Liberate Iran!

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2017-12-30 08:11

America and the Western nations should energetically and intelligently support the long-suffering people of Iran as they currently seek to overthrow their tyrannical regime. The last time the Iranians attempted to revolt, in 2009, the Americans and Westerners failed them miserably. All intellectual leaders in the colleges, think tanks, and cultural review publications today should absolutely demand that the evil Iranian dictators respect the untouchable, inalienable, Nature-given rights of the Iranian people. And these intellectual leaders should also demand that the Iranian people show some self-respect, stand up for themselves, and attempt to cast off their loathsome attackers and destroyers. Let everyone in Iran realize that freedom and individual rights are sacred and non-negotiable for all mankind!

The political leaders of America and the West should loudly and passionately promote and say the same. And, at the right moment, there should also probably be surgical military strikes against the current monstrous leaders of the Iranian government, party, military, police, and religion. Let the good people of Iran ferociously rise up and overthrow their current heinous enslavers and destroyers!