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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sun, 2018-01-07 00:20

Virtually none of the greatest geniuses on the planet today know absolutely anything about politics. And they are so profoundly ignorant that they entirely don't know that they don't know it. And this is a truly amazing thing when you realize that understanding political science today is about as difficult as understanding single-digit addition.

Curing unemployment, inflation, pollution, and poverty these days is no more challenging than determining what 3 + 4 is. Defeating North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and China is harder than figuring out 6 + 2. Ending essentially all crime, and quickly making everyone a millionaire, is no tougher than resolving 5 +1.

The problem is virtually everyone today, for all of their existence, has been brainwashed into welfare statism and away from personal liberty. But believing in welfare statism is basically no different from believing in, and adhering to, fascism and communism. The absurdity and depravity of such beliefs is effectively infinite.

Solving today's political problems -- all of them -- is not unlike solving the problem of personal starvation when you have someone trapped inside a gigantic, overflowing grocery store. If the person inside the store has been relentlessly indocrinated all of his life into thinking that food is poison, then that deluded poor soul stuck inside that bountiful building is indeed going to starve to death. The situation is deeply lamentable and pathetic, but that still doesn't make the problem hard to solve by objective standards.

On the one hand, the person inside the overstocked grocery store is going to have to read and understand multiple competent books about the nature of food, poison, nutrition, starvation, and physical health in order to escape his dolorous fate. So too virtually all of mankind is going to have to work thru and comprehend multiple competent books about the nature of politics, economics, sociology, government, freedom, slavery, and the law to escape their ghastly fate. It's ultra-easy to do, but there's simply no substitute for true facts and knowledge. And there's no adequate way to make abject ignorance and stunning lies substitute for it. Mankind needs truth and knowledge.

The good news is that all you need to know about political science, government, and the law is that you can get to paradise and create a utopia with just one simple idea or concept. Just one. This is the principle of non-aggression. It's also known as the non-initiation of force principle. Adhere to that and instant political perfection and heaven is yours.

But if you prefer it stated more elaborately and comprehensibly, then here it is: Freedom is 100% good in theory and freedom is 100% good in practice. Political liberty has no flaws whatsoever. None, zero, zilch, nada, nothing nowhere nohow. As a corollary, slavery is 100% bad in theory and 100% bad in practice.

And that's it. Game over. Nothing more to see, folks. Politics is a problem solved forever.

And stated still another way -- as truth always can be -- the definitive last word on political science for all peoples and all cultures in all eras under all circumstances is: social libertarianism and economic capitalism. Such is the nature of political freedom fully spelled out.

The great problem today is that the most brilliant brainiacs of earth currently know absolutely nothing about libertarianism, capitalism, and freedom. And yet they massively think that they know a great deal. The simple but overwhelming difficulty is that the finest minds and scholars on this planet have been systematically indoctrinated, for all of their lives, away from individual rights and towards statist coercion.

So they don't yet realize that in order to gain knowledge about politics they have to take all of their current 'knowledge' and throw it into the garbage. They must start over from scratch. Politically-speaking, they are utterly brainwashed zombies and so need to begin again, at the beginning, from ground zero.

There's no other way to solve the ultra-easy problem of politics.