Make SOLO Great Again

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Submitted by Neil Parille on Sat, 2017-12-23 00:41

Well, SOLO has always been great. Even when it's not great it's Gweat.

Anyway, I just saw the ribbon to contribute.

Winz does not believe in humility though I do. I just sent 100 bucks. Let's help this enemy of Obleftivism running strong.

I should think ...

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... Yawon would contwibute if he could, but he's paid too little.

Speaking of which, Nicholas Dykes has given me permission to quote what he just e-mailed me privately:

I’ve been an Objectivist since 1963 and have watched all the splits with dismay. But I don’t think anything shocked me as much since The Break of 1968 as the salaries the ARI folk pay themselves, especially YB. Larry Sechrest, having studied the matter from an economic POV, said that such behaviour is an inevitable consequence of not-for-profit organisation. Exemption from market forces brings about inefficiency automatically, no matter what the political views of the organisation’s staff. A sort of arrogance creeps in, or so it seems to me. They come to see themselves as above it all, superior beings.

Bwook and Ghastly are running the ARI for their own enrichment, and constantly virtue-signalling to the Left—hence my term, "Obleftivism"—in the process. At least here on SOLO I have the grace to have a disclaimer on every page, saying the opinions expressed here, including mine, do not necessarily align with Objectivism and none of us claims to speak for Ayn Rand. ARISIS, ObleftivistHQ, is "authorised" Objectivism. These second-hand mediocrities do claim to speak for Rand (see Ghastly's latest piece where he says he doesn't but then proceeds to).

I want SOLO to be a hub where all-comers of whatever stripe can hash it out. (Heck, we even had a Muslim here at one time, as Joe Maurone recently reminded us.) A place where thinking aloud is allowed. Obleftivists are not remotely interested in hashing anything out. They are indeed a cult, whose gurus are ripping off their followers royally, laughing in their sleeves in their Ghated communities.


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If Yawon give 1000.00 I will twipple it.

I'll Match Contibutions

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If any SOLOist contributes money to Solo by midnight I'll double the contribution (max $2000.00 USD).

If Yawon contributes $1,000 I'll doubwle it.

Thank you Neil!

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Contribution duly and gratefully noted!

Merry Christmas and an Obleftivism-free New Year, to you and all SOLOists!


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