A fitting tweet from the Ayn Rand Institute

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Submitted by Mark Hunter on Tue, 2018-01-16 04:42

Today the Ayn Rand Institute tweeted:

(The original has the hashtag #MartinLutherKing in place of the name.)

Yet more evidence that ARI is a Cultural Marxist organization.


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For the term "racist" to mean anything it has to involve at least some type of irrationality, dishonesty, injustice, abuse, maliciousness, etc. Having natural or nurtural preferences regarding race isn't racism.

People need to define the term far better. And, no, calling it "the lowest form of collectivism" isn't good enough. (For the record, communism is the lowest form of collectivism. Racism doesn't come close.)

Mark is Getting a Bum Rap in This Thread

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I have to stand up for Mark here. While I don't consider myself a racist (what Mark calls a "judgmental racist"), it is perfectly natural--indeed built into the human species--to prefer to be among ones own kind. It is literally built in as the default way humans behave. It takes a lot of work, a lot of mental effort, to overcome it, and most Americans DO IN FACT overcome it to a certain extent. But not completely. The number of white Americans who marry non-white people is less than 2%.

To use me as an example, we are friends with a black couple who used to be our neighbors, and we have acted as effective godparents to their daughter.

(BTW if you were an upstanding productive black man with an expecting wife, what would be the best strategy to raise your baby the best way possible? The answer is move to the lilliest whitest neighborhood around and raise her among white people, which is what my friends did).

Anyway, the daughter was being honored at their church (a local black church) and we were invited to go to the ceremony. We were the only white people in the entire church. I know for a fact that my friends and their fellow church-goers are almost entirely good upright upstanding people--pillars of the community really--and yet I felt uncomfortable being in that church that day. Was that because I am secretly a white supremacist? Certainly not. Was it because I have internalized being in an all-black neighborhood or building is some sort of potential threat? Possibly. Or was it because I simply have both an innate and learned preference for being with people like myself, especially in crowds? Maybe.

Another example is when talking at dinner to my boss's boss's boss (who is black) one day, I asked him where he lived. He had a very well-paying and important job, and I figured he lived in a ritzy area of Fairfax County where a man of his station would be expected to live. He told me he lived over the river in a county in Maryland that is 90% black, much of which is quite poor. "My God," I told myself, "what in the world is he doing living over there in the 'hood?" But I was forgetting. He probably preferred to live among other black folks, just as I prefer to live among other white folks. Is he a "racist"? I don't think so. He's just a human being, as am I, as is Mark.

Race, Gender, Sexuality, etc.

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Elliot -- Nature and nurture often parallel each other and then reinforce. So biology is often a crude stand-in for environment, and the reverse.

i don't think race inherently

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i don't think race inherently matters much, but culture matters a ton and is highly correlated with race.

Rational Racism

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I remember about 15-20 years ago when people would occasionally and gingerly speak about "rational racism". But if some human choice or behavior is rational, then it isn't racist. And if it's racist, then it isn't rational.

Call it what you will

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It's back and it's here to stay. Or rather, they attempted to culturally bury it, but it is biological in nature so it will always resurface. People generally prefer to live amongst those such as themselves, it is a form of egoism. Genetic egoism. There are exceptions to this rule as almost any other.

Read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.


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You can't defend your racism by saying you're not THAT kind of racist.

Take it our with a stick.



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Murk -- You didn't answer my questions. Your views on the goodness of racism are confused and murky.

more on racism

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Kyle isn’t paying close enough attention. Again I define my terms. What Rand calls racism I call “judgmental racism.” In her words, and with an important qualification, this racism is: “ascribing [with certainty] moral ... significance to a man’s genetic lineage.” For example, all blacks are criminals, stupid, etc. I contrast that with what I call “preference racism” which is generally preferring to be around those of your own race regardless of other attributes. “Generally” in that one might still find it profitable to deal in business with other races from the greatest possible distance.

Preference racism differs substantially from judgmental racism in that it doesn’t mean thinking a given individual of another race must possess some negative, non-racial, characteristic. It’s simply a preference based on nothing more than race.

Preference racism – pure unadulterated racism if you will – is perfectly natural. Addressing whites: white flight is natural, insisting on only marrying a white girl is natural, preferring to live and work around whites is natural. And what is natural cannot be evil.

I take preference racism to be the default racism. In fact, that is the way Leftists use the word “racism,” or else they package their definition with that of judgmental racism or switch between the two as it suits them.

Leftists argue for open borders and the violation of freedom of association. Whites are only about 7% of the planet earth’s population. If we let Leftists have their way we will be swamped by non-whites, and Kyle will have to pretend he’s happy about it.

We immigration patriots have got to learn to get used to words like racism and make them our own. I’m repeating myself but maybe that’s what it takes to get through to Kyle. Public relations science says a person has to see an advertisement fifteen times before it sinks in.


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Mark -- Rand used the term "selfish" in a radically different way, taking the weaponized term away from her enemies. In advocating racism, you're just embracing social evil, while rejecting individualism and reason. If "there is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with being a racist," then how about being a sexist and homophobe? Is bigotry a noble ideal and status -- one we should all strive for?

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful ..

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Kyrel might tell that to Rand, who used “selfish” the way her enemies used the word.

If you oppose open borders you’ll get called a racist no matter how much you explain. Humpty Dumpty and Patrick Henry had the right idea. In defense of immigration restriction say to your opponents: If this be racism, make the most of it!

Setting aside Paul Weston, the way I myself use the word “racist” differs from that of Rand. For her a racist is someone who thinks a given individual of another race must possess (not just more probably possess) some negative, non-racial, characteristic. I call this “judgmental racism” to distinguish it from “preference racism,” simply by and large preferringto be around those of your own race. To more or less quote ARIwatch: A preference, even an irrational preference, doesn’t take anything from those not preferred. They have no right to your company any more than they have a right to your property, that they do is a Leftist notion. Preference racism is natural, consider marriage or white flight – calling it evil is ARI’s version of Original Sin.

