"Forget Football Players, Go to the Ballet!"

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2017-12-24 05:05

A joyful little YouTube vid to value-swoon us into a gay Xmas, featuring the sinfully gorgeous Roberto Bolle.

Merry Christmas to everyone playing a part in promoting life-worship, reason, freedom, aesthetic grandeur and the all-round preservation of Western Civilisation—in particular to President Trump and the sinfully gorgeous Melania.

Miserable Christmas to death-worshipping Fascist Filth: Islamosavages, still driving trucks into crowds, throwing gays off tall buildings, blowing people up, beheading people, stabbing people, burning people alive ... and other charming practices ... in pursuit of their Koran-mandated Jihad; nasty wimmin fascists; Antifa fascists; Black Lives Matter fascists; airhead fry-quacking moronnial fascists with their empty heads buried in their sowphones—I'm like, you know, so totally, like, over them; "journalist" fascists for whom journalism = actively crusading for Islamo-Marxism; the Politically Correct fascists whose sole reason for getting out of bed each day (I do wish they wouldn't) is to be offended by something; Obleftivist fascists, especially in the form of the Anti-Rand Institute, aka ARISIS, according to whose luminaries Islam is a mere "mosquito bite" while the real threat to civilisation is Donald Trump; et al. If there's any constituent of The Fascist Filth I've omitted, I apologise. Rest assured I loathe you just as much as those I've mentioned.

More gratuitous ballet beauties...

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More gratuitous ballet beauties, Sophia and Allegra, from 2016 (top) and 2017 (below).

(In hopes the photos don’t blow up this page!)



Sophia and Allegra after "Nutcracker" workshop!

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Sophia and Allegra after "Nutcracker" workshop last week! A little tired after working to enrich themselves and preserve Western civilization!


Merry Christmas to Linz and all!

Don’t overdo it

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I’m always a lurker though not pillow biting. If you watch too much of that pectoral stimulation you’re likely to cark it. I hope not. Another great year. Without doubt, on the world scale, Donald has been the highlight. And the MOGA is a worthy strike back at those corrupt frauds at ARI. And their ‘shills’. Auckland or elsewhere. Fact is, if you bother with Bwook or Amy Peikoff or Keith Weiner or Klaus Nordby you have got to balance that with some independent thought from the likes of this site. Well done Perigo. All the best to the rest of you lot. You know who you are. My good wishes to newcomers Mark Hunter, Grant Jones, Bruno Turner and Anoop Verma. And bad wishes for the immorally sunken.

Thank you Lord WF!

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Bring on more Whopper Floppers & Logs Behind Ears.

We need more poofs ...

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... and red-blooded girls. The hetero "men" are so pathetic! Seemingly it takes homos and red-blooded women to show them what balls look like.

Thank you for a stellar year, Lady S, the bravest man in NZ!

Oh, and for anyone who thinks Roberto's stills have been photo-shopped:

Sinfully gorgeous indeed!

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Ye gods, what a...god!

On that note, even if Solo is hardly a repository for other poofs (though I suspect there are some lurking) and red-blooded girls, a Merry Christmas to all.

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