Feminist Foreign Policy - Sweden's 'Screwtape' Initiative

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By Olivia Pierson

In C.S Lewis’ artful little book titled, The Screwtape Letters, Uncle Screwtape is the older, more experienced demon who advises in letter form his young, impetuous nephew, Wormwood, on the finer points of how to win “the patient’s” soul toward hell and our Father Below. Uncle Screwtape instructs Wormwood, “the safest road to hell is the gradual one - the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts."

When Jacinda Ardern made her first appearance on the world stage this week at APEC in Vietnam, she talked with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the dubiously titled initiative ‘Feminist Foreign Policy.’ What on God’s green Earth is that, one may ask with a chilly shudder?

FFP is an initiative that has been pioneered in Sweden by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallstrom, which she hopes to make a global initiative.

Here is a summary of what Sweden says this is about:

"Summary: Sweden is the first country in the world to pursue a feminist foreign policy. The aim is to contribute to gender equality and the full enjoyment of human rights by all women and girls. The policy was launched in October 2014 and a follow-up by the Swedish Foreign Service has revealed an intensive implementation process that, in just three years, has made its mark at multilateral, regional and bilateral level, and in relation to all the objectives of the Foreign Service’s action plan. Efforts to achieve the action plan’s six external objectives have taken the following form..."

The said six objectives are these: Human Rights, Freedom from Violence, Participation in Politics, Participation in Peace Efforts, Economic Empowerment and Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

The curious thing is that these "objectives" have already been part of the fabric of Swedish culture for many decades because it is a Western country and a social democracy.

According to their own official position, here is why Sweden thinks this initiative now needs to be pursued:

"Why does Sweden pursue a feminist foreign policy? Systematic subordination is still commonplace for countless women and girls all over the world. Sweden, which wants to see an end to discrimination, is pursuing a feminist foreign policy, and is the first country in the world to do so. Recent years have unfortunately involved new setbacks for global gender equality efforts and women’s and girls’ full enjoyment of their human rights, making feminist foreign policy more important than ever. This policy is an agenda for change to strengthen the rights, representation and resources of all women and girls, implemented by the Swedish Foreign Service integrating a gender perspective in all its activities. "

Systematic subordination is still commonplace for countless women and girls all over the world? Huh? Not in the West it isn’t - unless a country has allowed unprecedented numbers of misogynistic Muslim immigrants in. Bingo. This is the real reason that this sexist initiative has been hatched.

The initiative was kicked off right at the time ISIS became a thing and hundreds of Swedes left their Nordic homeland to go and fight for the diabolical terror group in Syria & Iraq. Since then, those traitors who were not killed by coalition forces have been let back into Sweden and given free counselling, a welfare cheque and housing privileges.

But immigrant problems bedevilled Sweden before the Immigration Crisis of 2016. Sweden has had the highest number of asylum seekers in Europe - 2015 alone saw 162,877 asylum applicants into the country of ten million. More than half of those were from Syria and Iraq alone (71,000). Swedish Islamic immigration played a huge part in the sexual violence which hit Stockholm streets and beyond during the New Year celebrations of 2016. Since then, sexual assault crimes toward Swedish women have been so prevalent that someone has released a handbook to put into Swedish schools which teaches Arab boys how to behave sexually in the West.

This is deeply ironic because as the National Review reports in February of this year, Sweden is so committed to its multicultural agenda that it forbids up-to-date crime stats which detail the ethnicity of the criminal as it is deemed “racist.”

"Since then, Swedish criminologists and politicians have made sure that no new statistics have been released. Not a single recent research study in Sweden has attempted to estimate the causal effect of immigration on sexual assault or homicide rates. Parliament recently defeated a motion to produce up-to-date crime statistics based on national origin. We simply do not know what percentage of sexual assaults or homicides were committed by immigrants last year in Sweden."

Wallstrom is aware that Sweden cannot cope with the chronic influx of Islamic refugees, so she has put pressure on the EU to force other member states to take their “fair share.” Don’t you just love it! Because Sweden has acted suicidally toward their own culture, they require all other EU countries to act suicidally also - not that the EU needs any encouragement along this line. This is modern Europe’s way of sharing their sadomasochistic love. Uncle Screwtape would be so proud!

The effete Justin Trudeau (who characterises himself as a feminist) welcomed large numbers of Islamic refugees into Canada, and has now picked up on the Swedish Feminist Foreign Policy Initiative. He is sharing this initiative with Jacinda Ardern. During their little chat at APEC in front of cameras, Ardern invited Trudeau to visit New Zealand. She too has been very vocal lately about NZ taking in more Muslim refugees.

The trouble is that Islamic crime in Canada has suddenly shot up, especially in Ottawa which boasts a large Somali refugee population.

If Ardern acquiesces to this Feminist Foreign Policy twaddle (we know it would appeal to her) and imports more Muslim refugees into NZ, as we already know Human Rights Commissar, Susan Devoy advocates, these sinister crime statistics may yet become a fact of New Zealand also. Godzone may become No-gozone, as many places within Swedish cities have become… oops! Uncle Screwtape just reminded me they are called “vulnerable areas.”

Can you see the fiendish pattern here? A country commits itself to multiculturalism with a tut-tutting religious zeal reminiscent of the devout. Then they throw open their doors to misogynistic Third World refugees under the purist-sounding euphemism of “compassion.” When the refugees don’t assimilate well into Western culture and become over-represented in crime (especially rape and murder) the leaders of the country tell everybody it’s because of long-standing, systemic bigotry and sexism. Then plans are hatched to counteract crime, but the statistics of who largely commits the crimes are obfuscated, so it’s blamed on an attitude which is said to be already inherent in the host culture as it descends into hell.

This is multicultural snobbery and villainous deceit so wicked that I wager Uncle Screwtape would've kicked himself for not being the one to think of it first.

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Politically Correct, Multicultural, & Post-Modernist Philosophy

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All this irrational, bizarre, pro-Muslim, anti-Western nonsense in Sweden, which Olivia reports on, shows the raw power of philosophy. No matter how foolish, depraved, and suicidal an act is, people will do it if philosophy tells them to.

Anti-Islamofilth Anthem

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Worse is to come

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In NZ, the evil Devoy, whom I confronted head-on at Auckland Uni, will—emboldened by our ghastly new Islamo-Marxist government—now make her move to shut down sites like SOLO and oliviapierson.org.

I've just started reading Pam Geller's Fatwa. Underscores yet again how the foulest enemy are the cowards and traitors within (such as Obleftivists). From Geert Wilders' terrific Foreword:

This moral inversion, the celebration of the savage and abuse of the civilised man, is a symptom of the cultural relativism that has infected the cultural elites in Europe and North America today. The cultural relativists have opened their minds so wide that their brains are falling out. Most of our politicians and media pundits believe that all cultures are equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Western culture, based on Judaism, Christianity and humanism, is in every respect better than Islamic culture. And as Pamela Geller has said, "In any war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man."

Note: Actually, it was Ayn Rand who first said, "In any war between the civilised man and the savage, support the civilised man." Note also, Yawon Bwook and ARISIS are supporting the savage.

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