Killing Europe

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Fri, 2018-01-05 21:15

New on ARI Watch:  Killing Europe

“The economic Marxists softened Europe up, the cultural Marxists are executing the coup de grâce. The cultural Marxists are the ultimate killers of Europe, and – as we see with Yaron Brook – very self-righteous killers.”


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Froggy asked me to tell people that he has nothing to do with Pepe, a.k.a. Kek. Kek was supposedly an Egyptian deity, a sort of man with a frog shaped head. (I had to look it up.) Froggy is an ordinary frog except that he is very intelligent. I mean for a frog.

Believe it or not there are some Brook talks even worse than the “blame Europeans” ones mentioned in “Killing Europe.” I’ll let people know when an article appears about it.

Yes, what I call “preference racism” is natural and what is natural cannot be evil per se.

In the article I mentioned particularly only Europe, Scandinavia and the U.K. but immigration is also a problem in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Froggy we miss you

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Mark, where has Froggy gone? I miss the original version of Pepe.

Ariwatch had chats with the God KEK before it was cool.

Surely Froggy must have stayed at home because he couldn't have handled your increasing "wacism"?

In all seriousness, good job with the essay. Ariwatch is invaluable. You picked up on two of the most obscene podcasts by Mosquito Bite Brook.

I haven't listened to that English lecture you referenced though. I'll have to look it up and see what noises he makes while saying that Europe should stop mass immigration.

Notice the quotes you gave on Iswael vs those on Euwope. Both are "very ethnocentric", but one is justified by partaking in the category "special", while Euwope is collectivist and twibalist.

Extremely bizzare (for those not taking proper notice) that he would "rather die" than fight for Christianity (vs Islam and Kant). Bizzare for a European that is, but his Jewish background is clearly taking the best of him (so much for being an "American" -> who lives in Puewto Wico now nonetheless).

Good point on the standards of physical beauty, something which I believe is important. "Preference racism" as you call it is well documented. It exists even among very small infants. It's hardwired.

Something hardwired cannot be immoral by definition, lest one accept "original sin" (completely at odds with Objectivism). Hence it cannot be racism to have "race preference" if racism holds a negative moral connotation, which it does.

As for the history of the United States as essentially a white nationalist country, Obleftivists and mainstream Conservatives would "rather die" than address actual historical fact.

America is an outpost of Europe, just like the rest of the now independent European colonies. Ayn Rand was proud and approved of American colonization. Obleftivists and Cuckservatives on the other hand are essentially in "defense mode" against the attacks of the Cultural Marxists against "our racist past" and "history of colonialism".

As for the gas chambers and other obscenities of the like, that was consequence of marxism and other postmodern german garbage that passes for philosophy. Historically Europeans either segregated or kicked out both the Jews and especially Muslims. In many other cases they were left basically alone and lived side by side with Europeans, the Jews that is. Muslims were all eventually kicked out.

Something as simple as a complete shutdown of muslim immigration and some friendly (i.e. perfectly legal) nudging the "un-integrated" (i.e. un-assimilated) to leave would be perfectly sufficient to reclaim Europe. As for those that remain violent or criminals, just ship them back.

America was "wacist" without ever resorting to any sort of extermination program. This obsession with "their going to kill us all" is hysterical.

Japan is "wacist", they just mind their business and ask to be left alone. They do not allow mass immigration. End of story.

Refraining from action is not aggression. Refraining from opening the door to the entire world is not aggression. It is common sense and healthy nationalism.

As for America, it must completely shut down all forms of immigration period. Some small numbers should be able to come in, but they should all be subject to proper selection. Nothing else will do. Birth right citizenship is the first thing that must go, as well building the wall and deport every single illegal. Every single one. Nudge all the rest of the undesirable immigrants out in a peaceful manner, firstly and most easily by deporting, or demanding compensation and then banning its use, all welfare recipients. Deport without hesitation any criminals.


Make America Great Again. Make Europe Great Again. Make Objectivism Great Again.

PS. Make New Zealand and Australia and Canada Great Again too.

PPS. Lastly, help South Africans survive the black marxist thugs in power over there. Give right of return and asylum to all of them (the Europeans that is) if they prefer to move away.

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