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by Olivia Pierson

Deputy Leader of Britain First’s patriotic movement, Jayda Fransen, who is facing jail time for “hate crime,” caused a furore again in the last 24 hours after President Trump retweeted her posts about Muslim violence.

The Western media is, of course, falling over themselves to condemn both Jayda - and President Trump - by doing their best to discredit the videos and label both these people as Far Right Nutcases who incite Islamophobia (read criticise Islam). Here is Jayda's twitter page.

One video shows a Muslim beating up a dutch boy on crutches in the Netherlands. Media outlets, including Fox News, are playing this down by saying that “Dutch Authorities” confirm the attacker is neither a muslim nor a migrant - these are the same “Dutch Authorities” no doubt who slapped Geert Wilders on hate speech charges and dragged him through the courts for “inciting racial hatred” in Holland.

The next video shows a group of Muslim men throwing a boy off a building then beating him to death. This video is being discredited by media as irrelevant because it happened in Egypt. Egypt is a Muslim country, so just how exactly is the video irrelevant to chronic Muslim violence?

The third video shows a Muslim cleric in Syria throwing a statue of the Virgin Mary off a balcony, smashing it to smithereens. Media aren't saying too much about this one since it's the most innocuous, unless the veneration of Mary is your thing. But it certainly shows how the peddlers of Islam really feel about religious pluralism in their own countries (before they're welcomed into ours).

The reaction to President Trump's retweeting of Jayda’s videos has been enormous. British PM Theresa May foolishly scolded him, along with the Archbishop of Canterbury - who demanded President Trump remove the posts from Twitter, forgetting that his role exists only to be the Head of the Church of England, not to be an advocate for Islam. He needs to get his god straight. He should also take a moment to consider that Jayda is doing what he should be doing, as head Anglican shepherd of the flock.

Jeremy Corbyn called the tweets "abhorrent, dangerous and a threat to our society.” Labour MP Chuka Umunna is calling for Mr Trump's (that should be 'President Trump' to the vacuous gentleman) state visit invitation to be withdrawn immediately, accusing the President of "normalising hatred.” Former shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, urged Boris Johnson to condemn the “significant and serious” posts, adding that “The woman in question (Jayda Fransen) has already been convicted of hate crime in this country," and that Mr Trump had given her a "huge platform” (that should be ‘President Trump’ to the vacuous madam).

President Trump has responded with a beautifully salient message to Prime Minister May: “.@Theresa_May, don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”

Amen to that... and by the way, how's Brexit going? Focus Ms. May, focus!

The charges against Jayda Fransen are dubious at best. Fransen has been charged with “using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour at the Northern Ireland Against Terrorism Rally” and is due to appear at Belfast Magistrates' Court on 14 December. This just means she criticised Islam in a speech - as if that is something that should bring forth charges of hate speech against a British citizen! When was the last time someone in a Western country was charged with hate speech for criticising Christianity? Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion, and criticism of all religion is fair game to those of us who don't believe in a god.

In November 2016, Fransen was convicted of religiously aggravated harassment after she so-called "harassed" a Muslim mother-of-four because she was wearing a hijab in a Luton town. She was fined almost £2,000 as the court heard she told a mother-of-four that Muslim men force women to cover up to avoid being raped 'because they cannot control their sexual urges', adding 'that's why they are coming into my country raping women across the continent.’

And indeed they are.

Frankly, Jayda Fransen deserves a medal for this, not a conviction. Was it provocative? Of course it was, but freedom of speech has traditionally existed in order to protect the provocative, and verbal provocation is absolutely nothing compared to the murderous terror rampages that British and European citizens have been subjected to in recent years at the hands of Muslims.

The scene can be seen here on the video below. What is clear is that Jayda and other members of Britain First march through the British town in Luton holding a white cross before them while they give out leaflets. Muslim business owners and shoppers come out of their stores en masse and hurl abuse at the group, while the group defend themselves by yelling back, “This is a christian country! This is Britain!”

And indeed it is. Or was.

The sweet little quick-to-cry-victim “mother of four” in a hijab marches right up to Jayda in front of her own children, using aggressive and threatening language. She declares Jayda to be “a slapper” while gesturing with her hands about Jayda’s Western clothing. Jayda retaliates verbally by saying, “Your men make you dress like that because they can’t control their urges… making you cover up so that you don’t get raped.” The sweet little quick-to-cry-victim "mother of four" gets full in Jayda’s face and hisses, “Piss off!” while giving her the finger (with the children watching).

Other sundry Muslim men follow the group discharging invectives - “cunt,” “fuck off,” and “slag.” An oft repeated rant from both the Muslim women and the men was, “We’re taking over - the Muslims are going to take over this country.”

I think Jayda can safely say, "I rest my case." This deeply aggressive sentiment among the Muslims is the reason for her provocation. The British people have been too kind to these immigrants and children of immigrants, and this is how they will be thanked.

I didn’t hear Jayda or any of her companions resort to abusive language at all. Yet, she and Britian First's leader, Paul Golding, were later arrested for this oh-so-terrible crime of walking down a British street carrying a bloody big cross in a country which, last time I checked, still retains a monarch as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

The Utterly Mysterious Issue

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When I was young, in the 1970s, I remember thinking how odd it was hearing non-stop about bigotry against blacks and women in America, when myself and everyone I knew militantly opposed it. I also noted that essentially no such thing actually existed then, and that the real bigotry was practiced by blacks against whites and women against men. Identifying this fact was about as difficult as ascertaining that elephants were larger than mice.

The ideology of the 1970s damned whites and males relentlessly and with deliberate, provocative, luxurious self-indulgence. The petty-minded, small-spirited, nasty people who said and wrote this drivel nevertheless paraded their virtue proudly. But I always thought it was fantasy or make-believe -- or else a species of calculated madness and stunning depravity.

Now it has morphed into the phenomena of Olivia's article above. Criticizing islam is now "hate speech" and a serious crime. These days are we even allowed to politely critique and express light reservations about genocide? Not if some protected social identity group does it.

The level of ugliness and obscenity here strikes me as being off the charts and effectively infinite. It ultimately satisfies me not a jot to hear tiny complaints against the falseness and hypocrisy of it all. As far as I'm concerned, and can tell, mankind failed on this a long time ago. I tend to view people here as permanently evil. Never in my lifetime do I expect anyone to agree with me on the issue of bigotry.

Islamosavages: "It's our country now"

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England is doomed. Theresa May, who barred entry to Britain for Pamela Geller, should be sent to GTMO. Jayda for PM!

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