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On 3 May 2015 freeborn Americans held a "Draw Mohammed" contest and free-speech rally in Garland, Texas. The event was organized by Pamela Geller. It was her response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris and previous cartoon jihads. The event was attacked by two freelance jihadists with connections to ISIS. Fortunately, it was only the jihadists who died that day. Security was solid, despite the Obama FBI's refusal to notify event planners of their information regarding the planned attack. In response to this jihad attack on American soil, the media blamed the victims and poorly hid their disappointment that Geller wasn't killed.

In her new book, Fatwa: Hunted in America, Pamela Geller provides the "rest of the story" on the Garland jihad attack. Less than a decade ago Geller burst upon the public scene as an indefatigable leader of the counter-jihad movement and a courageous warrior for American values. For this crime she has been mercilessly smeared by the establishment of both parties. More importantly, this book shows the power of one determined, and knowledgeable, individual. One of Geller's purposes for writing this book is to explain why a non-political, successful New York businesswoman transformed herself into a Lion of Western Civilization - and why it's up to private citizens to fight this war.

As with many people, Geller's life changed dramatically after the 9/11 attacks. She was dissatisfied with the "answers" provided by the mainstream media and Bush administration. She, therefore, engaged in the most subversive act possible: she educated herself on Islam, sharia and jihad.

"As I familiarized myself with the enemy and his motives and goals, I began to see truths that I believed should be stated, and courses of action that I thought should be taken. But few people, if any, were stating these things, and no one was taking these actions. So I began to write and I began to act."(pg. 14)

She created her own website that became a "go to" clearinghouse on the global jihad being waged against civilization.

Pamela Geller was widely known among counter-jihad activists by 2007. But, it was her campaign against the jihad victory mosque at Ground Zero in 2010-2011 that vaulted her into the public eye. She wasn't aware of the proposed mosque until the New York Times published a gushing puff piece (of course) on it in early December 2009. Like any decent patriotic American, Geller was outraged by this proposal. She also had the voice, connections and sheer guts to fight the powers of the land and helped stopped its construction.

Unlike fools or worse, Geller understood the mosque's symbolism - as would Moslems around the world. As she succinctly explains:

"These mosques were designed to mark Islam's victory over and superiority to the religions that Islam views as rivals. Everywhere jihad attacks have been successful, triumphal mosques have been established. The most famous are the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Aya Sofya Mosque in Istanbul, formerly the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, which, for one thousand years, was the grandest church in the Christian world. Historian Sita Ram Goel has estimated that over two thousand mosques in India were built on sites of Hindu temples."(pg. 38)

It should be of no surprise that the mainstream media, politicians and other pundits are unaware of or evade this history of the jihad. Their mendacity is in full view after ever jihad attack in the West.

Sadly, there are those posturing as intellectual leaders who defended the "property rights" of the mosque builders. Although, these people have been answered in detail, they still adhere to their world view of floating, out-of-context abstractions. The conceptual opaqueness of these people is/was quite stunning. One "Objectivist philosopher" with a blog went so far as to blame Geller for not respecting the rights of fifth-columnists at war with the USA: "to forcibly block the construction of the mosque by using unjust laws that violate private property rights is morally wrong, not to mention politically dangerous." This deep thinker then goes on to claim that using zoning laws to stop the mosque would lead the country one step closer to the "gulag." (Seriously) This is one type of the bizarre smears that Geller is subjected to on a daily basis. (To his great credit, Leonard Peikoff set the issue straight. Not that any of these people have learned from such a colossal blunder.)

The main theme or thesis of Geller's book is the difficulty in speaking the truth about Islam and jihad in public. She documents the vicious personal attacks directed at her when she was still just an obscure blogger. One of her finest moments was the defense of Rifqa Bary. Bary fled her devout Moslem home in Ohio to avoid becoming another "honor" killing victim. As Geller documents, the media and court system took the side of the parents. The media were gleeful when the court order Bary to return to Ohio with a murderous fatwa hanging over her head. Saving this young girl from the fatwa was one of the counter-jihad's finest moments.

The treatment of Rifqa Bary and the suppression of news about honor killings in the United States by the media directly led to Geller's next, and most famous, campaign to get the truth about Islam into the public square.

"In 2010, I was in Florida to attend a court hearing in the Rifqa Bary case. While waiting for a red light at an intersection, I saw in the next lane a bus bearing a huge ad calling people to Islam. It made me think: what about the people who want to leave Islam, like Rifqa, but have no help doing so and know their lives would be threatened if their apostasy were made known?"(pg. 93)

Thus began Geller's famous ad campaigns on public transportation to get the truth out. Her ads provided hotlines for those attempting to leave Islam who did not want to be murdered as apostates per sharia law.

And, you guessed it. The political and media establishments were virulently hostile to the ads produced by her organizations American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) and Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA). The level of apoplexy exercised by the country's traitorous elites regarding these ads is breathtaking. Geller provides details on how municipalities and transit authorities in many cities pulled out all the stops to prevent the ads from running. Some went so far as to change their ad policy to rejecting all "advocacy advertisements." The establishment's assault on the First Amendment only induced Geller to create more ads on the topic of jihad and Islam. There are still court cases pending on those ads submitted, but not published.

Pamela Geller's focus on free speech, its suppression by the country's ruling elite and forthrightly arguing for effective measures against the jihad have made her public enemy number one. That this women is continually vilified, while Muslim Brotherhood shills are treated as respectable, indicates the magnitude of the evil that animates our age. Her book should be read by every American, and Westerner, as an antidote to the barrage of lies produced daily by the media. She calls them the "enemedia" for good reason. The "Ground Zero" mosque builders found themselves an appropriate ally with the likes of disgraced degenerate Matt Lauer back in 2010. As with Lauer, the media is filled with creatures who shill for the country's enemies and cover up the actions of their perverted colleagues and Democratic politicians. Ruin their day by purchasing and reading Geller's book.

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