Review: Leo Hohmann's "Stealth Invasion"

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Submitted by Grant Jones on Thu, 2017-10-05 00:04

Below is a link to my review of an excellent book that deserves a wide readership.

"The globalist border erasers are as evil as their Moslem allies. There are few innocents supporting the destruction of Western Civilization. They make their hostility to the West and their anti-White racism clear to everyone with ears to listen and a brain to think.

I would add those who champion the end of the nation-state by means of "multiculturalism," "open borders" and globalist "crony-capitalism" (however undefined) belong on the list of "inherently dishonest" movements reference by Peikoff."


Thank You

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Thank you for this excellent review and for bringing this book to our attention.

I have added it to my wish list for future reading.

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