Mother Nature on the Warpath

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2017-09-09 13:20

How should society deal with natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, and fires? Thru intelligent, insightful, careful, systematic preparation beforehand, such as by building homes and businesses that minimize their damage. Also by buying the appropriate disaster insurance. Also by having sufficient savings to fall back on. Also by fleeing Nature's Wrath before it strikes, or having the ability and brains to do so right after. Also by having a safe place to run to -- such as with family, friends, or business colleagues -- and sufficient resources to live there, until there's time to rebuild and recover.

If a foreseeable disaster strikes, and people fail to properly prepare themselves, or leave on time, or have insurance, or have savings, then that's their fault! Good people will rightly say: "You mostly did it to yourself, loser. Now suffer the consequences, as you deserve." As for the noble souls and heroes who handle the disaster correctly, society should thank, celebrate, and honor them.

When natural disasters strike, individual persons, families, neighborhoods, and cities should prepare as best they can beforehand, deal with it as best they can during it, and rebuild and recover as best they can afterward. Neighbor should help neighbor. Private charities and voluntary organizations should, if possible, massively come to the rescue. If people very temporarily are helpess, and need to be saved from some terrible injury or death, then these self-same families, friends, private charities, and voluntary organizations should very energetically try to help.

Government, however, should not help. That's not their job. Government charities and public help organizations should not even exist. In today's worldwide Welfare State, all the goods, services, and monies which they distribute -- rewarding and creating widespread failure and evil in the process -- are stolen from the society at large. The invariable result is the illegitimate and incompetent state "helps" disaster victims quite poorly; while the proper and expert society is immensely discouraged and prevented from doing so in a thousand different tiny, but very deadly, ways. The suffering, misery, injuries, and death which the Welfare State thus inflicts are horrific.

The communist fire departments and medical assistance teams -- to use the correct term for them -- especially have no right to exist. The unnecessary pain, injury, misery, and deaths that result from their wretchedly low-quality help is monstrous. At most, the police department should briefly and temporarily rescue and save victims in a dire emergency. But this is mostly not their job, and thus they're mostly not very good at it either.

The main job of the police -- before, during, and after natural disasters -- is to protect people and property under extraordinary, difficult, and chaotic circumstances. That's enough for them and it's a worthy mission. The police need to allow society to operate properly and optimally when it easily might not. The cops especially need to maintain law and order, and to prevent any looting. This way people will know that their homes and businesses are still safe and secure, even when they flee a disaster beforehand, or right afterward.

But the police department can't be everywhere. In a true or severe natural disaster, they are almost invariably nowhere they need to be. But everywhere you can find people. And their abilities and resources in a disaster are simply immense. So brother should help brother. Friends and neighbors should help, rescue, and save each other. This is morally right, and far the most efficient and effective way to preserve life, limb, property, and wealth.

Relying upon "da gobiment" and various pitiful, disgusting, hopeless, Welfare Statist groups and laws when Mother Nature attacks is a sure recipe for a second disaster -- probably considerably worse than the first. Charities, voluntary groups, and ad hoc private organizations of multiple types are far the best "first responders". They're better prepared for every contingency, and even usually have a superior quality and quantity of expensive rescue vehicles.

And a proper, free, civilized, noble society -- with all of its energized, determined, clever, deft members -- would react far better still, if only the current, evil, disastrous Welfare State would get out of the way and let people function and act freely. Private people would be super-motivated to respond immediately and professionally. This way, when the next natural disaster strikes: No more victims dying like dogs during it. No more victims pathetically begging like vermin after it.