I'll make it a far better country as I work hard, commit no crimes, don't go on welfare, become a highly-productive citizen, and show great loyalty and affection to my new land!"

Never ever have I heard anything like that, nor do I ever expect to. The only thing the "Dreamers" [Nightmarists?] seem to give us is pitiful tears, which attempt to guilt-trip us; and ill-disguised malevolence and hatred toward (racist, xenophobic, oppressive, imperialist, slimy, etc.) America, which reveals they're probably going to screw us over royally the moment they get the immigration amnesty they brazenly, righteously, furiously demand.

Italy's potential suicide

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A "ius soli", i.e. birthright citizenship, law is being pushed by the current Italian (un-elected) government.

Its approval would mark the beginning of the end for one of the West's richest cultures.

Italy is arguably the country in Western Europe which has absorbed the least cult-marxism. There is nevertheless a strong traditional marxist presence, and the current Pope is very bad news.

Demographic replacement is fundamental for the New Left's takeover of the country.

I am cautiously optimistic that the proposal will continue to be rejected. Public opinion is clear on the subject, the vast majority of Italians are against any form of ius soli law.

Enemies and Destroyers

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Bruno -- Good points! Ideological enemies and cultural destroyers should be kept out of the West at all costs.

Getting rid of birthright citizenship is also a high priority. I think the only Western country which still has this suicidal policy is America.

Handsome and sexy sounds good

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The problem is such an ideal country does not exist.

I think in the current world context the immediate focus should be on the preservation of Western nations. That means immigration policy should allow only for people who are willing and capable of full assimilation into the host culture.

Cultural preservation should trump economic considerations, although if, and that is a big if, citizenship laws were much more restrictive, economic migrants (of the high skilled variety) could be very beneficial.

As long as citizenship laws are so generous, cultural considerations should trump any others. We cannot allow ideological aliens to fundamentally transform our countries through the ballot box, especially considering low Western birth rates and our overall, relatively speaking, small populations.

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