We must stop being afraid of the words “racist” and “racism.” There is nothing, absolutely nothing, wrong with being a racist.

Besides, it’s kinda fun watching Leftists choke with indignation and phony self-righteousness when you tell them the good news.

Though Rand didn’t refer to preference racism by name, in her essay “Racism” she called it “atavistic.” The word means “natural” and “primitive.” It has a negative connotation, it’s a bad form of “natural.” So Rand admitted that preference racism is natural, but never explained why what is natural is evil. Again quoting ARIwatch, she was just plain confused – and confusing – about race.

Defending Culture vs. Defending Race

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Mark -- This is an absurd video. The speaker defends British culture non-stop -- and then calls it "racism" in favor of the British "race". Such an intellectual failure! If you surrender the language to your enemies and let them fraudulently define the terms of the debate, then you're almost guaranteed to lose every intellectual battle.

Racists here, racists there, racists everywhere.

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Naturally I disagree with Kyrel, for whom I’m beginning to conceive a mild dislike.

Here’s another racist, this time on YouTube:

Immigration patriots need to get used to the word ringing in their ears.

Speaking of Weston, since the video he has disbanded the Liberty GB party and endorsed the “For Britain” party founded by Anne Marie Waters.

Mark the Racist

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Mark -- I didn't smear you. You smeared yourself. You called yourself a racist. You agreed with your evil enemies.

I tweeted ...

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... a reply to this ARISIS tweet, as follows:

Celebrating MLK offers Obleftivists an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to PC Islamo-Marxism. ARI must purge itself of Obleftivists, especially Brook, and begin again Project Objectivism.


What staggers me is how rank-and-file Objectivists are letting Bwook's tweason go unchallenged. What am I missing here?!


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Kyrel’s smear words make me feel stronger than ever, LOL.

I think Bruno’s post is true and well said except for one detail, a detail which doesn’t matter when talking with immigration patriots but which I think is very important when debating immigration enthusiasts.

An immigration patriot should never placate the enemy with “I am not a racist” period. We should reference Rand’s simple one line definition, with her unstated qualification inserted, as I did in my previous post:
I am not a racist in the sense of “ascribing [with certainty] moral ... significance to a man’s genetic lineage.”
then if necessary – and it usually is in these debates – say: I am a racist in the preference sense. To more or less quote ARI Watch: Preferring to be around those of your own race doesn’t mean thinking a given individual of another must possess some negative, non-racial, characteristic. A preference doesn’t take anything from those not preferred. They have no right to your company. Preference racism is natural, consider marriage or white flight – calling it evil is the Leftist version of Original Sin.

Immigration patriots will always lose if they do not make race part of the definition of their country. You can put any non-racial filter you want on immigration, zillions of the 6.6 billion non-whites in the world will get through – and then you’ll have to pretend to be happy living with them.

Ewadicating Wacism

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The most virulent, dangerous and hate filled racism today is - of course - anti-white racism. The cultural Marxists at ARI have never commented on it, much less forcefully combat it. According to Yawon, the only form of wacism worth mentioning is the quickly fading residue of Jim Crow. Meanwhile, the anti-white rhetoric of academia and the left has reached genocidal proportions.


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Mark -- You're a failure. If you're a racist, or other kind of bigot, then you're morally low. If you're not a racist or bigot, but you allow others to label you these, then you're spiritually low. You're a traitor to yourself. Read Bruno's post above. It isn't racism to honestly and bravely seek, and then tell, the truth about the different racial individuals and groups on this planet. It isn't collectivism to accurately form mental categories of people. It's weak and failed if you deliberately don't seek, or tell, the truth about the various individuals and racial groups alive today. It's also racist.

I am not a racist

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It's not racist to have an immigration policy that secures the existence of the country as it was intended to be. If most people that came from sh*t-holes are voting for socialism and hence effectively destroying the country, that's not my problem.

I am not a racist. I am an individualist. If a rational immigration policy results in mostly white Europeans being admitted, that's just what it will have to be. I fail to see the problem.

I fail to see the problem precisely because I am not racist. I don't look at racial statistics and say "oh, look! Blacks are less wealthy as a group so we must do something about it." That's what the black racists say.

If "libertarians" (in the broad sense) in America are 90% white, that's that. What I am supposed to do what about it? My "in-group" is the group that will secure a free system of government.

I loathe white socialists both left and right wing. I find their ideas thoroughly repulsive and dangerous. I will have no problem whatsoever in banning every single one of them from immigrating, just as the Founding Fathers had no problem whatsoever in doing so.

Exceptional individuals of all races should be welcome to enter. The word exceptional being key.

CNN: MLK Socialist

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Official tweet from CNN:

- He's an environmental hero

- He was a socialist before it was cool

- He never let a political disagreement turn nasty

Many Americans have turned MLK into a safe holiday mascot, but some say King still speaks in ways that go beyond civil rights https://t.co/zMBtSBfPIm https://t.co/Y8gl4Kx7lP

Direct link: https://twitter.com/CNN/status...

I am a racist

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I get called a racist all the time, and in a way I am. A few minutes ago I tweeted to @AynRandInstitute in reply to their quoting Rand on racism:

Leftists will call immigration patriots racists no matter what they do. For propaganda purposes immigration patriots must give the word "racist" a value neutral sense.

The Anti-Rand Institute

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King was a racist. He advocated black favoritism in private talks with President Lyndon Johnson in 1963. Trump is not a racist. He tells the truth about Antifa. No wonder ARI is pro-King and anti-Trump.

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