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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2017-12-03 00:11

The virtue most lacking in public life is courage. Cowardice is universal; the craven fear of social opprobrium makes lickspittles of almost everyone. Never has this been more true than now, when the dictates of Islamo-Marxism hold sway, manifested in a suffocating Political Correctness and the relentless advance of Sharia Law.

Pamela Geller is one of the few people on earth with courage—so much courage that it almost counter-balances the absence of it in billions of ... I was going to say "fellow-humans," but while she is human (superlatively so), most of them are not.

She and fellow-human-hero Bosch Fawstin came close to being assassinated by sub-human Islamosavages in Texas, at a Mohammed-drawing competition she had organised in response to the slaughter by Islamosavages of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in Paris. Obama's FBI was implicated in that assassination plot. You can read the chilling details of that, and much much more in Pamela's new book, FATWA—Hunted in America, which I've just finished.

If you want to be reminded of just how evil are CNN and the Fake News media generally (the "enemedia" Pamela calls them), there's plenty here that you may have forgotten. If you want evidence that so-called "moderate" Muslims such as Zuhdi Jasser are in truth "stealth Jihadists," you'll find it here. You'll encounter the usual suspects from any run-of-the-mill pantheon of perfidy—suspects such as Academia, the Southern Poverty Law Centre, George Soros, Democrats, Geraldo Rivera, Faecesbook, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR, a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front), Black Lives Matter, Theresa May, et al—but you might be surprised to see the likes of CPAC, Grover Norquist and Laura Ingraham fraternising with The Filth as well. On the side of Good, you'll find none quoted more often than Ayn Rand. Particularly apposite is, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, choose the civilized man," cited by Geert Wilders and mistakenly attributed to Pamela in his Foreword to the book.

Rand was once called "the bravest man in America" by Ludwig von Mises. (She especially liked the "man" part.) That title, or "bravest woman" if one prefers, now belongs to Pamela Geller. Though the Islamosavages' fatwa hangs over her, leftists seek to destroy her and spineless "conservatives" betray her, she remains steadfast and unflinching in her own Jihad for freedom, individual rights, capitalism ... and Western Civilisation. FATWA—Hunted in America is her astonishing story. Here's how it ends:

If this book is proof of anything, it is that one person can make a difference. That means YOU. You must be unafraid. You must embrace the smear, defamation and libel. You must get on social media and shout. You must share the web sites, articles and activism on your pages, social media channels and email contacts. You must go to protests, events, conferences and networks—meet people, network, start a group, invite us to speak. Do something. ... I am one person. So are you. Together we are an army.

The best tribute you can pay to Gallant Geller is to buy her book ... then set about emulating her.


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A splendid review. Feel free to publish it here in full, with links to your website of course. Same goes for your great new piece on Rand and Trump.

Protect the Good Guys -- But Also Attack the Bad Ones

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Geller and Fawstin need to be protected at all costs. America needs to go after their jihadi threateners, with energy and high aggression, everywhere on earth.

It sickened me beyond all description when America refused to seriously condemn and bomb Iran in 1989 after the Salman Rushdie fatwa. That was the root of all this. We should have nipped this evil in the bud. Now we have to work a thousand times harder to accomplish the same thing.

So too when Russia, China, Pakistan, and North Korea acquired nukes. They needed to be seriously condemned and bombed. Now we have to work a thousand times harder to effectively defend ourselves.

So too when Rand acted like a cult leader in the 1960s, and when Peikoff did the same in the 1980s. They should have been damned and resisted ferociously. Now we have to work a thousand times harder to defeat this horror.

Humans have a marvelous capacity, and even desire, for self-destruction, not nipping evil in the bud, and making easy things stunningly difficult.


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I just finished my review of Geller's wonderful book. She's America's Iron Lady.


Discussion of review on Pamela's web site

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Dan Knight • a day ago
Pamela is the Heroine of Hour, and has already earned her wings among the angels.

Fatwa covers a good bit few of us regulars knew, and it reminds us of what she has gone through for the past sixteen years.
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Suresh • a day ago
Pamela is True Hero of Free world. Those who ignore her warning will sink into jihadi hellholes.

Dems/Left/Liberals pro-jihadis can get away with sexual assault/Rape and worse.

And the Vile Left/liberal Pro-islam crooks get away with sexual harassment, intimidation and Prostitution and then intimidate / shut down those who oppose them

...while claiming to be morally superior to the "deplorables"!
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AlgorithmicAnalyst • a day ago
Good review, very accurate.
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GandalfsTrouserpress • 11 hours ago
Just finished reading it last night; brave and fearless woman, righteous cause, great read, lots of back story and right on the button.
It should be in everyone's Christmas stocking. Smiling
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Alleged-Comment • 14 hours ago
Yes, I wondered about that. Where are the men? Well, we got that Dutch guy too, who doesn't put up with them either. But the rest???

Whimpering out...... Good for nothing!!
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Joy Daniels Brower • 14 hours ago
Spot-on and NOT "over the top," as some might think. indeed, Pam's non-stop examination and reporting of the danger currently being posed by Islam to ALL of us in the once so-called 'Free World," is a welcome break from most of the drivel emanating from the Marxist Left, including (and especially?) the MSM/LSM!
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