Bravest Man in Britain: Katie Hopkins

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Submitted by Olivia on Wed, 2017-12-27 05:44

Listen to this - it's the sanest narrative coming out of the UK in a long time. The absolutely indomitable Katie Hopkins in a message to America. Serious, profound and funny. This woman has the biggest balls imaginable.

And this pathetic clip with comedian Alan Carr, is how she is mocked in her own country. Stupid, base and not even close to anything one could call wit. If this is the enemy defending The Filth, I'm happy to realise they will lose.


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Katie has been allowed by the Association of School & College Leaders a platform to speak to older secondary students in schools - her Stand Strong School Tour.

Though she'd be a wonderful antidote to all the Gramsci rubbish, I'll eat my hat if she's allowed to actually do it.


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"Get furious, and fight back!"


The Bravest Man in Britain for sure. Prosecuted by the PC Thought Police, just as De Vile Devoy will soon seek to prosecute us here in NZ. Bring it on, you evil bitch!!!

Good find, Lady Slapper, Bravest Man in NZ! Smiling

#No! to Newzealistan!!

PS: I couldn't bring myself to watch the "comedian" who "rebutted" her. I'm sure he'd make me as nauseous as ARISIS does.

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